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CP Plus CP-VTA-T2324-U Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine
4.4 (22 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹4,87546% OFF
  • Failed Recognition Rate: <=0.0001%

  • Fingerprint Capturing: Optical Sensor

Time Office z500v2 Touch-Less Face Attendance Device with Cloud Attendance Software
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Time Office
₹16,00038% OFF
  • It Maintains Hygiene No Need to Touch & Mark the

  • Track Attendance of Employees

eSSL Identix K30 Pro Biometric Fingerprints Time Attendance Machine
4.4 (18 Reviews)
By: Essl
₹14,45564% OFF
  • SSR Recorde & Automatic

  • Either SSR Mode or Software Mode

Hikvision DS-K1T331W Face Recognition Terminal, STCSACT0018
4.3 (14 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹12,80036% OFF
  • Configuration Via the Web Client

  • Forced Mask Wearing Alert: If the Recognizing Face does not...

Mantra mBio-16 2.8 inch Time Attendance Terminal
By: Mantra
₹4,99932% OFF
  • High Build Quality

  • Stylish

Time Office Black Fingerprint & Cloud Based Attendance Machine with Finger, Card & Battery, Z305
  • Good Battery Backup, A Great Choice For Any Office &

  • User-Friendly Design

Time Office z200bw Black Fingerprint, Card, Wi-Fi & Cloud Based Attendance Device
  • Easy Communication Methods: Device has 3 Communication Ports Sub ,...

  • Track Attendance of Employees On the Go Using Time Office

Secureye S-FB5K Elite Biometric Device
By: Secureye
₹14,50033% OFF
  • 600 Dpi High Resolution Optical Sensor

  • High Build Quality

Mantra BioFace-MSD1K Attendance Biometric Machine
By: Mantra
₹16,99951% OFF
  • Easy to Adjust

  • Contactless Face Capture Attendance

Time Office z100n Black Fingerprint & Card Based Attendance System with Excel Report from Device
  • The Device Contains Sub Port to Download Data. Simple &

  • Direct Excel Report from Device

Realtime Biometric Fingerprint & RF Card Attendance Machine Eco S C101
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Realtime
₹7,29149% OFF
  • False Rejection Rate: Less than 0.01%

  • Authentication Methods: Fingerprint, RF Card, Password

Mantra BioFace-MSD1KW 2.4 inch Black Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal
  • Face Time & Attendance Both Features Available

  • Scratch Resistant

Realtime C101 Excel Output Biometric Attendance Machine
  • Scratch Resistant

  • Face Time & Attendance Both Features Available

eSSL MB20 Face Plus Id Biometric Fingerprints Time Attendance Machine
  • Identification Method: Password, Card, Face & Fingerprint

  • Scratch Proof

Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF 2MP Face Recognition Terminal
By: Hikvision
₹20,30018% OFF
  • Face Recognition Terminal, 4.3-Inch Lcd Touch Screen,2 Mega Pixel Wide-Angle

  • Two-Way Audio with Client Software, Indoor Station, & Main Station

CMI Tech BMT-20 Binoculars Dual Iris Recognition System
  • State of the Art Optical Design

  • Dedicated, on-Board Image Processor Supports very High Speed, Simultaneous Capture

Mantra MFSTAB II Embedded Advance AEBAS Biometric Machine, M0035MT21L110100
  • Mastaba I Offers Flawless Operation For Albas & Can be

  • The Albas Functionality of Mastaba I Rules Out the Possibility

Biomax N-WL20 Wireless Biometric Time Attendance Machine
  • Comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) is Available for Development &

  • Supremely Low Electric Energy Consumption

Mantra mBio-7S (W) 2.4 inch Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal with Wifi
  • Mbio-7S is a Professional Color Display Fingerprint Time Attendance &...

  • It Support Various Communication Interface Like Tcpip, Sub to Communicate

eSSL Uface302 Biometric Attendance Machine with Access Control
  • Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm

  • Self-Service Query, Work Code, SMS

eSSL Identix K21 Pro Biometric Fingerprints Attendance Machine
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Essl
₹6,76937% OFF
  • Keypad: 4x4 Keypad

  • Identification speed: <=1 sec

Mantra Mbio-G3 Biometric Attendance & Access Control Terminal Machine
eSSL X990 Biometric Fingerprints & RF Card Attendance Machine
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Essl
₹19,03738% OFF
Mantra mBio-ST2 Black Access Control Terminal
By: Mantra
₹4,99926% OFF
  • Can Be Used As A Standalone Access Control Reader By...

