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Candes 350W CTPL90SWM 9kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine
4.6 (7 Reviews)
By: Candes
₹15,50031% OFF
  • Pulsator

  • Door Lock & Shock Proof

Candes T2B2 350W 7.2kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Candes
₹12,35020% OFF
  • Candes Chopper Has One Touch Button for Quick Chopping

  • Please connect with customer care for any queries about the...

Candes T4B4 350W 6.5kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine
3.5 (1 Review)
By: Candes
₹10,99025% OFF
  • IPX4 Shock Proof, 5 Star Power Rating, FRVO Grade Wires,

  • Normal/Strong type of Wash Program

Koryo KWM7819WSA 7.5kg Red Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (Only Washer)
  • Great Wash Quality & Easy to Use

  • Compact Design & Easy to Move

Equator EW 830 10.2kg Fully Automatic Front Load White Washing Machine
  • Direct Drum Inverter Motor

  • User Friendly

Candes 8.5kg Semi Automatic Top Load Black & White Washing Machine, CTPL85PL1SWM
  • Candes Customer Care Number: 9310217042 & Candes WhatsApp Number: 8882253256

Khaitan Orfin KOSWM1020FTG 10.2kg Greyish Black Glass Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  • 6D Wash Program Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Water Proof & Shock Proof Control Panel

Equator EWTL 810 10.2kg Fully Automatic Top Load Coffee Brown Washing Machine
  • 3D Water Flow

  • 12 Pre-Loaded Wash Programs

Sameer 4.5kg White & Blue Semi Automatic Top Load Mini Washing Machine
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Sameer
₹6,29927% OFF
  • Rust & Shock Proof Abs Outer Body

  • Noise Shield, Save Water & Electricity

Candes 7.8kg Semi Automatic Top Load Blue & White Washing Machine, CTPL78PL1SWM
  • Candes Customer Care Number: 9310217042 & Candes WhatsApp Number: 8882253256

Equator EWTL 830 USA 8kg Coffee Brown Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
  • Dry Ozone: Removes Odours from Clothes without Using Water in

  • Saree Cycle, Ozone Sanitize, Water Level Control & Auto Balance

Samsung WD90T654DBX/TL 9kg Inox Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  • Best Wash Quality & Energy & Water Efficient

  • Cycle Options, Bubble Soak & Hygiene

Equator EZ 5000 CV White 9kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine
  • Built-in Diagnostics & Inverter Compatible

  • Child Lock & Self-Clean

Khaitan Orfin KOSWM7201 7.2kg Burgundy Semi Automatic Top Load Transparent
Lloyd Dip Clean 6.5kg White Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, LWMT65TG
  • Rust Free Hi-Fibre Body

  • Water Recycle, Bubble Wash, Tub Clean, Sport Soak & Magic

Voltas Beko 6kg Grey Top Loaded Fully Automatic 5 Star Washing Machine, WTL60UPGC
By: Voltas Beko
Available on Request
  • Number of Program: 10

Lloyd 6.5kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine, LWMS65BE1
By: Lloyd
Available on Request
  • Spin Shower with End of Cycle Buzzer

  • Magic Lint Filter

Whirlpool Ace-Turbo-Dry 8kg 5 Star Hi-Fiber Purple Dazzle Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
  • Castors, Turbo dry, Multi-Utility Tray, Big Wheels & Smart Handle

  • Work Surface, Buzzer & Easy Use Panel

Lloyd Dynamo Clean 8kg Burgundy Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, LWMS80BD
  • Multiple Water Fall, Thermal Protection Technology, Lint Filter, Castor &

  • 5 Mini Pulsator, Collar Scrubber & 3 Wash Program

Godrej 7.2kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, WS Edge CLS 7.2 WNRD PN2 M
  • Lint Collector, Wash & Spin Lid: Opaque Lids & Detachable

  • Wheels, Active Soak & Spin Shower

Godrej 10.2kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, WS Edge NX 1020 CPBR RS GD
  • Buzzer, Wheels, Wash Tray, Active Soak & Spin Shower

  • Lint Collector, Wash & Spin Lid: Transparent & Toughened Glass

DMR 6.5kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine with 1 Year Warranty, DMR 65-2008 TT
3.5 (1 Review)
By: Dmr
Available on Request
  • Twin Tub Washing Machine that is a Washer as Well

