Different styles of lamps suitable for your home

If you are looking for a new lamp, one of the first questions you may have is which design is right for you. It can be challenging to choose the right lamp type with so many options available in the market. Every style has a distinct appearance and serves several sorts of purposes, but it is also important that your lamp blends in with your home's decor.

We have listed some of the most popular types of lamps, to help you decide which type of lamp is suitable for you. First, let us take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of each lamp form. Next, we will also discuss the best design for each room in your house.

  • Tripod table lamps:

The three-legged foundation of tripod table lamps is well-known. The gleaming, polished hardware creates a one-of-a-kind and fashionable appearance. In addition, its distinctive shape can serve as an architectural feature while also providing appropriate lighting.

This lamp is ideal for a living room or a bedroom that needs additional lighting. The main advantage of a tripod table lamp is that the base provides very durable and reliable illumination and a distinctive design feature in your home. In addition, these lamps are made to provide illumination to an entire room.

One of the disadvantages of tripod lamps is that the three legs provide a larger base area, making them take up a lot of space. This can make it difficult to put tripod lamps in a cluttered home or a tiny apartment.

  • Arc lamps

Arc lamps have a long, slender arm with an arc-shaped shade that stretches outwards from the body. These are ideal for corner spaces, where light can arch over a sofa.

One of the advantages of this option is that it takes up very little room and, thanks to the arch, offers functional task lighting while remaining a staple piece for space. This type of lighting can be used in both traditional and contemporary designs.

While its decorative and unique form adds interest, one of the lamp's disadvantages is that it is more easily knocked over than a regular item. This type of lamp is not as durable as other comparable lamps due to the weight placement and form. This piece should be placed in a corner or a space where it would be less likely to be tipped over.

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  • Tree lamps:

These are the most basic types of lamps, and they come in a variety of styles. The tree light is a great accent piece for space because it has several branches that can be directed in different directions.

This lamp design usually has a central stand with multiple lights branching off the stand in different directions, similar to tree branches. The branches will usually be flexible, allowing you to focus the light in either direction. Many of them even allow you to switch on only one light ( just one branch) at a time. They are considered the best options for directional or ambient lighting.

These characteristics make the tree lamp suitable for almost any room in your house, as it can illuminate a wide area or a single point. It all depends on where you put it and how you use it. One of its potential drawbacks is that it may be bulky or take up more room. Furthermore, this design is rarely available in smaller table lamp sizes.

Best lamp design styles for every room of your house:

Now that you have learned about the common styles of lamps, let us look at where they fit best in your home. As you would expect, there are a variety of lamp models to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages depending on where it is placed in your home and what it is used for.

Each room in your house might require a different form of lighting. For example, some rooms only need a glimmer; others, such as your dining room or kitchen, need a brighter alternative. Similarly, in addition to the main source of lighting, complementary lighting can be needed and beneficial in a bedroom, home office, or living space.

  • Desk lamps

They are very similar to table lamps, with the exception that they are built to focus the light on a small area. They are mostly used on desktops to help you study and see what you are working on.

Desk lamps also called study lamps usually have adjustable or gooseneck arms that allow you to move them as per your requirement and are therefore excellent for completing a variety of tasks like reading, writing, drawing, playing piano, stitching, and more.

Since the light is concentrated in only one location, study lamps are not ideal for lighting an entire space. Another drawback is that it can easily overtake more space at your desk or office, which is why you should think about how much space you are willing to sacrifice for a lamp. On the other hand, if you select one that is too thin, it will not illuminate the area you need. Desk lamps are not for decorative purposes and should be used only to create a productive and efficient work environment.

  • Bedside lamps:

Over time, the bedroom has evolved into more than just a place to sleep. For many people, it has been their safe haven. As a result, in addition to the bed, a bedside table with a lamp is a must. Bedside lamps, whether small or big, simple or modern in design, are decorative as well as more functional. They are also perfect for a child's bedroom because they can be used as a night light.

Because of their lightweight and small size, these lamps can be placed almost anywhere without occupying up too much room. Additionally, they are available in various colors, shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

The key drawback of this lamp is that the amount of light it produces is unlikely to be sufficient to light an entire room. As a result, table lamps are usually only useful as a reading or accent light. Depending on the space and the activities that take place there, additional light sources would most likely be needed.


This above article provides helpful information about the most popular types of lamps and the best suitable designs for each room in your house. Also, consider the dimensions of the room or space where you are looking to place these table lamps. For a living room, floor table lamps are the best, whereas for a bedroom bedside lamps are perfect for creating a cozy and efficient space. You can browse all these styles and types of lamps on Moglix and grab some amazing deals.