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    Related Geysers & Heaters Article

    Buy Water Geysers Online at Moglix at Lowest Price

    You can easily buy Water Geysers at Moglix. Shop online by browsing through the extensive collection at Moglix.com. You can now buy branded Water Geysers online at attractive prices with special discounts from Moglix. If you have been shirking from buying branded Water Geysers because of the prices, here is your chance to bag a great deal! Save loads of money by buying Water Geysers online from Moglix.

    Buy Geysers and Heaters Online

    Geysers offer warm water for a wide range of purposes during the winter season. Do you feel muscle aches after spending hours in the kitchen? The we have a way out to help you. Taking a hot shower under a geyser will prove to be helpful during the winter. They discharge muscle tension and offer a smoothing touch to the stiff muscles. Many people consider taking showers a part of their healthy routine. Be it summer, monsoon or winter, if you don’t take showers on a daily routine it wise to make it a habit.

    Be it at the workplace or at school or college, we spend a significant amount of time sitting at one place for long hours. It causes a stiffness in the neck and back region. Taking a hot shower might loosen the tense muscles of your shoulder and are as effective as a massage. An electric geyser functions as a natural decongestant for people suffering from symptoms of cold.

    So, it is highly useful for reducing fever. Taking a hot shower can normalise your body temperature. These benefits can only be availed if you install a water heater within the bathroom. At Moglix, we also deal in gas geysers. The price range of water geyser has been kept within a wide range to suit the needs of buyers.

    Types of Water Heaters

    Storage Water Heaters - These water heaters have a storage capacity up to 6 liters and above. Ideal for usage in homes, they come with an inbuilt storage tank. They can store hot water over a considerable period of time even without the usage of electricity. Therefore, they can be used as and when required.

    Instant Water Heaters - These water heaters are high powered appliances which heat water instantly. They are highly compact and are ideal for usage in small bathrooms and kitchens which have a limited space.

    Solar Water Heaters – These water heaters are eco-friendly and are therefore suitable for people who have a high level of concern for the environment. They can convert renewable solar energy into heat through the use of solar thermal collector.

    Gas Water Heaters - Gas water heaters run through the usage of LPG. They are very energy efficient and are supplied by cylinders/gas pipelines. These water heaters are lighter in weight and are highly cost-effective also.

    Immersion Heater Rods - A highly user-friendly water heating device, they are highly compact in size and can be easily stored in cabinets for their compact size. They are best suited for quick heating and have a hanging hook. The presence of indication light and water level indicator ensures a high level of safety.

    Types of Geysers

    Geysers for High Rise-Buildings - On the basis of the capacity of floors within a building, a geyser with a sturdy tank is ideal if you reside within a high-rise building. Geyser which are suitable for usage in high rise buildings come with a rated pressure of at least 6 bars. They have a geyser pressure control valve as well. A geyser pressure control valve releases over pressured water to exert more water pressure on geyser tank to avoid its breakage. Glass-lined coated inner tanks are effective since they can resist high pressure.

    Geysers for Hard Water - Hard water often cuts short the lifespan of a geyser. The ideal solution for this problem is to opt for a corrosion resistant water tank such as Vitreous Enamel water tank geyser. The usage of water softener can also help to check damages caused by water heating elements. The water input reaches the water softener and the softener output then reaches the geyser as input. Since the softener converts hard water into soft water, the geyser won’t face any issues.

    Kitchen Geysers - Electric instant geysers which come with a capacity between 1-3 liters are ideal for usage in kitchens. In order to mount these geysers, you will have to make sure that you have ample wall space.

    Solar Geysers - A solar geyser is ideal for people who can afford to invest heavily initially but stay free from paying high energy bills in the future. However, they are not highly suitable for usage in big apartments.

    Horizontal Geysers - Normally geysers are vertically mounted. Horizontally mounted geysers are a new trend in the market. Vertical geyser water heaters need a minimum of two feet of vertical length on walls. In case your bathroom ceiling is low or you have an attic, you won’t have the required vertical space on your wall. In such circumstances, horizontal geysers would be an ideal option.

    Switch to Solar Water Heaters to Create an Eco-Friendly Future

    Solar water heaters are used to convert sunlight into renewable energy in order to heat water. With rising concerns related to global warming importance of alternative sources of energy is increasing across the world. Keeping in touch with the changing times, we have sourced the latest models of solar water heaters from brands like Tracksun and Shiv Power. These water heaters are made from stainless steel and require no rubber sealing. Therefore, they do not cause any leakage related issue. They can be easily installed and do not cause freezing. These water heaters can help in saving up to 70% electricity.

    Acquire Water Heaters from Leading Brands at an Affordable Price

    Water heaters are commonly used in homes and hotels for heating water for a variety of purposes. At Moglix we are aware of the ever changing needs of our buyers. Therefore, we have come up with a vast range of water heaters from leading brands such as Bajaj, Marc and Venus, Kent, Eveready. Created using the latest product methods, they have a long lifespan and can be used over a significant period of time.

    To meet up with the needs of office and commercial outlet based users, we have also sourced instant water heaters. Instant water heaters heat water directly without usage of a storage tank. To meet with the expectations of buyers, we have procured instant water heaters from some of the leading brands in the market like Bajaj, Marc, Venus etc. They come with a warranty against manufacturing defects and are highly rated by users who need a constant supply of water.

    Ensure Smooth Water Heating Using Immersion Rods

    India has a tropical climate. Due to its vast stretch, a major part of the country experiences a cold climate during winter. An immersion rod is a highly useful rod using which you can heat water for taking a bath. Unlike costly geysers, they don’t have an auto off system. Consequently, once the bucket gets warm enough, you just need to put off the switch.

    As in the case of geysers, using immersion heaters without sufficient water or no water will burn the coil and make the device useless. To acquire immersion heater rods at reasonable prices, comparing the different models offered by various brands will prove to be useful. So select geysers & heaters as per your requirements.

    Geysers & Heaters - Price Range

    Geysers & HeatersMin PriceMax Price
    Immersion Rods₹200₹1780
    Room Heaters₹549₹13222
    This data was last updated on 9/24/21.