Best pen drive to buy in 2021

A pen drive is a portable storage device that works on EEPROM technology that lets you store photos, videos, documents, and other files. It can also act as a device used to transfer data from one device to another as long as the USB port is compatible. In the olden days, data was stored in hard drives which are usually bulky and difficult to carry, or in CDs and Floppy Disks. With the invention of the pen drive, we are able to carry more than 1 TB of data in a small device that weighs not more than a few grams.

If the pen drive is not formatted properly, or not removed properly then, the pen drive can be damaged and there might be a loss of data. However, there are new recovery software like Disk Drill that can help to recover the lost data. Some of the reputed brands that produce high-quality pen drives are Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, I-Ball, and HP. Some of the best ones in the market are listed below based on their storage capacity.

8 GB pen drive:

This utility pen drive by SanDisk has a USB 2.0 interface with a storage space of 8 GB (actual storage space is 7.44GB). Its key feature includes password protection and encryption to protect your private files. It is supported in operating systems like Windows XP and above, and Mac 10.5 and above. It has a compact, contoured light-weight red and black design with a warranty period of 5 years.

Kingston Datatraveler 50 pen drive has a compact, capless, lightweight design. It has a fast USB 3.1 (generation 1) interface that ensures quick and easy transfer of data and other files. Another highlight is that it is customisable, you can add your logo, or other designs onto it. Kingston offers reliable products with free technical support. This product has a 5-year warranty.

16 GB pen drive:

It has a solid silver built with a sturdy ring for easy handling and portability. This feature also makes it easy to attach to a lanyard or keychain. Even though it has a compact build, it has a high-speed USB 2.0 interface with a storage capacity of 16 GB. HP offers a one-year warranty for this V220W model. Apart from its beautiful and strong built, it is shock resistant and provides safety for the files and other documents within the drive.

This SanDisk pen drive transfers data faster than the standard USB 2.0 interface as this one uses a USB 3.0 interface that ensures high-speed data transfer and performance. It is made of a sleek, durable metal casing with a sturdy black ring for easy handling. One of its attractive features is the Easy-to-Use password protection that safe-keeps your files and important data that is stored in the drive. The product has a warranty of 5 years.

Top Sellers

32 GB pen drive:

SanDisk is one of the most famous and widely used pen drive brands in the world. Cruzer Blade has a red and black sleek finish. Weighing about 9 grams, it has an ultra-compact, contoured light-weight design with amazing features like password protection that lets you encrypt private files and documents for safekeeping. This pen drive can be supported in operating systems- Windows XP and above and Mac 10.5 and above. It has a USB 2.0 interface and a 30 Mbps transfer speed. SanDisk Cruzer Blade has a warranty period of 5 years.

Manufactured by Kingston, this pen drive weighs up to 80 grams and has a sleek silver finish made from a high durable metal casing with a sturdy ring for comfort and easy handling. It is compact, capless, and small pocket-sized for easy portability. This pen drive by Kingston is compatible with Windows 8 or 7, Vista, XP; Mac 10.6 or above; Linux 2.6 or above. The USB 2.0 interface ensures high-speed transfer of files.

64 GB pen drive:

This pen drive by SanDisk makes it easy to transfer data from phone to computers with its retractable operating mechanism. It has a micro-USB on one end for connection to your Android phone and a USB 3.0 interface for connecting to tablet, PC and Mac computers. The USB 3.0 interface has high performance and a transfer speed of 130 Mbps. The pen drive can be connected to the SanDisk Memory Zone application which is available in Play Store to easily help you manage photos and other documents stored on the drive. It has a warranty period of 5 years.

128 GB pen drive:

HP offers a pen drive with a high storage capacity of 128GB. It has a high-speed USB 2.0 interface which ensures smooth transfer of videos, photos, documents, and other files. This is a shock-resistant pen drive that has a durable and solid silver metal design. HP assures high-quality products using the latest technology for customer satisfaction. This pen drive has a one-year warranty.

This product is a premium quality product offered by Sony which is manufactured using high-quality materials and using advanced technology to provide customer satisfaction. Sony also ensures this through customer services. It has a stylish shiny white silver metal finish with a strap hole for hanging and a matte grip for easy handling. Sony pen drive also has a high-speed USB 2.0 interface that allows easy transfer of data.


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