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CP Plus CP-VTA-T2324-U Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine
4.4 (22 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹4,87546% OFF
  • Recognition Speed: <1S

  • Hardware Platform: Ws306

Safran Morpho MSO 1300 E3 USB Finger Scanner
4.6 (9 Reviews)
By: Safran Morpho
₹5,00033% OFF
  • No Prior Software Installation Required

  • All-in-one Solution: Superior Performance Enrollment, Verification, and Identification

Time Office z500v2 Touch-Less Face Attendance Device with Cloud Attendance Software
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Time Office
₹16,00038% OFF
  • Sub, Top/Ip & Wi-Fi Communication Ports

  • Track Attendance of Employees

Hikvision Ds-Kis202 7 inch Grey & White Upgraded Video Door Phone
4.5 (22 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹6,99021% OFF
  • Low Light Technology: Night Color

  • Hands-Free Video Intercom Communication

Mantra MFS 100 Optical Fingerprint Scanner with OTG Cable
  • Convenient for usage with laptop and Android based tabs/tablets/mobile phones

  • OTG cable is included in the package

eSSL Identix K30 Pro Biometric Fingerprints Time Attendance Machine
4.4 (18 Reviews)
By: Essl
₹14,45564% OFF
  • Compatible Software & SDK: Etime track lite desktop & Web,

  • Identification speed: <=1 sec

Hikvision DS-K1T331W Face Recognition Terminal, STCSACT0018
4.3 (14 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹12,80036% OFF
  • Configuration Via the Web Client

  • Supports TCP/IP, Wi-Fi Communication & Supports ISUP5.0, ISAPI

Qubo HCD01 Smart WiFi Wireless 1080P FHD Video Doorbell with Intruder Alarm System
4.4 (15 Reviews)
By: Qubo
₹9,99040% OFF
  • Manage Your Visitors with a Click on the Mobile App

  • Instant Visitor Video Call on Phone

Denler DL02 Smart Digital Door Lock with LCD Display, Fingerprint & Pin Code Access
4.5 (19 Reviews)
By: Denler
₹29,99933% OFF
  • Code Scrambling, Low Battery Alert, Anti Theft Alarm & Remote

  • Dual Authentication & Auto Lock

Godrej SeeThru RE7 Lite Video Door Phone
3.8 (10 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹22,99966% OFF
  • Audio Video Recording

  • 16 Melodies for Each Outdoor Unit

Ozone OZFL-301-V-PK Black Smart Furniture Password Lock
  • Digital Keypad: the Digital Lock Comes with an Electronic Touch

  • Smart Extended Home Coverage

Startek FM-220-U Fingerprint Payment Device
By: Startek
₹4,90052% OFF
  • This Device can Not be Used for Sim Activation, It

  • Startek FM-220-U has Used in Enrollment & Attendance Verification Applications

Mantra mBio-16 2.8 inch Time Attendance Terminal
By: Mantra
₹4,99933% OFF
  • High Build Quality

  • Stylish

Time Office Black Fingerprint & Cloud Based Attendance Machine with Finger, Card & Battery, Z305
  • User-Friendly Design

  • Good Battery Backup, A Great Choice For Any Office &

Time Office z200bw Black Fingerprint, Card, Wi-Fi & Cloud Based Attendance Device
  • Professional Access Control: Device has Professional Door Access Control Feature....

  • Track Attendance of Employees On the Go Using Time Office

Hikvision DS-KIS204 Channel 7 inch Analog VDP with Memory, STCSSEC0002
  • Analog Kit with Picture Storage Function for Villa or House

  • IO Output: 1 Relay Output

Secureye S-FB5K Elite Biometric Device
By: Secureye
₹14,50033% OFF
  • Face Time & Attendance Both Features Available

  • Scratch Resistant

Mantra BioFace-MSD1K Attendance Biometric Machine
By: Mantra
₹16,99951% OFF
  • Contactless Face Capture Attendance

  • Convenient Controls Makes it Easy to Operate

Mantra MIS100 V2 Single Iris Sensor
By: Mantra
₹8,41254% OFF
  • Top & Bottom : >=0.2x Iris Radius & Pixel Depth:

  • Safety Exempt Group: Per IEC 62471:2006-07, ESD Air: Discharge ±8...

