High quality Crompton Geysers for instant hot water supply

When we hear of the term geyser the first thing that comes to our mind will be the geysers created by Mother Nature herself. Geysers are rare occurrences that happen due to the coexistence of certain conditions. We need to understand the relation between water and steam in order to explain how geysers work.

Steam is generated when water is heated to its boiling point. As steam occupies more space than water, precisely speaking 1600 times as much as original water an expansion will be created. This expansion is created when water is converted to steam at surface conditions.

To summarize all of this in one sentence, a geyser eruption occurs when super-heated groundwater confined at the depths becomes hot enough to blast through to the surface.

How Electric water geysers work?

The working of a water geyser is not that much different than an immersion rod that is dipped into a bucket. But compared to a heater consisting of a heat rod, a water geyser is much more sophisticated.

The geyser consists of a water tank that is fitted with 2 pipes. One of these inlet pipes is for cold water and the other outlet will be for hot water. The water tank consists of heating elements like thermostats that control the temperature. The electric geyser will convert electrical energy to heat energy through the use of heating elements that raise the temperature of the water through the conduction of heat into the water.

What makes Crompton the best geyser?

The Crompton water geyser is coming up with powerful heating elements, this allows the geysers to heat the water up to 45degree Celsius in a matter of just 10minutes and even retain the heat longer.

All Crompton geysers are made in such a way that they can withstand pressure up to 8 bar. This makes them the ideal choice for installation in high-rise buildings. The outer structures of the geysers come with a durable body that is both tough and heat resistant.

The external layer of the geyser comes with a smart shield that protects the tank and heating elements from corrosion. In addition to all this, the Crompton geysers consist of 4 level safety that protects the geysers from electric shocks.

Top Sellers

Crompton Geyser 3 ltr:

The Crompton Geyser 3ltr is one of the best geysers available currently in the market, the Crompton instant water heater comes with a range of stylish and cool features. The geyser houses twin led indicators which indicate the power on and heating, which in turn shows whether the geyser is heating or ready.

Since the 3 ltr Crompton geyser houses a pre-calibrated high precision automatic thermostat and a pre-set thermal cut out that provides dual safety protection against high levels of temperatures.

The nonferrous plating and the anti-siphon protection ensure longer life of the unit and the anti-siphon protection will prevent the backflow of water from the tank. Considering all these features the Crompton geyser 3 ltr price is reasonable.

Crompton Geyser 15 ltr:

The Crompton Geyser 15ltr comes with a powerful heating element that ensures superior performance. It houses a superior polymer and nano poly bond technology that ensures resistance to corrosion and oxidation even at very high-temperature levels.

This geyser from Crompton comes with a host of safety features like 3 levels of protection, thermal cut-outs, and dry heating protection. The Crompton geyser 15 ltr price is fair considering how much the value for money the product is.

Crompton Geyser 25 ltr:

The Crompton Arno Neo 25 ltr is a premium quality product from Crompton. The geyser is a product of advanced techniques in thermal engineering and material engineering. Like all other Crompton products for the Arno Neo 25 ltr also, they source the materials only from the most reliable vendors.

Like all other Crompton geysers, the 25 ltr also comes with a range of features like multiple layers of protection, thermal cut-outs, and magnesium anode for corrosion protection. All this makes the Crompton geyser 25 ltr price quite fair.

Crompton geyser 6 ltr:

The Crompton geyser 6ltr like many other geysers from Crompton comes with a range of common features like, superior polymer and nano poly bond technology that prevents corrosion and oxidation.

The geyser also comes with a pre-calibrated high-precision automatic thermostat and pre-set thermal cut-outs to provide dual safety protection at high levels. The Crompton geyser 6 ltr price is slightly expensive but is worth investing considering the features they offer. When it comes to purchasing Crompton geyser if you have figured out your requirements it's better to purchase them from e-commerce platforms like

Crompton Rapid Jet:

The Compact size of the Crompton rapid jet makes it the ideal choice for installation in areas like our kitchens and since the rapid jet can tolerate pressure up to 6.5. It cannot or rather shouldnt be installed in high-rise buildings as it can result in leakage from tanks.

Benefits of hot showers?

The best way to rejuvenate our skin after a long day of exposure to the sun is through a hot water shower. In addition to washing away the dirt and pollutants, hot water has a therapeutic effect on both the body and the mind.

Taking a hot shower just before we go to sleep is the best way to ensure a good night's sleep as it can calm both our minds and nerves.Day to day activities cause tension in our muscle that results in stiffness and a hot water shower is the best way to alleviate muscle stiffness

Hot water when compared to cold water with its healing properties can wash off pollutants and germs more effectively than cold water.It is because of all these reasons that man created water heaters or geysers.


When you are on the lookout to buy a Crompton gas geyser for your home or office, you will notice that there are many options. But make sure that you do your homework first. You will have to take into consideration things like your requirements, energy consumption, longevity, and warranty, etc.

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