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Biometric Machines: A Convenient Attendance System

Biometric machines are devices used, generally by institutes, workplaces, and companies, for security identification and authentication. These machines verify the identity of a living person by their physiological characteristics or behavioral characteristics. Iris detection, thumb impression machine, voice recognition are some prominent examples of the characters that these machines detect.

Biometric-based attendance and time terminals are becoming more and more popular these days in workplaces and institutes due to the number of benefits they offer.

Biometric Attendance System in Workplaces

Today biometric is being used in most workplaces to reduce ‘Buddy Punching’. Buddy Punching is a technique where people clock out their work hours and increase their work timing fraudulently. Hence using a Biometric Attendance System such as fingerprint recognition can help decrease such frauds.

Apart from this, employers also get information about the entry and exit time of their employees and keep a record of it. These machines are a foolproof way of collecting data as the employees need to be physically present in the office to enter the biometric data which is unique to them.

Benefits of Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Let us look at some advantages of biometric technology over the traditional ways of securing or collecting data.

Biometric data cannot be shared or given to anyone, hence reduces the chances of hacking and stealing data or Buddy punching. This type of theft can cost companies the loss of millions of money.

Passwords or pins can be forgotten or lost whereas biometrics are unique to a person and hence there is no chance of losing it.

Employers can keep a track of their employee’s entry and exit timing by fingerprint attendance machines. This will also help the higher authorities keep a record of untimely entry or exits and unauthorized overtime.

Having a thumb impression machine for attendance can increase productivity as it saves a lot of time and energy for keeping a record of labor data for the payroll department.

These types of systems at the workplace are more convenient as there would be no hassle of remembering passwords or carrying badges or identity cards etc for the workers. They won’t stay worried if they were clocked in because they forgot their access badge.

Using manual timing records has a chance of getting overtimes to go unnoticed. But these thumb impression machines are very accurate in recording the timings hence the workers do not need to worry about their OTs going unnoticed or balancing their workload.

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Secuzaa Biometric Machines₹1169₹62626
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