Time Office z100n Black Fingerprint & Card Based Attendance System with Excel Report from Device
  • Direct Excel Report from Device

  • This Device can Work with Desktop-Based Software as Well as

Yale JB-305 E Video Door Phone
By: Yale
₹10,99931% OFF
  • It Supports Intercom, Remote Unlock & Monitor the Door

  • Intercom System for Home, for Easy Monitoring of Visitors &

Hikvision IP Based Video Door Phone with 7-inch 1080p, Colorful TFT Screen & BuiltIn Mic & Loudspeaker, DS-KIS603-P
  • Scratch Free Sensor Surface

  • Scratch Free Sensor Surface

Ozone OZFL-301-H-PK Black Smart Furniture Password Lock
  • 4-15 Digits One User Code, One Master Code, Anti-Theft Technology

  • Auto Alarm will be Activated When Input Wrong Password 4

Realtime Biometric Fingerprint & RF Card Attendance Machine Eco S C101
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Realtime
₹7,29150% OFF
  • Display Language: English

  • Excel Report Output

Time Office Startek FM220U White Fingerprint Scanner with Type-C USB Port
4.2 (9 Reviews)
By: Time Office
₹3,80036% OFF
  • No Problem in Verifying Smeared, Scarred, Stained & Smudged Fingers

  • Assumptions & Exclusions

Mantra BioFace-MSD1KW 2.4 inch Black Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal
  • Wi-Fi Attendance with User Validity

  • Scratch Resistant

Realtime C101 Excel Output Biometric Attendance Machine
  • Wi-Fi Attendance with User Validity

  • Face Time & Attendance Both Features Available

eSSL MB20 Face Plus Id Biometric Fingerprints Time Attendance Machine
  • Scratch Proof

  • Multiple Languages

Ozone OZFL-302-FK Black & Silver Smart Furniture Password Lock
  • Management Fingerprint- 2 at Most, User Fingerprint: 8 at Most,

  • Auto Alarm will be Activated When Input Wrong Password 4

Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF 2MP Face Recognition Terminal
By: Hikvision
₹20,30018% OFF
  • Face Mask Wearing Alert & Tone Quality: Noise Suppression &

  • Two-Way Audio with Client Software, Indoor Station, & Main Station

CMI Tech BMT-20 Binoculars Dual Iris Recognition System
  • Long Internal Optical Path

  • Time of Capture: Typically Around 0.5 sec, from Time of

Realtime FM220U Registered Device Fingerprint Reader
  • Real Life Application

  • Fast Scanning & Matching Speed

Mantra MFSTAB II Embedded Advance AEBAS Biometric Machine, M0035MT21L110100
  • The Albas Functionality of Mastaba I Rules Out the Possibility

  • Ethernet, Lan Connectivity, Android Operating System & Barcode Reader with

Biomax N-WL20 Wireless Biometric Time Attendance Machine
  • High Reliable & Durable

  • Supremely Low Electric Energy Consumption

Ozone OZ-FDL-11-R-Life Bronze Smart Lock with Google Assistant & Alexa Enabled
  • Passage Mode: this Simply Means You Have the Freedom of...

  • Anti-Theft Password/Code Scramble: You Can Add Random Scramble Numbers Before

Ozone OZ-FDL-02-Life Std Black & Antique Bronze Smart Door Lock
  • Customer Care Number: +91-9310012300 & Email Id:

  • This is an Additional Connective Product that is Required to

Ozone Morphy Metal Grey Smart Digital Biometric Door Lock with Doorbell, OZ-FDL-01 Life NXT
  • Auto-Secure Mode: 5 Consecutive Incorrect Password Attempts Activates the Alarm

  • Direct Supply from Ozone Brand

Ozone OZ-FDL-11 Life Gold Smart Lock with Google Assistant & Alexa Enabled
  • Customer Care Number: +91-9310012300 & Email Id:

  • Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor with 508 DPI: Can Identify Biological Characteristics

Denler DL04 Smart Digital Door Lock with 3D Face Recognition, LCD Display, Fingerprint Lock & Pin Code Access
  • Strong Lock Body with Hardened SS304 Bolts

  • Dual Authentication & Auto Lock

Access Control Systems (3 Categories)

Buy a Reliable Access Control System at Ease

The security of residences and business places is now the central concern of all. All the security problems have one solution: the access control system. These setups maximise safety. Whether it be the personal home, office, or business place, all you need is the access control system to get better protection. Moreover, the system does not involve any human interference dependency.

