Different types of Scissors for cutting paper, sewing and crafting projects

Different types of Scissors for cutting paper, sewing and crafting projects

Though technology has been developing every single day, the normal hardware and tools are still required to do some basic manual work. Many companies make tools and pieces of equipment out of various materials, from metals to plastics. Many manufacturers are well known for their creative yet authentic ways of making tools. Tools are technically defined as pieces of equipment that can be used to do any particular kind of task or work.

Some popular examples of tools include shears, knives, hammers, and of course, the most commonly used household tool, scissors. Different types of tools with different types of strength and sharpness are preferred for different types of tasks like gardening, cutting, sharpening, and much more.

Scissors is one of the most prominent tools that is being innovative with many new features. Many kinds of scissors are classified based on their uses. Some of the popular types of scissors include:

  • Tailor scissors
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Designer scissors
  • Cutting scissors
  • Zig zag scissors
  • Pinking scissors
  • Paper Cutting scissors
  • Fabric scissors and many others types

Tailor Scissors:

These are commonly used for cutting materials with moderate thickness like cardboard, fabric, photos, and of course paper. These blades are infused with titanium to remain sharp surpassing stainless steel. They have a warranty of 1 year, and they are equipped with adjustable brass and stainless steel blades promising smooth opening and closing along with strength.

Kitchen Scissors:

Available in various colors and shapes, made with stainless steel, these scissors are perfect for use in the kitchen. They are multifunction kitchen shears that are equipped with detachable sides and sharp blades. The scissors are ideally used for removing caps, scaling, peeling, cutting, and even cracking nuts. The scissors must be washed with hands and they are accessorized with a non-slip grip for the safety of the user.

Designer Scissors:

Designer scissors are scissors of high quality with stainless steel blades and fine edges. They are equipped with sharp blades, large finger rings, and their handles are made with plastic. They normally have 8 inches blades and are made with perfection to get precise results. They are used by people in the fashion and clothing industries by the designers and cloth makers to design clothes and garments.

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Cutting Scissors:

Cutting Scissors are normally used by salon workers, barbers, hair enthusiasts, and personal stylists of celebrities and models. The scissors are used for cutting hair for men, women, the elderly, children, and even babies. They are attached with detachable fingers that help in handling it safely and provide long-lasting performance. They can also be used for beard grooming. They are very safe to use and affordable.

Zig Zag Scissors:

A handle made of carbonized inner steel material and crafted oval. They are ergonomically designed shears and they are hand-forged blades. The blades are made for regular usage and the blades are crafted with a zig-zag edge. They are forging and cutting zig-zag patterns in fabrics for stopping fabric edges from fraying easily.

Pinking Scissors:

Pinking shears are also used to shear off loose weave fabrics from fabrics that fray easily. They are also a form of scissors that are toothed with a zig-zag pattern and they are one of the most important tools that must be present in any sewing room.

They differ from other normal scissors by their way of aligned handles and have 9inch long blades. They are sawtoothed and are ultra-sharp and are used for sewing, craft, dressmaking.

Paper Cutting Scissors:

The basic type of scissors that can be used to cut papers and all materials made out of paper. their handles are made out of plastic and the size of the scissors is normally 8 inches. The blades are made out of stainless steel and they are popularly used for both office and domestic purposes, that includes arts and crafts.

Fabric Scissors:

The basic difference between fabric scissors and normal scissors is that fabric scissors are their blades are comparatively longer than the blades of normal ones and their shears are angles or bent, which keeps the blades flat on the table platform.

They are used to cut out fabrics since they provide a clean-cut of fibers that will last long and end up without loose ends. The elastic or pivoted shears provide cutting with the precision right to the tip of the blades. They are used to cut out fabrics and clothing material by fashion designers, cloth makers, and all kinds of dressmakers.


Cutting paper for DIY projects, sewing and crafting projects often require a high quality scissor to ensure quick and easy completion of the work. All these types of scissors are the most prominently used tools in both domestic and professional industries, that are being created with new beautiful additions every day by manufacturers and equipment industries. Buy scissors from Moglix that are safe to use and craft your ideas with beauty and brilliance.