Dumbbell Sets Based On Different Weights

Dumbbell Sets Based On Different Weights

Ever since the extended periods of lockdown all the fitness experts on YouTube have gained immense popularity. The reason is simple people wish to grab their ultimate fitness goals. Long purchased fitness mats all dusty, and the motivation for a beach body long gone. Until the world was struck with a deadly virus and everything came to a halt.

Eventually, everyone started working out and burning those extra pounds of fat. While going to the gym and exercising might be very exciting to some people, there might be others who are too shy (like me!) to take their chubby self to the gym.

Then we find our escapes in the home workout sessions, thanks to the fitness YouTubers! These guys made working out so easy and reproducible at no cost and comfort of being indoors.

Eventually, losing weight or gaining muscle is followed by a clean diet, cardio training, weight training, and many more self-love practices. In situations like these when you wish to upgrade your home training sessions you need certain pieces of equipment to do so.

Home-gym is not a new concept but has become trendy now. A home-gym is your exercising area with essential equipment like different weight dumbbells, skipping ropes, resistance bands, barbells, plates, exercise mats, stability balls, etc.

Depending upon your weight loss or muscle gain goal the types of equipment in your home gym will change. For now, lets focus on dumbbell sets which are needed in almost all sorts of fitness goals.

Importance Of Dumbbells

These tiny sets of weights may change the pace of your fitness goals by several amounts. Because they are small and heavy at the same time they are included in almost all sorts of training. The benefits of including dumbbells in your workout routine are:

  • Boost in metabolic rate
  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Enhance muscle coordination and flexibility
  • Stimulate muscle growth
  • Can be combined with other workouts
  • Activate various muscles and improve muscle force
  • Helps to improve strength imbalances
  • The safest way to train without a coach
  • Impact of exercises increases

Dumbbells have many more benefits and these are some of the key benefits provided by them. So, let's focus on different types of dumbbell sets and which to buy?

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How To Find Best Dumbbells?

Type of Weights:

When purchasing dumbbells you will see that there are two types of weighted dumbbells- fixed and adjustable. Fixed dumbbells have fixed weight and are sold in pairs. However, adjustable weights as the name suggests are the ones with a dial system that allows adjusting the weight as per your requirements.

If you are new to exercises and weight liftings then you can surely opt for fixed weights in the beginning. Adjustable weights are good for people who wish to train specific muscles or upgrade their training.

Fixed weights have one drawback that you will need to purchase multiple sets of different weights and hence, storage will be a problem to tackle. In the case of adjustable weight, the storage issue does not arise.

Dumbbell Material and Shape:

So which ones are better rubber, neoprene, or steel? Evidently, rubber dumbbells are flawless. These can be placed anywhere without worrying about damage to the floor or other surfaces.

Rubber dumbbells are an impeccable choice as they have a soft surface and hence, are safer than steel dumbbells. Neoprene dumbbells are softer and therefore, once you start sweating chances arise they may slip out of your hands.

Rubber dumbbells are often assumed to be a bit smelly. But this issue can be resolved with soap and water mix! Rubber dumbbells aren't toxic and flexible and a perfect fit for indoor activities.

Moving further the shape of dumbbells depends upon the type of exercise you are planning to do. If you are doing exercises that need your dumbbells to stay straight without rolling away then you may need hexagon-shaped dumbbells. However, if you are doing exercises that involve rolling movements then circular dumbbells are best.

Dumbbell Sets According to Weight

Light-weighted dumbbells:

These sets are great for people who are completely new to the world of lifting weights and burning calories. So if you are bored of lifting water bottles or any other dumbbell substitute then you can try to begin with light dumbbells. Light weight dumbbells include dumbbells from 1kg to 6kg. 1kg dumbbells are for those who directly wish to start training with weights. 1kg dumbbells aren't much heavy and are a good starting point for your weight lifting journey.

Moving on are 2kg dumbbells good and do they help in muscle toning? Should you go for 2.5 kg dumbbells or 3kg dumbbells? Or 5kg dumbbells or 6kg will be better? All of this mostly depends on your reps and consistency. There is no wonder lifting great weights has great results but only if you are consistent. It doesn't matter if you lift a 4kg dumbbell or 40kg dumbbell unless you are consistent enough. These dumbbells will surely tone your muscles with regular exercises.

Moderately weighted dumbbells:

A 7.5kg dumbbell, 10kg dumbbell, and 15kg dumbbell are heavier than light weighted dumbbells. These dumbbells are for those who wish to level up their performance and increase the toughness of their exercise. It is no wonder the heavier you lift the harder it becomes. And the more reps you do the more calories you burn.

Lifting a 10kg dumbbell or 15 kg dumbbell for 15 to 20 times has severe muscle toning effects. If you want to achieve muscular growth then lifting these weights will help you for sure. Further, the choice depends on you. If you want rock hard abs and defined and toned back and solid arms then you will have to increase the training and repetition strategy.

Heavy weighted dumbbells:

As the name suggests these are the heavy babies in the game. 20kg dumbbell, 30kg dumbbell, 40kg dumbbell, and 50 kg dumbbells are those heavy weights that have amazing impacts on your muscle only if you know how to train with them properly. Exercises like chest press and squat pulse with these dumbbells in your hands are extremely difficult and powerful at the same time. Nevertheless, being a beginner you should start your journey from 1kg dumbbells and head on to heavier versions with good conditioning of your body as well.