Things to Check Before Buying Gas Stoves

Around the ages, gas stoves are designed with some of the amazing features which ease not only cooking but also are cost energy efficient. Offering easy access to the control of temperatures, the kitchen gas cooking stoves spread the heat evenly which makes the cooked food even more delicious and healthy. Installed with seals or standards, these gas chulhas or the mini gas stoves avoid the spillage of liquid from falling below.

Installed with the electric pilot ignitions are comparatively cheaper than the electric ovens. Switching on the ignition button activates the spark which furthermore lights up the burner. With a wide variety of kitchen stoves available in the market, it is very necessary to find that ideal product that assures safety and is worth every penny. Follow the guidelines that will help you in selecting the gas oven or the gas chulha meant for every Indian household.

What should be the stove size?

Ranging from about 60 cms to 90 cms, you can find the stoves shaped in rectangular or square size. Depending on the countertop size, you can find a portable and accurate sized stove. Adorning the space, these mini gas stoves, or kitchen gas stoves also ease your cooking experience.

How many burners and the distance between them?

The gas stove comes in different sizes, i.e; the mini gas stove with a single burner, 2, 3, 4, and even more burners with budget-friendly gas stove prices. An adequate distance is maintained between these burners to avoid the banging of the vessels while cooking.

What are the types of stoves?

Making use of the kitchen gas stove surely is affordable when compared to the electric stove as it does not consume electricity and runs of fossil fuels. Classified into 3 types, the gas chulhas with different modes of ignition features sealed burners, standing pilot, and electric ignition.

What should be the brand of the gas stoves?

Prestige, Whirlpool, Glen, Sunflame, Elica, and other famous brands of gas cooking stoves designed for Indian style cooking are available within economical prices. This long-term investment mini gas cooking stoves, gas oven, useful for cooking frying, sauces, Rotis, etc, provide a safe cooking experience.

What should be the material of the kitchen gas stove?

Many burner grates are made of cast iron, steel, fiber, or even brass which withstands the steamy or moist environment. To avoid rusting and scratches, the gas chulhas or the kitchen gas stoves should be selected wisely.

What are gas stove prices, certification, and warranties?

The gas stove price, its warranty, and certification is something you should look at before buying gas stoves. Along with warranty, these products come with an ISI mark, that assures the safety check thereby avoiding zero accidents.

How should the style, knobs, and functions?

Many companies have launched attractive, beautiful and even more stylish stoves to groom-up the kitchen. The knobs with amazing grip are generally rotatory in nature which makes changing the flame super-easy.

Top Sellers

Gas Stoves: FAQs

Q. What is auspicious for buying a kitchen stove?

A. Be it a mini gas stove, or regular stoves, every single day is good to buy lavish goods or gold. According to the Hindu culture, Dhanteras is considered to be the most auspicious time during Diwali to invest in such luxury goods. Buy the best gas ovens on Dhanteras and invite prosperity, happiness and good luck to your home.

Q. What is the best gas stove?

A. Prestige Premia Glass, and the Glen GL 1020 SS Stainless Steel Cooktops comprises 2 burners.

Prestige Royale Plus Stainless Steel Black, and the Elica Vetro Glass Top have 3 burners.

Glen Brass Burners Stainless Steel Gas Stove 1045, and the Sunshine Olympic have 4 burner stoves.

Depending on your household needs, select the ideal stove from the brands mentioned above.

Q. Why can't one use a 3-burner gas stove at home?

A. Many people in India do not consider number three to be auspicious and tend to avoid purchasing stoves or other items that comprise a combination of 3. One may find it difficult in managing the utensils/pots on the three-burner stoves. Relying on the space or area in your kitchen, you can get home the 3-burner gas stove.

Q. Which is the best glass top gas stove?

A. The glass-top gas stove is installed with a toughened glass which not only appeals classy but is also durable, resistant to scratch and high heat. Prestige Marvel Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black, made of brass comes with 2 years of warranty. Being one of the top sellers, this stove with a tough glass top ensures complete safety to the user.

Q. What is the best steel gas stove or glass top gas stove?

A. Appearance: Steel stoves lose their sheen, while the glass top stoves are attractive and glossy.

Cleaning: Steel stoves are cleaned with water, glass-tops are cleaned with vinegar.

Heat Distribution: Steel stoves distribute heat unevenly, on the other hand, glass-top distributes heat evenly.

Ignition: Steel stoves can be ignited with match sticks or lighters, whereas the glass-top stove ignites automatically.

Q. What's the best way to clean a glass-top stove?

A. Begin the cleaning process once the stove is completely cool as sprinkling the water on the hot surface causes cracking of the glass. The easiest way to clean a glass-top stove is to spray some vinegar and wipe down the surface. Avoid using steel wool or a scrubber, instead, use a moistened or microfiber cloth to clean the glass-top stove.

Q. Which gas stove is good, a 4-burner or a 2-burner?

A. Having the same cleaning process, and durability, both the burners come in a sleek design. The 2-burner stove is easy to carry, compact, and fits properly in a small countertop area. On the other hand, the 4-burners stove is quite heavy, non-portable, huge in size, accommodates only in the kitchen with large countertops, but cooks 4 dishes at a time.

Q. What is the difference between a stove and a range?

A. The mini gas stove or a kitchen gas stove, all these appliances mainly play a direct role in supplying heat to the food. Easy to clean, maintain, these gas chulhas have stovetops that are often removable. A range is mainly a stove with a gas oven which runs either on gas or electricity, hence many people prefer buying a range.