  • Standalone With Wiegand

Realtime T61H Biometric Hand Held Device With Auto Push Data
  • Long Lasting Product

  • Sound Indicator Buzzer

Biomax N-BM22 Anti Passback Biometric Time Attendance Machine
  • Wiegand Input/Output: Yes, Anti Passback: Yes, Comprehensive Software Development Kit

  • High Reliable & Durable

Realtime TD1D Biometric Attendance Machine with Access Control
  • Lock Output Load: One (NO, NC, Common)

  • Read Range: 1-5 cm

Realtime T304F+ Face With Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine & Wifi Enabled With Battery Backup
  • Scratch Resistant

  • Wi-Fi Attendance with User Validity

Essl MB160 2.8 inch Face & Fingerprint Biometric Machine
  • Intuitive & Stunning UI Design

  • Sophisticated & Lightweight Design, Fits in Any Environment

Mantra Mbio-G1 Biometric Attendance Machine
By: Mantra
₹8,99952% OFF
  • Mbio-G1 is a Professional Color Display Fingerprint Time Attendance System...

  • The Stability of the Device Proves That it can Work

Essl F22 2.8 inch Biometric Fingerprint Machine
By: Essl
₹13,71732% OFF
  • Multiple Verification Modes

  • Built in Auxiliary Input With Enhanced Flexibility to Link With

Secureye S-B251CB Cloud Base Biometric Device
By: Secureye
₹21,50065% OFF
  • |U Disk, USB, TCP/IP, RFID Card, Cloud & Access Control

  • 600 dpi High Resolution Optical Sensor

Secureye S-FB3K Elite Face Biometric Device
By: Secureye
₹14,00037% OFF
  • 16 Keypad

  • 360 deg Finger Rotation

eSSL KR500 E/M Card Reader System
By: Essl
₹6,35672% OFF
  • KR500E: 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader

  • Read Range: KR500E- Upto 10cm, KR500M- Upto 5cm, Reading Time...

Time Office Z200BW Black Fingerprint Biomatric Attendance Device
  • Good Battery Backup

  • This Attendance Machine is Very Easy to Connect & Configure...

Time Office Z500V2 Touch-Less Face Attendance Device with Cloud Attendance Software
  • Track Attendance of Employees with this Touch-Less Face Attendance Device,...

  • This Device can be Work with Desktop Based Software as...

Time Office Z100N Black Fingerprint & Card Based Attendance System with Excel Report from Device
  • 2.4" TFT Color Display with LED and Voice Indication

  • 1000 Fingerprint, Card & Password Capacity

Time Office Z305 Fingerprint Based Attendance Machine with Cloud Attendance Software
  • Device has 2.4 inch TFT Color Display

  • Track Attendance of Employees on the Using Time Office Mobile

eSSL F22 Biometric Attendance Machine with Access Control
  • Record query, T9 input, 14 digit user ID

  • DST, Automatic Status Switch

Buy Authentic Biometric Machines at Moglix for Secure Verification 

Using biometric technology, biometric machines gather and examine information about an individual's distinctive physical or behavioural characteristics, such as their fingerprints, facial features, iris or retina patterns, voice, or gait. Among other applications, biometric devices are frequently employed in security systems, access control systems, time and attendance systems, and border control systems. As biometric data is specific to each person and challenging to fabricate, they are frequently preferred to more established authentication techniques like passwords or PINs. Institutions, workplaces, and businesses typically use biometric machines for secure identification and authentication. 


Types of High-Quality Attendance Machines Available Online

Fingerprint scanner: 

  • One of the most popular fingerprint biometric machines kinds is the fingerprint attendance scanner. It records and examines each person's particular ridges and valleys. 
  • Fingerprint scanners can be utilised for a variety of tasks, such as unlocking a smartphone or entering restricted spaces.

Facial recognition system: 

  • The facial recognition system is a biometric attendance device that records and examines an individual's facial characteristics, such as the separation between their eyes, the curves of their face, and the shape of their nose. 
  • Security systems, access control systems, and applications utilised for public safety are just a few of the many uses for facial recognition technology.

Iris scanner:

  • This biometric attendance machine records and examines a person's iris, the coloured portion of their eye, to determine their identity. 
  • Iris scanners are extremely accurate and have a wide range of uses, such as access control and border control.

Retina scanner: 

  • Retina scanner records and examines each person's retina which is the innermost layer of the eye. 
  • Retina scanners can be employed in high-security settings, including entry to nuclear power plants or military sites, and they are quite accurate.

Voice recognition system: 

  • A voice recognition system records and examines a person's voice, including their speaking patterns, tone, and pronunciation. 
  • The voice of the person whose identity needs to be stored in the system is inputted in order for voice biometric recognition to work. For authentication, a print of this input is retained.

