Best washing machine brands available in India

Best washing machine brands available in India

Are you looking for the best washing machine brands available in the Indian market? Nowadays washing machines have become necessary household equipment as it significantly eases out the laundry job. However, choosing the best one is never a cakewalk with a plethora of options available in the market. There are millions of brands that are leading a competitive role. Here we have curated a list of top brands with their latest technologies that can simplify your selection process.

We have used the following set of criteria to determine the best brands of washing machines.

  • Features:

    Washing machines come up with several lucrative features. Many brands are trying hard to keep on introducing the newest features in their models to make your life easier. We have evaluated the features in comparison to how expensive the washing machine is.
  • User experience:

    We have considered buyer's ratings and reviews across a couple of e-commerce platforms.
  • Durability:

    We have considered the manufacturer's warranty policy. Some brands go the extra mile and give additional warranty time on the motor besides the regular product warranty.
  • After-sale service:

    It is important to consider the after-sales service quality provided by the manufacturer as most people don't know much about the technical terms and how to set up the washing machine.

LG washing machine:

LG offers a large range of innovative washing machines on every budget. LG is also one of the first brands to launch Direct drive and Inverter technology. Some of the brilliant technologies used by LG are.

  • Direct drive:

    DD technology is available in premium top-load models. Here instead of using a traditional belt system, the motor is attached to the drum that reduces noise and increases durability.

  • Smart Inverter Technology:

    It lets you save up to 36%* energy.

  • Turbo drum:

    In top load machines, a dual-direction rotating drum is used.

  • Jet Spray Technology:

    The powerful water spray washes off the dirt and excess detergent.

  • 6 Motion technology:

    The washing machine offers six unique wash motions for efficient cleaning.

Samsung washing machine:

This South Korean electronics giant offers numerous washing machine models with myriad wash programs and other innovative features. It recently launched quick drive technology that can reduce the laundry time by half. The top models also come with Artificial intelligence-powered assistance. Some other unique features are

  • Eco-bubble:

    It uses a bubble generator to create detergent bubbles that ensure efficient cleaning even at low temperatures. The soft bubbles also protect the delicate clothes.

  • Smartphone Apps:

    You can check the wash timings, wash programs, and errors on the washing machine using a mobile app that is available in both ios and android.

  • Eco drum clean technology gives you an automatic notification for drum cleaning.
  • Wobble Technology:

    This is only available in top-load machines that create a multi-directional flow for a 3D dynamic wash.

IFB washing machine:

This international brand holds the credit for launching India's first fully automatic front load machine. Some of their best technologies are

  • Aqua Energie:

    Aqua energie treats and converts hard water to soft water. Models with this technology have a built-in filter that breaks down bicarbonates into fine crystals.

  • Ball valve technology:

    This helps to reduce detergent wastage.

  • Crescent moon drum: The washing machines have a crescent moon-shaped cast lined on the washing drum that gives a gentle wash to clothes.
  • Cradle wash:

    This program ensures that a high level of water is maintained throughout the washing cycle so that clothes can glide and float freely.

Whirlpool washing machine:

Whirlpool is an American manufacturer and one of the leading home appliance brands in India. Some of their unique technologies are

  • Sixth sens soft move technology:

    Whirlpool washing machines can change drum movements according to the fabric type with the help of inbuilt sensors.

  • Steam care technology:

    It uses steam to keep the clothes bacteria-free and it also prevents wrinkles.

  • Intellisense inverter motor:

    Inverter motor reduces electric consumption, noise, and vibrations.

  • ZPF Technology:

    This technology fills the drum 50% faster even at low pressure.

Bosch washing machine:

Bosch is known for superior and sturdy German build quality. They also have the latest technology to offer.

  • Active water plus:

    This technology optimizes water usage with the help of 256 load sensing levels.

  • Vario-drum:

    This is a unique wave droplet drum surface that gently cleans the clothes and helps in reducing the creasing.

  • Eco-silent drive:

    This technology reduces the noise and friction on the motor.

Haier washing machine:

With the customer-centric approach, Haier washing machines offer amazing features to meet all your laundry needs.

  • Antibacterial technology:

    The gasket and detergent drawer provide a clean and safe wash by eliminating 99.8% of microbes.

  • Near zero pressure:

    This technology smartly senses the load and ensures effective cleaning even at a low water pressure of 0.001 MPA.

  • Direct motion motor:

    It is an advanced beltless motor that manages the speed of drum rotations. It minimizes abrasion and noise.

Godrej washing machine:

Loaded with intelligent features, Godrej washing machines can ease out your laundry issues.

  • Aquajet pulsator:

    It is an aerodynamic design that generates strong turbulence that results in more scrubbing of clothes.

  • Gravity drum:

    It is a unique contour design on the drum that has efficient cloth movement and a five-way wash.

Panasonic washing machine:

In 2020 this Japanese brand launched 21 models of fully automatic machines in India, all equipped with the latest technologies.

  • Active foam system:

    This mechanism creates rich and fine foam before the washing cycle starts that can remove the toughest of the stains.

  • Stain master:

    It powerfully removes stains by offering a scrub-wash effect, dynamic water temperature, and ideal soak time that creates the optimal wash sequence.