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Diode, one of the key elements used in electrical circuits, is a semiconductor device. Known for unidirectional current flow, diodes allow electricity to travel in just one direction. A diode, produced from semiconductor material, is also used to rectify waveforms, such as in power supplies or radio detectors.

There are various types of diodes depending on their functionality, usage application and other variables. Diodes can be categorized according to their materials, characteristics, form, wiring and more. Here are four main types of high-quality and efficient semiconductor devices that are widely used for constructing electrical circuits.

1N4001 diodes:

These diodes are widely used in the circuits of electronic appliances and also called m7 diodes. 4001 diodes perform rectification and other general-purpose tasks in the circuit. The 1N4001 diode is primarily used in an electrical equipment power supply segment, where it transforms AC voltage to DC voltage. The m7 diode also blocks voltages at certain points in the circuit and performs other types of tasks too. This diode is designed with excellent specifications, such as 1A forward current, compact size, low price and 3W power dissipation, making it suitable for a variety of electronic applications.

The 1N4001 diode can carry current at a maximum capacity of 1A and it can tolerate peaks of up to 30A. As a result, 4001 diodes can be installed in circuits that work on less than 1A current. Its reverse current is negligible and just 5uA, and can withstand up to 50V of reverse voltage.

Applications of 1N4001 diodes include current flow regulator, protection of the circuit device, full wave and half-wave rectifiers and prevention of reverse polarity problems. They are majorly used in power supply circuits, battery chargers circuits, voltage doublers, adapters circuits, components protection and to block incoming voltage as well.

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1N4148 diodes:

A typical switching signal device made of silicon, the 1N4148 diodes are also used to build complex circuits. Due to its reasonable cost and dependable specifications, it is one of the long-lasting and most popular switching diodes. The 1N4148 diodes name is based on JEDEC nomenclature. 1N4148 diodes are suitable for switching applications upto around 100 MHz and a reverse-recovery time fewer than 4 ns.

The 1N4148 diodes can carry current at a maximum capacity of 300mA, and they can tolerate peaks of up to 2A. At a 10mA forward current, this diode has 8ns of rapid recovery time. Due to this speciality, these diodes can be also used in applications where rapid switching is required.

Some of the applications of 1N4148 diodes include current flow regulators, for protection of the circuit device, full wave and half-wave rectifiers and prevention of reverse polarity problems. They can be used for protecting power electronic switches operating with higher switching frequency.

1N5408 diode:

These diodes are referred to as power diodes due to their reverse voltage and high forward current as well as their 6.25W power dissipation. The maximum capacity to carry current of this 5408 diode is 3A whereas its withstand peaks can be up to 200A. As a result, 1N5408 diodes can be used in circuits with current ratings below 3A. The 10uA reverse current is negligible. Since these diodes have a long recovery period, they are being phased out of today's devices in favour of more advanced diodes.

Applications of 5408 diodes include prevention of reverse polarity problems, HV supplies, full wave and half-wave rectifiers, for protection of the circuit device and current flow regulators.

1N4007 diode:

These diodes are also known as the M7 diode or simply 4007 diodes are nothing but a PN junction rectifier diode. Used as a general-purpose device, the 1N4007 diodes or M7 diode converts AC to DC. The 4007 diodes are generally designed to work as a rectifier in electronic appliances' power supplies for transforming AC voltage to DC with the help of other filter capacitors. The M7 diode belongs to the 1N400x series, which has diodes ranging from 1N4001 to 1N4007, with the main difference being the maximum repeated reverse voltage.

Furthermore, they can be installed in any general-purpose application that requires general diodes. The 1N4007 diodes are designed to operate with high voltages and can comfortably withstand voltages of less than 1000V. 1N4007 diodes are suitable for a large range of applications thanks to their average forward current of 1000mA or 1A, 3W power dissipation, compact scale, and low cost.

Key applications of the 1N4007 diode include converters, for switching in embedded systems, freewheeling diode applications, inverters and general-purpose rectification of power supplies. They are also used to prevent reverse current and protect microcontrollers such as arduino or PIC.

1N4007, 1N4148, 1N4001, 1N5408 are some of the few diodes that are used to design and operate electronic circuits. These high-performance diodes are made of good quality materials, have a longer life and ensure efficient working of the circuits and appliances. Not to mention, these diodes are reasonably priced and can be easily purchased online at one of the best online stores Moglix.