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Diodes are semiconductor devices with two terminals known as anode and cathode. Semiconductor diode or electrical diode is an important component used in electrical circuits. Some diodes pass current which is called forward biased while some do not supply current called reverse biased.

With the use of diodes, current can be easily passed in the circuit. An electrical diode usually passes current in one direction from an anode (+) to cathode (-). Diodes are usually manufactured using semiconductor materials such as selenium, silicon, and germanium.

Varieties of Electrical Diodes

There are several types of diodes, each having a different application and special property. Every diode comes with different voltage requirements.

Small signal diodes - Used in applications involving high frequency and low current devices such as televisions and radios, a small signal electrical diode features disproportional characteristics. The diode is small in size, very effective, and covered in glass to avoid contamination.

Large signal diodes - Large signal semiconductor diode has a large PN junction layer, allowing the unlimited transformation of AC voltage to DC voltage. These diodes have high voltage performance and current. Devices that charge batteries such as inverters are the primary applications of large-signal diodes. They can also be used in devices that suppress high voltages.

Light-emitting diodes - The primary work of the light-emitting diodes is to change electric energy to light energy. Light-emitting diodes use an electroluminescence process, which produces light energy by recombining holes and electrons. These diodes are utilized in inductor lamps including applications camera flashes, aviation lighting, and traffic signals.

Zener diodes - Similar to regular diodes, this device allows the flow of current in a reverse direction once the applied voltage reaches breakdown voltage. This device is used as a voltage regulator to save other semiconductor devices from momentary voltage pulses.

Constant Current diodes - Constant current or current-regulating diodes are used to regulate the voltage at a specific current. These diodes have two terminals to limit current, which obtain high output impedance.

Schottky Diode - Schottky diode is an ideal device to switch applications because of its ability to reduce power loss and better performance. The anode of this device is made of silicon while the cathode is made using chromium, platinum, or tungsten.

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