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Orbit 2000W Electric Barbeque Grill Tandoori Maker BG-7001
By: Orbit
₹3,00036% OFF
Flat 2% OFF with coupon
  • It eases your cooking at anytime

  • Thermostat control

Wonderchef 1460W Sanjeev Kapoor Grey Tandoor, 52121212
  • Ergonomic Design

  • Non-Stick Coating, Thermostat Control & Multi-Faceted Use

Wonderchef 1800W Silver & Black Automatic Electric Tandoor, 63153840
  • Superfast Heating & Non-stick Coating

  • Thermostat Control & 180 Degree Grill

Wellberg 1500W 10 Inch 2 in 1 Black Iron Electric Tandoor, WB-783274
  • Aluminium Tray with Entirely Durable

  • Entirely Durable, Shocked Proof, Fitted with Extra Safe Heating Element,

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Electric Tandoor

50% of users prefer Electric Tandoor in price range of ₹2000-₹3000

50% of users prefer Electric Tandoor in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

Moglix Insights

Top 2 brands of Electric Tandoor

50% of users prefer Electric Tandoor of Wonderchef brand

50% of users prefer Electric Tandoor of Orbit brand

Wellberg Medium Aluminium Black Electric Tandoor, WB-783276
By: Wellberg
Available on Request
  • Easy to Use

  • Cooking Without Oil

Wellberg 14 inch Black Electric Tandoor, WB-783280
By: Wellberg
Available on Request
  • Shock Proof & Entirely Durable

  • Easy to Use & Cooking Without Oil

Wellberg 14 inch Medium Iron Black Temperature & Auto Time Controlling Electric Tandoor, WB-783277
  • Shockproof, Fitted with Extra Safe Heating Elements, Lightweight & Elegant

  • Temperature Controller & Heat Controller

Pringle BBQ-1901 2000W Smoke Free Black Electric Barbeque Grill Maker with Bamboo Skewers
  • Housing with Enamel Finished

  • On/off Switch for Safety Control & Easy to Use

50% of users buy Electric Tandoor in 700 W Power

Wonderchef 1000W Red & Black Aluminium Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor, 63151933
  • Wonderchef Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor Burger & Grill Master Is Perfect

  • Cook & Ready Indicator Light

Skyline VTL-4242 1600W Electric Tandoor with Timer
  • Electric Tandoor with Timer, Which Saves Time & is Compact...

  • Anti Skid Feet, Heavy Durbable Grill, See Through Window, Upper

Wonderchef 1370W Alloy Steel Silver Chef Kapoor Electric Tandoor with Flexi Hinge Sandwich Maker, 52111111
  • Thermostat Control

  • 180-Degree Grilling Both Sides Can be Used for Grilling

Pringle BBQ-1905 2000W Smoke Free Black Electric Barbeque Grill Maker
  • Removable Grill & Heating Element for Easy Cleaning

  • Housing with Enamel Finished

Wonderchef 2000W Black Automatic Electric Tandoor, 63151641
By: Wonderchef
Available on Request
Wonderchef Crimson Edge 700W ‎5 Quarts Aluminum Red Automatic Mini Electric Tandoor, 63153585
  • Cool Touch Handle & Thermostat Control

  • Adjustable Top, Heat Resistant Handle & LED Indicator

Wonderchef 640W Black Grill Sandwich Maker & Mini Tandoor, 63152642
  • Adjustable top

  • Led Indicator & Thermostat Control

Cello CLO BBQ-ULTRA3SKWR 2000W Plastic Black & Silver Electric Barbeque with 3 Skewers
  • Temperature Adjust & Even Heat Distribution

  • Smoke-Free & Easy Cleaning

Wonderchef 1600W Silver & Black Automatic Electric Tandoor, 52121212
By: Wonderchef
Available on Request
  • Thermostat Control & 180 Degree Grill

  • Oil Collector Tray & Oil Collector Tray to Remove Excess

Padmini 2000W Electric Tandoor
By: Padmini
Available on Request
  • Low electric consumption

  • Toughened Glass window

Wellberg 1500W 14 Inch Black Electric Tandoor with Pizza Cutter, WB-783273
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Wellberg
Available on Request
  • Aluminium Tray with Entirely Durable

  • Entirely Durable, Shocked Proof, Fitted with Extra Safe Heating Element,

Wellberg 1500W 14 inch Black Mini Electric Tandoor, WB-783281
  • Temperature Controller, Durable, Easy to Operate & Clean & Heat

  • Shockproof, Fitted with Extra Safe Heating Elements, Lightweight & Elegant

Electric Tandoors: The Convenient Way to Enjoy Tandoori Delights

An electric tandoor is a type of kitchen appliance that replicates the traditional clay tandoor oven used in Indian cooking. Moreover, it's an oven-like appliance that's typically made of metal and uses electric heating elements to reach high temperatures for the purpose of cooking or baking at the same time. Electric tandoors are used to cook a variety of dishes, including tandoori chicken, naan bread, kebabs, and more. However, they are a convenient alternative to traditional tandoor ovens, which require burning charcoal or wood, and are often used in households and restaurants where the traditional tandoor is not practical. They are easy to use, require minimal setup, and are a great way to bring the flavours of traditional Indian cooking into the modern kitchen in no time and with minimal effort. 


