Types of helmets available online for safety rides

Types of helmets available online for safety rides

Riding a two wheeler sure comes with a lot of thrill but also an equal intensity of danger. A two wheeler is not only the most adventurous mode of transport but also the most affordable and easy to operate. However, it does not provide the kind of inbuilt safety that a four wheeler provides. Yet, a two wheeler has proven to be the most bought transport in India. With so many lives on wheels it becomes necessary to provide some sort of safeguard against the fatal accidents that can occur, this is where and why helmets come in handy.

A helmet is a safety gear worn over the head to protect the rider from injuries, of course there are other safety gears that can be worn all over the body which are used by racers, but for a common man a helmet is quite sufficient.

It is found that every four hours four people die in India due to road accidents. There were 58,747 two wheeler fatalities in India in 2019. These figures only elucidate the grave necessity for people to wear helmets not only for their safety but also for the welfare of their loved ones. Strict rules and regulations have also been formed lately where stringent fines are charged upon people who do not wear helmets, in some states riders are even not allowed to refill fuels in absence of a helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet

There are innumerable motorcycle helmets available in the stores. Most motorcycle helmets aim to provide full protection to the skull and the face, however there are some variants available which have been in vogue for a while now. Some of which are discussed here.

Full Face Helmet (FFH Helmet)

The best shield available to riders to protect themselves from a fatal accident is a full face helmet. This helmet is designed to fully cover the skull and face of the rider, and ends just above the neck. These helmets also cushion the rider against heavy winds and noise pollution. Originally on the heavier side, these helmets are now being transformed into lighter versions of themselves.

Open Face Helmet

These helmets are helpful to those people who feel suffocated by the excessive coverage of a full face helmet, which often causes difficulty in breathing. This provides full protection to the skull but leaves the front open, which is fitted with a visor that gives a transparent and wide view. Wearing this helmet one would be prone to facial injuries and will also have to deal with more wind and noise. On the brighter side, this helmet is lighter and easier to manage.

Top Sellers

Half Shell Helmet

A half helmet provides protection as good as wearing nothing. It only covers the top of the skull with no protection being provided to the rest of the skull and face. Ironically this is one of the most used helmets, especially popular among women due to their cheap prices and ease of wearing. The only thing they prove to be good at is at evading fines by wearing a helmet for namesake. These are not recommended for people who wish to prioritize their lives.

Sports Helmet

Most popular among the professional motorcyclists are the sports helmets. They give off the edgy look which motorcyclists are famous for. These have an aerodynamic design which are DOT approved. These provide full face and skull protection. These also shield against heavy wind that causes the neck to strain less, which is vital when riding at the high speeds. However these are not ISI marked and are on the costlier side.

Off Road Helmet

Off roading is a term used for travelling in a vehicle off the roads, that is on road less natural terrains. Since off-roading is done on such rough terrains, bikers have to face dirt and rubble flying at their face, which can cause serious injury. These helmets are designed to guard the riders against these debris. These provide full face, skull and neck coverage. These are heavy and can strain the neck at times. They also come with air vents that keep the helmet cool making them suitable for long journeys.

Bluetooth Helmet

Everything in today's world is being modified by addition of technology, helmets are no exception. Seeing the burgeoning demand for being able to use cell phones and other devices while riding, for which people used earphones or Bluetooth earpieces, the companies came up with this concept. A Bluetooth helmet helps one connect to the cell phone and GPS without the need of any wires that can bring havoc to the rider's safety. In conclusion, Bluetooth helmets integrate safety with a good communication system and are the future of helmets.

Helmet for men

Helmets for men are comparatively larger in size. Men can go for a variety of helmets that are available in the market, like full face helmet which provides the most protection as it covers the entire face and skull, or they can go for half face helmet which protects the skull but leaves the face open, another option is the modular helmet which is a half face helmet with an additional gear in the front to convert it into a full face helmet. Most men prefer the full face helmet and hence are the most bought.

Helmet for Girls/Women

A helmet for women is lightweight and less protective, which needs to be changed. The same variety of helmets as men are available for women, however the most suitable ones are the half face helmet which provides full coverage to the skull and a shield in the front, though it is not as protective as the full face helmet it is still more protective than the half helmet which provides almost no protection and yet is undeservingly popular among ladies. Ladies helmets also come in a vast array of trendy designs.

While buying a helmet one needs to make sure of the quality of it and be willing to spend a reasonable amount, as buying a cheaper helmet for the sake of authorities will only come under playing with one's own life. Once the decision regarding the price, quality, usage time and purpose is made the next step should be researching about the brands that match the filters and result in the best buy. Visit moglix for more information.