Hand geometry scanner: 

  • This attendance machine takes a picture of a person's hand and evaluates its dimensions, including the size of the fingers. 
  • Access control, and attendance systems frequently employ hand geometry scanners.

Take into Consideration the Following Pointers Before Buying the Best Biometric Device 

Type of technology: 

  • There are various kinds of biometric technologies accessible, therefore it's critical to pick the right one for your requirements. 
  • Think about the precise traits the machine will record and if they are distinctive and consistent over time. 
  • Moreover, think about the area the machine will be used in, as certain technologies may be impacted by lighting, dust, or other elements.

Accuracy and dependability: 

  • The biometric attendance device's usefulness depends on its accuracy and dependability. 
  • To verify that a machine satisfies industry requirements for accuracy and dependability, look for one that has been independently tested and validated. 
  • Take into account the machine's false acceptance and false rejection rates, which will affect both its usability and efficacy.

User capacity: 

  • Another crucial aspect to take into account is how many users the biometric device can support. 
  • While some devices are built for small-scale applications, others have the capacity to serve hundreds or even thousands of people. 


  • It's crucial to take into account if the biometric device can work with your current systems, like access control or time and attendance systems. 
  • Choose a machine that can simply be incorporated into your current infrastructure and is compatible with the gear and applications you already use.



  • It is essential that the biometric device and the biometric data the machine collects are secure. 
  • Use a device that employs cutting-edge security techniques like encryption and secure data storage to safeguard the biometric information of your users. 
  • Furthermore, take into account the machine's physical security, such as its ability to withstand theft or manipulation.


  • The cost of biometric devices can vary greatly, so it's crucial to take your budget and the device's cost-effectiveness into account. 
  • Choose a device that provides a decent mix of features, performance, and cost. 

Reputable Brands that Sell Premium Biometric Machines Online


CP Plus Biometric Machines: 

  • A variety of attendance machines, such as iris, facial, and fingerprint scanners, are available from CP Plus. 
  • This enables you to pick a machine that is customised to your unique requirements and spending limit. 
  • CP Plus attendance biometric machines use cutting-edge security technologies, like encryption and safe data storage, to protect biometric data. 

eSSL Biometric Machines: 

  • eSSL biometric attendance machines are renowned for their great dependability and accuracy. 
  • They employ cutting-edge algorithms and sensors to guarantee accurate biometric data collection and speedy, secure user authentication. 
  • They offer physical security attributes including tamper detection and vandal-proof construction.

Realtime Biometric Machines: 

  • Real-time biometric machines are made to be simple to use and quick to install. 
  • They come with simple setup instructions and user-friendly software, making it simple to install and operate. They are made of high-quality raw materials that are sourced from the best manufacturers.

Mantra Biometric Machines: 

  • The capabilities and advantages that Mantra biometric machines provide make them a viable option for a variety of applications. 
  • No matter what kind of equipment you're searching for—a fingerprint reader, a facial recognition system, or an iris scanner— Mantra offers a solution that will satisfy your requirements and offer dependable and accurate biometric data gathering and authentication.


At Moglix, you can buy durable attendance machines from other top brands such as Vantage, Ajax, BioLink, Nitgen, Honeywell, Startek, Time Office, Secuzaa, and more.

Shop at Moglix for all Your Biometric Machine Needs

Moglix makes sure the brands we sell on the site are reputable, produce high-quality goods, and provide you with the best biometric devices. When searching for high-quality attendance machines, choose from reputable brands like Mantra, Realtime, eSSL, CPPlus, and more. All of these brands provide you with high-quality, reasonably priced fans as well as solid after-sales support. The variety and pricing range we provide are unlike anything you've seen before. With alluring discounts, adaptable payment methods, and a wide range of goods, you can make an educated buy. 


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Frequently Asked Questions about Biometric Machines

How does the biometric fingerprint scanner work?

A light-sensitive microchip, either a CCD, charge-coupled device, or a CMOS image sensor, is used in the scanner to help create a digital image. The computer then analyses the image automatically and picks only the fingerprint, and converts them into a code using advanced pattern-matching algorithms.

Why should you buy a biometric device?

There are a lot of benefits of using a biometric device for an organization. The identities created and provided by them are accurate and also keep the data safe. And also makes punching in and out a quick and easy task.

What is required to put the biometric system in place?

The most basic requirement for a biometric system is a user interface that incorporates the biometric reader or sensor. A quality check module to make sure that the acquired data and information are eligible for further processing.