  • Ideal Family Size: 3-4 Members, Ideal for Washing Jeans, T-Shirts,

Samsung WA11J5751SP/TL 11Kg 5 Star Silver Fully Automatic Top Load Inverter Washing Machine with Wobble Technology
  • Activwash+, Wobble Technology & Diamond Drum

  • Inverter Technology (DIT)

Lloyd 10.2kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine, LWMS02GY1
By: Lloyd
Available on Request
  • Floral Pattern Toughened Glass Lids

  • Hidden Control Panel

Whirlpool 6.2kg Grey Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Easytech

  • Delay Start

Whirlpool 6.2kg Dark Grey Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, Superb Atom 62I
  • Spin Shower/Lint Filter

  • Multi-Utility Tray

Onida Splendor 5.5kg White FA Front Loading Washing Machine, WOF5508NW
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Onida
Available on Request
  • Diameter for Porthole: 30 cm

  • Control Panel: Electronic

LG 7kg Blue White Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine, FH0G7QDNL02
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Lg
Available on Request
  • Wool: Yes

  • Remaining Time Display: Yes

LG 10kg Stone Silver Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine, F4J8JSP2S
  • Smart Diagnosis

  • Cotton: Yes

Whirlpool 6kg Tulip Pink Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, Superb Atom 60I
  • Easy Use Panel

  • 340W Powerful High Efficiency Motor

LG 8kg Blue White Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine, FH4G6TDNL22
  • Anti Rat Cover: Yes

  • Remaining Time Display: Yes

IFB 8kg Sparkling Silver Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, TL80SDS
  • express wash

  • Air Dry: Yes

LG 7kg Luxury Silver FL Fully Automatic Washing Machine, FH2G6HDNL42
  • Anti Rat Cover: Yes

  • Smart Diagnosis System

LG 7kg 5 Star STS-VCM Top Load Automatic Washing Machine, T70SJSS1Z
  • Memory Backup

  • Child Lock

Godrej 8.5 kg Red Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, GWS 8502 PPL
  • Unique rain shower rinse mechanism for better detergent removal

  • It has enhanced strength

Godrej 8kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, WS Edge 80 5.0 TB3 M LVDR
  • Lint Collector, Wash & Spin Lid: Toughened Glass Lid

  • Wheels, Wash Tray, Active Soak & Spin Shower

LG 7.5kg 5 Star Dark Blue Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine, P7535SBMZ
  • Wind Jet Dry, Lint Collector & 4EA Unidirectional Wheel

  • Collar Scrubber, Wash Window, Spin Window, Rust Free Plastic Base...

LG 8kg 5 Star Purple Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine, P8035SPMZ
  • Collar Scrubber, Wash Window, Spin Window, Rust Free Plastic Base

  • Auto Restart, Wind Jet Dry, Magic Filter (2) Lint Collector,...

Lloyd Supreme Wash 8kg Grey Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, LWMS80GDB
  • Wash Cover, Collar Scrubber & Magic Filter

  • Thermal Protection Technology, Rust Free Body, Buzzer & Soak Wash

Related Washing Machines Article

Buy Top-Notch Washing Machines to Save Time and Ease Daily Life


Washing clothes has become a very difficult task in today's busy environment. A washing machine is a need in every home today because it saves time while washing clothing and takes the hassle out of drying them. Since its introduction, the technology has rapidly spread worldwide, with a rising number of people choosing washing machines over traditional hand washing methods. Washing machines use less water than manual washing. But with so many washing machine alternatives available today, many buyers are unsure which model to choose.


While purchasing a washing machine can be expensive, its convenience and comfort make it worthwhile. Choosing between a completely automatic and a semi-automatic washing machine was the only decision. But the idea of washing clothing at home has been completely reconsidered thanks to the many capabilities of current washing machines.

Types of Washing Machines Available Online


Moglix has a wide range of washing machines available and you can get the machines as per your requirement.


Semi-automatic Machines - Semi-automatic washing machines are less expensive and there is no need for a direct water connection, you can use water as per your requirement. It is the most common washing machine used for household laundry. It also has the capability of a washer and dryer. It includes less manual intervention for the laundry.


Fully Automatic Machines - Automatic washing machines are power efficient and it does everything at the touch of a button. These machines are very effective in removing stains. It does not require any effort to do laundry. It has washer and dryer capabilities and washes, rinses, and dries clothes with just one touch.


Top Load Machines - Top-loading washing machines are available in both manual and fully automatic varieties. These machines have a top-loading mechanism. This is advantageous for those who want a washing machine that they can load with their clothing without having to stoop down entirely. Fully automatic top-load washers typically occupy less space, making them suitable for persons trying to put a washer into a small space.


