DVR Security System: Lets You Sleep Peacefully At Night

DVRs are an important part of any security system. The full form of DVR is Digital Video Recorder. A DVR aids in the recording of security footage captured by a CCTV surveillance camera. It allows you to see footage from a specific date and time whenever you choose.

In the event of a security danger or criminal activity, the best DVR system will ensure that you have surveillance footage. In today's world, where thefts and other criminal acts are rampant, business owners and homeowners should invest in a DVR camera system to protect themselves from bodily harm or theft. The DVR system allows you to review daily recordings as proof if something goes wrong.

DVR Price Varies According to DVR Camera Types and their Features:

The DVR is frequently referred to as the "heart" of a CCTV security system. Its primary purpose is to monitor and record everything that a CCTV camera captures. There are several types of DVRs on the market. The cost of a DVR is proportionate to the number of features it has. Features such as the price of a DVR will vary depending on the number of video channels, video definition, hard drive size, and other creative features. A four-channel DVR system costs INR 5000, whereas a 32-channel DVR system costs INR 15,000.DVRs with HD resolution start at INR 2350.

DVRs for CCTV cameras come in a variety of sizes. To satisfy varied security applications, they are offered in tiny, pocket-sized, and large PC sizes. CCTV DVD security systems are divided into three categories.

  • Embedded DVRs:

It's a piece of stand-alone equipment that accepts analog CCTV cameras for compression and storage on a local hard drive. Because they use a real-time embedded operating system that an external environment cannot access, these systems are more secure.

  • Hybrid DVRs:

These DVRs are one-of-a-kind that can accept multiple types of video signals. They work with both CCTV and IP cameras so that you won't be limited in your camera recording possibilities. These DVR systems are simple to operate.

  • PC-based DVRs:

In terms of storage capacity, these DVRs are the most versatile. They are significantly more extensible and upgradeable, making it simple to install more hard drives. It also has customizable remote access options.

DVR CCTV and the Factors that Make DVRs the Best:

A digital video recorder system can convert CCTV video to digital form and can function with analog security cameras. It lets you remotely monitor the footage, has a large storage capacity, and allows you to search quickly and conveniently.DVRs enable you to modernize your analog CCTV cameras. Previously, most security systems recorded individual video footage on VCRs, which were recorded at a rate of 25 frames per second on cassette. However, thanks to technological advancements, there is now an efficient method of saving video footage in your digital video recorder.

We have curated a list of factors that can help you to choose the best DVR security system. They are:

  • The number of video channels:

This is the number of channels you want the DVR to simultaneously record and playback for you. The number of channels available varies between 4,8,16, and 32. The best of these varies according to individual needs. This choice relies on your need and the place where you have to install the security system.

  • Video Resolution:

It is entirely up to you whether you want a regular resolution (D1) or an HD resolution. The best resolution is determined by the demand or the purpose for which it is to be used.

  • Hard Drive size:

You must choose your hard disc size based on the amount of footage you wish to store daily or weekly. A 500 GB hard drive can typically hold a week's worth of data. So, the best DVR is one with a larger storage capacity, but this is a personal option based on your needs.

  • Online Access:

With today's technology, you can see the footage over the Internet on your cell phone or laptop. This provides real-time updates and is the most useful function on DVRs.

  • Other features:

Other features that will determine the finest DVR include recording modes, smart play, HDMI output, alarm input, night vision, and many more. However, as previously stated, it is a matter of personal preference and needs that determine which DVR is the best one for you.