Check out the Top Helmet Brands available in India

Check out the Top Helmet Brands available in India

The most important thing while being on the road is protection. This aspect increases in the case of two wheelers because the rider is exposed to the surroundings. Accidents are prone to happen, so one needs to be geared up to dodge them. Protecting your head is the main part because serious damage can be caused. That's why before hopping on your ride, always wear a helmet first. It is very important to choose the right helmet because it takes up most of the impact of the crash, securing your head from any damages. A good type of helmet can act as a life saver for bike or scooter travelers.

Best Bike Helmets from top Brands in India 2021

A good helmet provides cushion protection to our head. Finding it is as important as finding a good food joint to eat! Here we provide you with the best helmet brands of 2021 with their features to choose from.

Studds Helmet

The first one on our list is Studds. It is one of the most popular brands in the market. Studds helmets are known for their design and quality. The corporation works under two names i.e. Studds Helmets and SMK Helmets. Studds' prime goal is to provide reliable products with assured quality and customer satisfaction. Studds Thunder was a great launch in the market. They ship overseas as well. The price range varies depending upon the model and design.

  • Flip Up Full Face Helmet
  • Flip-Up Helmets
  • Open Face Helmets
  • Flip Off Full Face Helmets
  • Off-Road Helmets
  • Industrial Helmets
  • High impact grade thermoplastic outer protection
  • Regulated density EPS concussion padding
  • Easy chin strap functionality
  • Aerodynamic design for better stability

Steelbird Helmet

The second one is Steelbird. Steelbird originated in 1964 and is the oldest helmet manufacturing industry. It has been curating helmets for almost 50 years with stylish and high quality designs. Customers prefer Steelbird helmets because of their reliability and low budget prices. They are trusted as they have some tie ups with government agencies also. The company specializes not only in helmets but in bike accessories like gloves, shoe covers, jackets, leg guards, knee guards, and guard kits also. Steelbird helmets include:

  • Open Face Helmets
  • Modular Helmets
  • Flip-up Helmets
  • Motocross Helmets
  • High Fidelity Sound
  • Listening Music
  • No Battery
  • With Detachable Hands free Device
  • Search Location from Map
  • Pick Up Call Button
  • NACA Duct air flow technology
  • Anti-fog Visor

AGV Helmets

The third one is AGV. It is a chic brand for helmets. Mostly, professional bikers or racers favour this brand. AGV Helmet provides notorious styles with supreme quality which is one of the reasons behind its popularity among the youth. The brand provides:

  • Full Face
  • Half Face
  • Integral sun visor
  • Comfortable but noisy
  • Great ventilation
  • Pin lock anti fog insert
  • Micrometric fastener

Axor Helmets

The fourth one is Axor. Axor Helmets are created to serve premium biking chains with high end products while keeping it cost effective yet rigid on the quality and safety standards. The helmets provide stability and aerodynamic performances. The helmet comes in different graphics like a Venom helmet with the whole face of the marvel character painted on it. It is a luxury brand of helmets as the pricing varies depending on the size, type and model. Axor Helmets' main feature is lock straps and anti- fog inserts. The brand offers:

  • ECE 22.05 and DOT certifications
  • Motogp-level stuff
  • Full face helmets
  • Open face helmets
  • Polycarbonate Material
  • Double D-ring
  • ABS material
  • Anti-Fog pin-lock system
  • Back and Front outlet for ventilation

Royal Enfield Helmet

The fifth one is the infamous Royal Enfield. Along with motorcycles, the brand also provides bike accessories. Royal Enfield Helmets are cool with pretty standard designs. The advantage is that unlike the bikes, the helmets are light with a layer of foam underneath. The most demanded design is the Bullet helmet among all. Royal Enfield Helmets comes in unisex and all weather designs. A few key features are mentioned below:

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Impact Absorption
  • Full Face Helmets
  • High Impact Grade Thermoplastic
  • High-density EPS liner
  • Micrometric lock with D-ring.
  • ISI certified

SMK Helmets

The sixth one is SMK. The premium range of helmets produced by Studds is SMK Helmets. They are made entirely to protect the face. The helmet comes with attractive graphics and aerodynamic performance. The companys best products are motocross helmets used for off-road riding. The quality is so good that it can last up to 3 years. The brand offers:

  • Pin-lock visors
  • In-helmet sun shades
  • Lockable air-vents
  • Comfort padding
  • ECE-certified

Vega Helmets

The seventh one is Vega. Vega came into the picture in 1982 with its headquarters in Belgaum City of Karnataka. Vega helmet price is the cheapest in the market and 60% of the population goes for this brand because of its stylish yet durable designs. The company also provides accessories like Parts, Liners, Head Wraps, Shields, Bungee Nets, and many other things. Vega helmets offers the following benefits:

  • Modular Helmet
  • Off-Road Helmets
  • Full Face Helmets
  • Open Face Helmets
  • Multi-channel air flow system
  • High density fully vented EPS
  • Padded D-ring strap
  • Fully removable multi-position visor
  • Washable / replaceable max-flow comfort liner

Bilmola Helmets

Bilmola is a Bangkok based company and the helmets designed by them are defined by the purity of speed. They produce helmets with world class safety and comfort. An amazing design, which gives luxury emotions. With the use of the finest plush to create the most comfortable wearing and riding circumstance.

  • Magnetic Buckles
  • Pop Locks
  • Vents
  • Off- Road Helmet
  • Modular Helmet
  • Full Face Helmet

Axxis Helmets

The ninth one is Axxis. Axxis helmets journey began in 2010. With the company's business philosophy, Axxiz was born with a pronounced innovative and dynamic spirit. For this, the company establishes its own processes of constant improvement to be able to offer customers the most satisfactory product. Axxis helmet is an exquisite helmet that packs the safety and comfort you need for confidence on the road. The helmets come with different graphic designs as the price increases. Axxis offers helmets with:

  • ECE/DOT certified
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Absorb the impact

KTM Helmets

The tenth one is KTM. “Every single KTM showcases the purity of the design and uncompromising function that defines the READY TO RACE mentality. KTM helmets ensure your safety as well as your enjoyment. The brand never compromises with the quality of its products be it bikes or helmets. KTM helmet designs include;

  • Street or Road Helmets
  • Off Road Helmets
  • Kids Helmets
  • DRY-COOL lining
  • Fold-out wind deflector
  • Replaceable breath deflector
  • Fiberglass shell
  • Double D-ring fastener
  • Emergency help tabs (removable cheek pads)
  • Quick-change visor
  • Detachable neck part

Ridex Helmets

The eleventh one is Ridex. Ridex helmets were started in Vietnam with unbeatable Quality, Shape Design. The helmets are best for tropical conditions for utmost safety and comfort. Ridex helmets are made with high quality ABS shells with advanced features. These helmets are designed for maximum protection and are supported with the following features:

  • ABS technology
  • Aero dynamic shape
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate visor
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Washable lining
  • Anti fog lens in all variant models

Now you know about some of the best brands of helmets, visit to purchase one. While choosing a helmet many things should be kept in mind like size, brand, budget, durability, protection, and many more. Go for the one which meets your requirements and most importantly your budget. And make sure you wear one every time you go for a ride.