Ultimate guide on various types of scissors available for different applications

Ultimate guide on various types of scissors available for different applications

Often scissors are related to tailors or people working with garments or clothes. However, scissors are widely used in different applications. Housewives use them in the kitchen, children use them while making projects, and more. Not all scissors are ideal for the same applications. For example, lettuce cutting scissors are different from those used for cutting cloths.

When you are buying a scissor, make sure it is made of high quality material, has sharp edges and a comfortable handle for smooth usage. With so many brands, and types available in the market, it is hard to select the scissors. So, first let us know about the types of scissors available in the market.

Types of scissors:

  • Tailors scissors

If you have ever been to a tailors shop then you might have witnessed these huge pairs of scissors laying around. Lengthwise, they are smaller than other sewing scissors but longer than other types. The reason why tailors, sewers, quilters, crafters, and everybody who deals with layers of fabrics are obsessed with these instruments is because of their extreme precision and ease.

The finger holes are not designed the same and have a distinct geometry to assist during cutting tasks. The blades are razor-sharp all the way to the tip. Their unique design, weight, sharpness, and accuracy make them quite popular among people who are into cutting fabric, leather, and clothes.

  • Dressmakers Scissors

These are the longest among all sewing scissors. The signature indication of the dressmakers shears is their tapered blades; one tip is rounded while the other one is pointy. The pointy edge is ideal for making patterns and trimming. The blades are designed at an acute angle that cuts through anything that comes between its pincers.

Being long and having a sharp edge makes them an ideal candidate for heavy-duty fabric cutting tasks. They can even make their way through many layers of fabric at a single time. These are the best scissors for this kind of job.

Top Sellers

  • Pinking Shears

These blades are for the tasks that your regular straight-edged scissors cannot perform. Pinking shears possess serrated edges that help to have a firmer grip over the fabric. For instance, when you are dealing with a slippery material, it would be harder to cut using a regular tailor's knife. While the zigzag pattern holds the fabric in place and reduces effort.

Their original purpose was to cut woven clothes. Normally, the plain-edged blades would simply pull the pull out and unweave the fabric. But the serrated ends make sure the geometry and threaded structure remain intact.

  • Applique Scissors

The tool has a strange duckbill-shaped blade on one side and a plain one on the other. The design makes them suitable for cutting around the base or seam of the fabric. With these scissors, you can work very close to the stitching line without messing it up.

  • Buttonhole Scissors

As the name already indicates, the primary purpose of these scissors is to cut buttonholes. You would be able to make cuts along certain lengths without cutting the end of the fabric. The finger holes are pretty large in comparison to the whole body and help the user to have full control over the tool.

  • All-purpose Scissors or Crafting Scissors

When we talk about scissors these are what most people have in their minds. Crafting scissors have long blades with pointy ends that can cut through a range of materials. They are known for their immortality as they almost never need sharpening. The magic to retain sharpness lies in the material used in their manufacturing.

They can not only cut through fabrics effectively but can also be used for non-fabric shearing. The sharp blades can cut plastic, cardboard, paper, metal wires, etc. They can even carry out a wide range of crafting tasks.

  • Ambidextrous Scissors

Left-handed people suffer from injuries using tools made for right-handed people and the struggle is real. After considering this common yet ignored problem, some manufacturers have introduced ambidextrous scissors that are suitable for both-handed people. However, they are quite rare and you would have to put much effort to find one.

These tools have a symmetrical design which means the size and the geometry of both finger holes are the same. Moreover, they have an extremely sturdy pivot point that holds the blades in place. The blades are sharp and the tips are usually pointy. Generally, they are made as crafting or all-purpose scissors to deal with different types of materials. The use of scissors in such scenarios thus helps the user to work efficiently.

  • Embroidery Scissors

Precision is the key element in embroidery so regular big-body scissors cannot serve the purpose. They are used to cut tiny threads that dangle around a fabric. The blades are tiny (3 inches to 6 inches long) and do not have much space between them — with the sole purpose to cut embroidery threads.

The small tip can get into places where your regular tools cannot. They are quite popular in the world of bead weaving due to their accuracy. Most of these scissors are available for right-handed people and the ambidextrous versions of embroidery scissors price are very high due to their rarity

They come in a variety of shapes, and designs. The most common one being the classic straight edge that has pointy and elongated tips for finishing the task at a faster pace. The other popular type is the curved-edged embroidery scissors; one of their blades is curved that helps you work with great accuracy near the stitching line. The use of scissors in such scenarios helps the user to work more efficiently.

Their smaller blade loses sharpness fast, so you must always use them for smaller threads only. For thicker threads, you can go for the all-purpose scissors.

  • Gardening Scissors

This type is all about the sharpest scissor available in the market specialized for horticulture and garden purposes. These widely admired tools elongated handles along with straight blades which are longer than any average scissor that you see in your homes. The sole purpose of these blades is lawn maintenance. They come in two designs: horizontal grass shear and vertical grass shear. The horizontal ones are used for manually getting rid of grass patches missed by lawnmowers. While the vertical ones are for dealing with the boundaries of the lawn.

Special care is needed to handle these blades as they are pretty sharp and any accidental slip can cause serious injuries. These can be the best scissors for gardening purposes.

  • Hedge Trimmers

Trimming trees and bushes using a grass shear can be a pretty tedious and time-consuming task. You can save yourself from wearing out by using hedge trimmers. Their fast cutting speed and user-friendly design make them popular among gardeners. They are used for snipping, trimming, and cutting bushes and elongated parts of trees. They are available in two designs; electric trimmers and manual trimmers.

  • Grooming Scissors

You must have seen a variety of grooming scissors while paying a visit to the barber. These grooming scissors prices are especially high and are designed to cut your strands. That is why they are razor-sharp to snip strands almost instantly. They have slender blades with pointy edges to work all the way to the edges. Using an unsharp scissor on your hair can not only damage them but will also leave your hairs severely damaged.

Different uses/applications of scissors:

  • Using it in cutting herbs and spices, basically using it for kitchen-related purposes.
  • Using in arts and crafts or office-related work.
  • Using it extensively for gardening.
  • Using it for sewing purposes.
  • Using in industrial work like in a textile factory.


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