Front Load Machines - A completely automatic washing machine that loads from the front is called a front loader. These appliances often use less water and energy and produce better laundry results than top loaders. Front-load washing machines are the best at handling bigger loads and are thought to be the most water-efficient because they use less water each load.


Buy the Best Brands for Washing Machines at Affordable Prices


If you are looking for washing machines at affordable prices, moglix is the best place for you. There are different types of washing machines available in the market and you can buy some of the best washing machines at an affordable range. Moglix also delivers some of the best brands available in the market.


LG Washing Machines - The LG washing machines are the greatest options since it is highly effective and yields outstanding wash results. The washing machines, used by millions of consumers worldwide, offer smart features like an advanced three-step wash, a powerful dryer, and a jet spray.


Godrej Washing Machines - Godrej is a well-established brand and is trustworthy for a very long time. They have a strong presence in consumer goods and have proved their legacy in the market. They are emerging with new technology and providing some best washing machines in the market.


Samsung Washing Machines - Samsung is one of the biggest producers of consumer electronics worldwide. The company is known for its top-of-the-line washers and dryers that provide gentle and intelligent washing while saving up to 40% on electricity. The washing machines include several intelligent features and technology, including ActivWash, Eco Fabric Care, Air Turbo Drying systems, and AI Ecobubble technologies.


Whirlpool Washing Machines - The Whirlpool Corporation is renowned for its premium selection of washing machines, which includes top-loading, fully automatic, semi-automatic and front-loading washing machine models. These machines successfully clean difficult stains like oil, ketchup, and other substances. They offer up to three water temperature options: mild, hot, and allergen-free. IntelliDD Motor technology makes the washing cycle faster and smoother while providing the best cleaning performance.


Candes Washing Machines - Top loaders, front loaders, and semi-automatic, and fully automatic washing machines are all available from Candes. These machines have cutting-edge features, including aqua spin rinse, built-in heaters, anti-germ hot wash, and ActiveFoam systems.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Washing Machines


Type of Washing MachinesPeople should decide this before looking for a new washing machine. There are advantages and disadvantages to both front-load and top-load washing machine designs. While all washer types produce the same results, their target markets are diverse.


Capacity: Another crucial element that needs to be considered is capacity. You will need additional capacity if you have a larger family or more laundry. The drum size is equivalent to the capacity, which ranges from 1.0 cubic feet to 6.0 cubic feet.


Spin speed: When purchasing a washing machine, spin speed may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is still crucial. High spin rates will hasten their drying by successfully removing more water from your garments after the cycle. On the other hand, fragile textiles are best spun at slower speeds. Make sure you select various spin speeds ranging from 1200 to 1600 RPM as the absolute maximum.


Electricity consumption: To avoid excessive energy costs, it is imperative to consider electricity use. Examine and contrast the anticipated yearly electricity use, and keep an eye out for models that have earned the Energy Star certification.


Material of the drum: The washing machine drum's material can range from plastic to stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best and most durable option but a little expensive.


Cost: Front-load washing machines have a high price tag. For any capacity, top-loading machines are less expensive.


Why Choose Washing Machines from Moglix Online?


Buying a washing machine is surprisingly hard, especially because no two households have identical laundry needs. Choosing the washing machine that best meets your needs can be challenging because there are several aspects to consider before making a purchase, such as the kind, cost, and size of the washer. Moglix offers the best quality washing machines from top brands at reasonable prices. You can choose various washing machines for your work need. By offering washing machines from the most well-known manufacturers, Moglix makes things very simple for you right now and whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washing Machines

Which type of automatic washing machine is best?

Front-load washers are typically assumed to clean clothing better than top-load washers and with less wear and tear. Front-load washers use less water than traditional top-load washers.

How do I choose a washing machine size?

One of the most important factors in determining washer size is family size. In general, the bigger the family, the bigger the washing machine. If your family consists of you, your spouse, and one child, a compact or medium-sized washer in the 3-cubic-foot range will be enough.

Are Front Loading Washers more Efficient than Top Loader?

Yes! Of course, the higher initial cost for the front loader can be recovered in just a few years through water, sewer, drying time, and soap usage savings.

How many clothes can be put into the Washer?

That depends on the type of washer you are using, for a top loader machine you need to lay clothes loosely inside the washer until they reach the top of the agitator. For a front loader, fill it till it’s full, with token compression of the garments.