Additionally, we, at Moglix, offer you an exclusive range of high-end and stylish electric tandoors from numerous top brands such as Kaff, Skytech, and many more brands, along with wholesale prices and attractive deals on offer.


Various Types of Electric Tandoors for Home Available Online

Portable Electric Tandoor: These are electric tandoors that can be taken anywhere and are ideal for outdoor use, such as camping, tailgating, and some other purposes. Moreover, these are light in weight as compared to the traditional clay tandoors, therefore, you can easily operate and clean them at the same time. Furthermore, you can buy such tandoors online at wholesale rates from our website.


Deluxe Electric Tandoor: These are high-end electric tandoors that provide multiple cooking options, such as baking, grilling, roasting, etc. in addition to traditional tandoor cooking. Furthermore, these multipurpose tandoors save a lot of time as well. you can easily operate these electric tandoors as they are easy to use and can be operated by anyone without any complications at the same time.


Countertop Electric Tandoor: These are compact, portable electric tandoors that can be placed on any kitchen countertop. They are ideal for small families or those who have limited space. Moreover, in a minimal and compact space, these cookers are one of the best tandoors available. Along with this, you can get these tandoors on additional discounts when purchasing in bulk from Moglix.com


Some Key Points to Consider When Buying Electric Tandoor Grill

Easy-to-Use: Look for a tandoor that is easy to use and clean at the same time. Moreover, some models come with features such as digital controls and removable cooking grates as well. However, you should consider buying an electric tandoor according to your usage and application. In addition, the electric tandoors are much easy to operate as we compare them to the traditional clay tandoors.


Size: Electric tandoors come in different types and sizes at the same time. Therefore, you should choose a size that fits your kitchen and can accommodate the amount of food you want to cook. Moreover, there are various sizes and types available to buy online when it comes to the electric tandoor. Just visit our website and browse from a huge variety of high-end and affordable electric tandoors that would definitely fit your budget.


Capacity: Consider how much food you plan to cook and the capacity of the electric tandoor you are considering for your need or requirement at the same time. Moreover. some electric tandoor grills can cook several dishes at once, while others are designed for cooking smaller portions or a single dish at a time.


Power: Electric tandoor for home comes with different power ratings and output values at the same time. Therefore, you must choose an electric tandoor with sufficient power figures to cook your food quickly and evenly without complications or issues. Additionally, the electric tandoor for homes is specially designed with an adequate amount of power so that you can get all your cooking done in no time, along with proper assistance.


Reputable Brands Selling Premium Electric Tandoor for Homes

Wonderchef Electric Tandoor: Wonderchef is an Indian brand that specializes in kitchen appliances and cookware products. Furthermore, one of their popular products is the Wonderchef electric tandoor for home. The Wonderchef electric tandoor is a compact and portable appliance designed for cooking traditional Indian dishes such as tandoori chicken, kebabs, and more at the same time. Moreover, these electric tandoors from Wonderchef are available online at our website with great deals and attractive offers.


Wellberg Electric TandoorWellberg is a brand that produces electric tandoors, which are ovens commonly used in Indian cuisine for cooking dishes such as naan, tandoori chicken, kebabs, and much more. Moreover, these tandoors are made by Wellberg with proper care and elegant design for making them capable of being used in domestic kitchens. However, this electric tandoor for home is known for its compact size and ease of use at the same time.


Orbit Electric TandoorOrbit Electric Tandoor is a brand that specializes in the category of kitchen and home appliances, such as electric tandoor for home and much more at the same time. These are portable ovens used for cooking various dishes such as roti, tandoori chicken, kebabs, fish, and more. Furthermore, these electric tandoors are designed to provide the authentic taste of traditional clay tandoor cooking, while also being convenient and easy to use in a modern kitchen as well.


Cello Electric Tandoor: Cello is a brand that is popular for manufacturing and selling high-quality kitchenware products. Moreover, in today’s time, this brand is one of the leading brands throughout the nation at the same time. Furthermore, Cello is known for its innovative designs, premium quality, and wide range of products which includes numerous items for its customers, all at once.


At Moglix, you can also purchase premium quality electric tandoors from multiple other reputable brands, such as Padmini, Skyline, and more, along with great offers and attractive deals at the same time.


Purchase Stylish Electric Tandoors Online with Moglix at Wholesale Rates

Buying an electric tandoor that can fulfil all your tandoori needs and allows you to cook delicious delicacies that were never possible to cook without a tandoor. Therefore, we, at Moglix, are here for you with our whole new and fresh range of high-end and stylish electric tandoors from various top-selling and reliable brands at the same time. In addition, an electric tandoor is a modern kitchen appliance that is used for cooking traditional Indian cuisine. It is a cylindrical oven that is heated by electricity and is used for baking and grilling food items. Visit Moglix and buy your favourite electric tandoor for your home, at the best prices.


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