The system can be of biometric security, video calls, face recognition, or other ways. With this, a breach of the organisation's security policy is not possible. Another primary trait of the system is being cost-effective and having no error in the work. Moreover, we get a strong safety net from all sorts of unwanted personnel in our place. The access control system comes from various brands like eSSL Access Control Systems, Safran Morpho, MDI, Realtime, and others. You can get the product online or offline at an affordable price. You can set up the system quickly and function it as per your needs.

Types of access control system

Biometric machines - This is one of the most used varieties of the access control system. The best part is that you can easily set up the system. Moreover, the biometric machine setup is affordable and easy to use. It is in the fingerprint access control category. Nowadays, it is used widely in office spaces to maintain security and safety.

Video door access system - This is another primary type of access system for security. It is more advanced and believed to be more safer. The video door access system is installed at the entrance door. By which the video of the personnel at the entrance is seen. Then, the owner can allow the entry or not. However, it is installed at a place with high-security needs. You can easily install the system and function it.

Smart Lock - It is an access control system that provides the lock facility at the entrance. With this system, you can set your password at the door for safety. It is widely used in homes and office spaces. By this, you can keep your place safe easily. The smart lock comes at an affordable price in a wide range, and it is easy to use and install.

Commercial access control system - Nowadays, private properties and spaces use the access system commercially. The owner of the place allows only the entrance of the authorised personnel. The location can be accessed easily by the person with access details, and others can not enter. For this access system, you can use many types of security like a smart lock, card readers, keypads, Icloud-based systems, video intercoms, and others.

Door access system - This system comprises all access systems available for door security, including a smart lock, fingerprint access, card reader, or video security. So, as per the requirement, you can use any of the systems for security purposes. There are many other options with advanced features as well.

Some of the brands for the access control system

MDI- The brand product is currently on the top-selling list and still in demand. The brand's biometric advanced door lock system is one of the best products. The product is suitable for both metal and wooden doors and is reliable and highly accurate. You get the fingerprint, password, and card facility as well. It takes less than one second for user recognition.

Realtime Access Control Systems - It is the leading brand in the category of access control systems as the brand provides a wide range of products at affordable prices. You can get the fingerprint locks, proximity card reader, and face with fingerprint lock for your places. You can order Realtime products online.

eSSL access control system - It is a well-known brand in this category. You can get all the products of your needs at the best price. The brand provides biometric attendance machines, fingerprint locks, face plus fingerprint locks, and many other devices. You can order the eSSL product online and get it at your doorstep.

Factors to consider before buying the access control system

  • People are now worried about their security and access to spaces like offices, private properties, homes, organisation places, and others. However, before selecting the product, we need to consider some factors to get the right product per the needs. Here are some considering factors while buying the access control system.

  • The major thing is the quality of the product and its brand. You always need to get it from a renowned brand for better quality and good security.

  • Another factor is understanding the place's need for security as you need the smart lock for home with a fingerprint or password. You can get the attendance biometric access system for the office. For more protection, you can prefer the video access system.

  • Moreover, always try to get the latest product at the best price. Further, look for the easy installation and use process. You must select the product with the best features and look.

  • You must look at the connecting features of the system to other devices like smartphones. The system should record all the entry data securely and should not have any loophole to get hacked. The product must inform unauthorised entry.

  • Get the access control system from Moglix

    The access control system is a matter of security and safety. Hence, you need to get it through the best place. You need to look at various brands' products at a reasonable price with the best quality. So, visit the Moglix website and get all you need. It offers the best deal on the latest products of many brands. Get your security and safety through online purchase at your doorstep from Moglix.