Explore Different Types of Gas Stoves Available Online

What are the gas stoves?

Run-on the combustible gases like Liquid Petroleum Gas, propane, syngas, flammable gas, and others, gas stoves work through the pilot light. The pilot light is basically the blue flame that is visible once you ignite the stove.

Easy to clean, these stoves are installed with the sealed or standard burners which help the heat distribute evenly and make the food cook perfectly. Provided with an easy temperature controller, the steel gas stoves or the glass top gas stoves are also supported with knobs, burner bowls, and burners which ease cleaning.

What are the types of gas stoves?

Featuring amazing styles and designs, the stoves are majorly divided into three categories, i.e; Sealed Burner, Standing Pilot, and Electric Ignition. Performing the same role in cooking the food, all these stoves with a plethora of pros and cons. Read along with the different types of gas and witness their benefits.

Sealed burner

Easy to maintain and clean, these sealed gas burners are extensively used for domestic purposes. Exposing no flame in the air, these stoves have a seal between the frame and the burner which keeps the utensils in place.

Standing Pilot

The system of this type of gas stove mainly consists of a thermocouple, a burner, and a gas valve to supply the burner. Consuming a small amount of fuel, this gas stove makes use of the thermopile to generate a flame.

Electric Ignition

Another type of gas stove you can easily find in the market is the electric ignition stove or the electric stove. This maintenance-free stove saving the maximum amount of energy is certainly efficient when compared to the other stoves.

Automatic Gas Stove

Like the manual ignition, one need not use a matchstick or a lighter to ignite the flame in an automatic gas stove. This type of stove runs on electricity or is battery operated and is comparatively safe to use.

The auto-ignition option quickly ignites the flame thereby saving your time. Resistant to scratch and heat, these automatic gas stoves enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The toughened glass installed for these stoves keeps the device free from heat.

Key Features

  • Cook food more efficiently and faster
  • Offers easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Resistant to scratch and heat
Brand Mode No. of Burners Check Price
Surya Crystal 2 Rs.1,677
Fogger Hybrid 3 Rs.2,304
Hindware NEO-3B-AI 3 Rs.4,702

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Steel Gas Stove

Known for its durability, the stainless steel gas stove which is worth investing in carries its own advantages. Provided with revolving nozzles, these stoves available as small gas stoves,3 burner gas stove, gas stove 2 burner, etc are specially designed to avoid the leakage of gas and ensure safe cooking.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel material, these stoves with a strong base have the capacity to carry heavy or bulky utensils, pots, pans of all sizes, etc. Perfect to suit any small or large countertops, the stainless steel gas stoves come with smooth knobs.

Key Features

  • Shock Proof
  • Pretty easy to clean
  • Is resistant to rust, corrosion.
  • Extremely durable
Brand Model No. of Burners Check Price
Padmini CS 3GT Crystal 3 Rs.4,638
Good Flame Classic 2 Rs.1,103
Bajaj CX10D 4 4 Rs.3,643

Glass Top Gas Stove

Gorgeous, sleek, and stunning in its appeal, the small gas stoves with glass-top, 4 burner gas stove with glass top, or the other glass top stoves come with the spill-proof design. Easy to clean, these glass top stoves with amazing durability and stainless steel design suits every Indian kitchen.

Beautiful in every sense, these gas stoves are installed with toughened glass that is resistant to scratches and heat as well. Available as 3 burner gas stoves, gas stove 2 burners with glass-top, or small gas stove these devices provide great grip and long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  • Saves fuel, and saves money
  • Nozzles: 360 degrees revolving
  • User-friendly and safe
Brand Model No. of Burners Check Price
Macizo Edge 2 Rs.1,778
Surya Crystal 3 Rs.1,677
Fogger Cute 3 Rs.2,168

Electric Stove

The heavy-duty electricity stoves made of stainless steel are portable and easy to clean. This device fixed with the integrated electrical heating system is best to cook or bake. Perfectly safe to use, the electricity stoves are provided with a rotary switch.

Lightweight, these stoves are supported with the non-skid rubber which keeps the device steady. Be it any food item, within a few minutes you can serve the delicious food and enjoy it with your guests.

Key Features

  • Uses minimal electricity
  • Temperature is consistently maintained
  • Cooks food quickly
Brand Model No. of Burners Price
IMUSA, USA GAU-80305 1 Rs.2,309
Cadco CSR-3T 1 Rs.23,619

Burner Gas Stove

Made-up to excellent quality, the single burner stoves, or even gas stove 2 burner are available at Moglix to fulfill your needs. Depending on the nuclear family or the joint family you can get the 3 burner gas stove, 4 burner gas stove.

Equipped with outstanding quality burners, these reliable gas stoves come with smooth and easy gripped knobs to operate. These steel stoves with low-maintenance cost, adorn the beauty of your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Burner Material: Cast Iron, and Brass
  • Knob: Nylon, Bakelite Knob
  • Ignition Type: Manual, Automatic
  • Top Material: Glass, Toughened Glass
Brand Model No. of Burners Check Price
Hindware FLAVIO-4B 4 Rs.5,797
Macizo Edge Plus 2 Rs.1,668
Good Flame Deluxe 4 Rs.2,782

Gas Stove With Oven

Playing a dual role in the kitchen, the gas stove with oven is here to make your life much more easier and comfortable. The four-burner feature allows you to prepare your favorite dishes within no time.

This gas stove with an oven performs cooking and baking functions simultaneously. The temperature adjustment knobs and other such amazing features are designed to suit every Indian household.

Key Features

  • Offers gas grill or only grill facility
  • Ignition: Non-Auto Ignition, Push Button Ignition, Auto Ignition
  • Type of connection: Gas Oven
Brand Model No. of Burners Check Price
Elica F 3402 NGRB BK 4 Rs.31,073.00
Hindware DONA 4B 60 4 Rs.37,245.00
Glen CR 2011 SS TR 4 Rs.32,247.00