Insight on some key features of electric water kettles

A steaming cup of tea or coffee is ubiquitous to our lifestyles. Our morning routine will be incomplete without the first cup of tea or coffee. Throughout the day, we find innumerable excuses to get our hands on a steaming cup of our favorite beverage. If it is raining, tea is the first thing that comes to mind, accompanied by some delicious snacks. A cup of tea or coffee provides that much-needed impetus if we are engrossed in something. Guests arrive at home and the first thing we tend to offer is obviously a cup of tea or coffee.

But, what can be quite bothersome is the preparation where every time you need to boil water on the stovetop. This is where electric water kettles are such a blessing where you don't have to think twice before preparing a perfect brew. In a matter of a few minutes, the water gets boiled and you can use it to prepare tea or coffee.

If you are a connoisseur of tea who likes to sip on something hot constantly, you can rest assured of getting a regular supply of hot water continuously. Simply place the hot water kettle wherever it is most convenient and prepare your favorite beverage in no time at all.

Electric kettles offer a lot more benefits than you would believe. In addition to beverages, a water heater kettle allows you to make hot soups during cold winter nights and porridge on ill days.

However, like other home appliances, kettles should be purchased after thorough research. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind before buying an electric kettle for tea or coffee preparation.

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What are the main factors of water heater kettles?

Although an electric water kettle is a simple device with a simple function, it is important to consider the below-mentioned factors to pick the best electric kettle for your kitchen or pantry.

  • Speed:

One of the top reasons why people prefer electric kettles is because of the speed they provide. If one of your primary reasons for purchasing an electric kettle is to speed up the coffee or tea preparation, then look for a kettle that heats the water quickly.

Most electric kettles take 3-4 minutes to boil water, while others claim to boil a mug full of water in under 90 seconds. Therefore, it is always best to check the manufacturer's claims in the product description and go through the customer reviews about the product. Any electric kettle must boil water faster than a stovetop kettle or microwave.

  • Size:

When it comes to size, there are two key aspects to consider, capacity and counter space. For example, small kettles are ideal if you generally prepare a single cup of coffee or tea, whereas a large kettle is perfect for brewing multiple cups of drinks at once.

While many electric kettles have adequate capacity to produce multiple cups, some portable alternatives have a lesser capacity. Always know your requirements and compare them to the capacity of the kettles you are looking to buy. Additionally, kettles are portable and small; hence they will not require much space in the kitchen or pantry.

  • Temperature Options:

Tea connoisseurs mainly opt for electric tea makers as they provide accuracy in addition to speed. When different types of teas are brewed at various temperatures, they taste better than regularly brewed tea. While heating water is good for black tea, it is not recommended for oolong, green or white teas.

Coffee is best served at a temperature below boiling. The difference in flavor between coffee brewed with boiling water and coffee brewed with slightly cooler water may not be detectable. But, people with a particular taste for coffee do not prefer their coffee the other way and will indeed identify the difference.

While a few electric tea kettles provide variable temperature settings, some low-cost kettle may not. In this case, seek a kettle with several temperature settings if you are particular about your coffee and tea taste.

  • Cost:

Electric tea kettles are inexpensive and most affordable kitchen appliances. You may purchase any basic kettle for just under INR 1000. Models with superb quality and capacity can cost up to INR 6000. If you require a kettle to boil tea quickly and are not concerned about temperature control settings, the ones within the INR 1000 range should be the perfect pick.

Tea lovers purchasing a kettle with varied temperature settings should look for high-quality and top brands to ensure durability as these kettles are more costly models than regular ones.

  • Ease of Use:

Electric kettles are generally simple to operate, which is also one of their main selling points. But, some offer design or feature options that make it easy to use. Electric water kettles that are cordless or have a detachable cable are often easier to operate than those that need to be kept close to an outlet at all times. In addition, a kettle with convenient features like a keep-warm option and auto shutdown will guarantee that even the most forgetful customers can use them without any fear.

  • Exterior Heat:

Standard stove-top kettles are known to heat both the handle and the exterior. Electric models are not immune to this problem, but some manage to avoid it better than others. A tea kettle made of plastic or glass is likely to perform better than one made of metal in this regard (although metal kettles offer other benefits).

  • Material:

Electric kettles are made of metal, plastic, or glass, or a combination of those three materials. When it comes to quality, stainless steel and glass are considered the best. On the other hand, plastic kettles do not heat the outer surface, are lighter, and easy to carry. However, boiling water coming in contact with plastic may affect the flavor of coffee or tea. Therefore, stainless steel is the most durable kettle for tea than glass and plastic kettles. In short, you can choose the materials depending on your preference.

  • Appearance:

While most hot water kettles are built to serve the primary purpose of boiling the water, several models are additionally designed to look attractive. So, if aesthetics are important to you, purchase kettles that are appealing and a style statement.

  • Noise:

Electric kettles are not loud but they do beep to indicate the completion of a given task. Some kettles do come with beeping noise while others operate silently.

  • Durability:

Consider buying high-quality electric tea makers based on brand and customer reviews to get a better warranty and extended product durability.


Electric kettles provide many benefits and provide a variety of functions. Consider the factors mentioned above before investing in a suitable kettle for making your hot beverage. This time-saving kitchen appliance makes the work easier, saves time, and ensures safety. Visit Moglix to choose from different types of steel, plastic, and glass kettles from top brands.