Different type of dumbbells for workouts

Ever since the lockdown was imposed all over the world, mental and physical health for everyone was dismantled, as staying indoors did not suit people much. However, eventually people got accustomed to this lifestyle and began making the best of what they had.

Not everyone chooses to and can afford to go to gyms, as such finding equipment that is budget friendly and effective for working out at home proves to be very useful.

This is where dumbbells come for rescue. If you are someone who works out at home or is just a gym freak wanting to have some options at home too for the days you just can not find the will to go to the gym, dumbbells are the ultimate cure!

Dumbbells are tools that are used to provide resistance, these are used for strength training. Dumbbells are really good at providing muscle growth and are used essentially during joint isolation exercises.

Dumbbells provide mechanical as well as metabolic muscle growth. Also, dumbbells are of great help when it comes to intermuscular coordination and muscle activation. With so many benefits, one thing is clear: adding dumbbells to your workout regime would only help you manifold. However, there are a variety of dumbbells that are available in the market, and you have to have the best knowledge of these before making a decision.

The first thing that we need to understand is what kind of weights do you want and require, depending on which you can choose between fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells-

Adjustable dumbbells

As the name suggests, these dumbbells consist of a bar on which the weights can be adjusted. These are best suited if there are multiple people using, and require different weights. These are also economical as you just need to buy weights. These also come in many types. The downside, however is, that these require a lot of place and are a big affair. Also, the constant requirement of manually changing the weights in between sets may be seen as a hindrance by many people.

Fixed dumbbells

These are the dumbbells that have a fixed weight, and may weigh from 1kg-100 kg and are sold in pairs. These dumbbells do not require any adjusting of discs and are ready to use. These are the best if you want to have a break less workout session. Another plus point of fixed dumbbells is that these are compact in size and also are much more durable. However, these are a tad bit more expensive than adjustable dumbbells as you would require to buy several dumbbells for different weights.

Once you are through with that, the next thing you need to focus upon is the shape of the dumbbell:

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Hex Dumbbells vs Circular Dumbbells

Traditionally dumbbells have plates or weights shaped as discs. This round shape does not make them suitable to be kept on floors and is definitely a failure if you wish to use them as a support for exercises like push ups. To combat this issue hex dumbbells were introduced.

Hex dumbbells or hexagon dumbbells are named after their shape. As these are shaped as a hexagon, these do not roll over when kept somewhere. Thus, these are made to provide a swiftness in your workout when you are switching between multiple exercises. These are the best for floor workouts like push ups where you are required to put these on the floor, as they do not slip giving you a firm grip.

Last thing but one of the most vital one is which material do you need, a great bunch of materials are available in the market and a wise choice need to be made regarding these-

Steel dumbbells

As the name suggests these dumbbells are made of steel. Steel dumbbells are very popular. These are the best for using at home as these will not ruin the floor by clanging, will be safe around children if any and are also cheaper than many other options available. Since these do not have any coating on them they are lighter as well. These are great for first time users and can be bought as a single unit.

Iron Dumbbells

Iron dumbbells are made of cast iron and are also known as cast iron dumbbells. These are cheaper than steel dumbbells. These are not considered to be a safe option as these might cause a severe injury and also scratch the floor. These are also prone to rusting. Traditional iron dumbbells consist of a bar with different weights of iron plates. Not the best option, but can be easily procured at low prices!

Rubber dumbbells

Rubber dumbbells are dumbbells made of steel or iron covered with rubber. Rubber dumbbells are not only safer to you and the floor or the rack but they also provide better grip. Also, the rubber gives a lot of space for companies to manufacture these in various colours and designs, thus also making them attractive. These can make your working out look pleasing and make your working out selfies look edgy.

Some dumbbells are fully coated, while some have the bar or the plates coated in rubber, so that is a choice for you to make. These can withstand a lot of daily wear and tear and are best suited for gyms. Owing to all these qualities, these obviously come at a higher price range but are indeed the best option.

PVC Dumbbells

One of the newest materials that has entered this arena is PVC. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a kind of plastic polymer. PVC dumbbells are getting quite popular among the new generation. These are entirely made of PVC and offer a better grip than the other mentioned before. These are also smooth, they do not rust and will definitely not make a harsh noise if dropped on the floor! These also come in many aesthetically pleasing options, so that is a plus point as well.

Dumbbell racks

Ofcourse, once you are deep into fitness and have made a little gym of your own, you might require a dumbbell rack or you might just need one for your commercial gym, whatever it may be, dumbbell racks are extremely useful to keep the space organized and free from any potential accidents of tripping over recklessly kept dumbbells.

Dumbbell racks might be horizontal or vertical. Many times dumbbell racks come with dumbbells and weight as a combination. These can also be adjustable or fixed. Dumbbell rack is a good investment if you have many of them and a must have if you operate a commercial gym.

Hopefully, this must have provided a glimpse of all the essentials required for you to get on with your workout sessions and get back in shape!