Buy Racold Geysers, one of most trusted brands in India

A geyser is an appliance that is used to heat water. It makes use of a heating tank to provide instant hot water supply. A geyser is also known as a water heater. A water heater can work using gas, propane or electricity. However, most geysers that are used now mainly in washrooms are electrically run geysers.

Geysers are an essential commodity as hot water can not directly be obtained and requires a heating process. Hot water is not just an important thing during winters but throughout the year. Hot water is extremely effective for muscle relaxation. Hot or warm water is especially advised for infants, toddlers and old people.

Thus, having a water heater is definitely a must for saving time and efforts. There are many types of geysers with different capacity and functionalities available in the market, which might get you muddled, so we have compiled all the information that one might require to make a sound decision regarding which geyser to buy, so let's dive in.

Factors to consider before buying a geyser:

Now that we have seen all the types of geysers that you can get a hold on, next thing is to find out which one will suit you best. For that we need to keep in a number of aspects which are mentioned below-

  • Requirement:

The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is the size. How many people are going to need water on a daily basis? Depending upon this you should decide what should be the right capacity of geyser, and which one at that, you might require. So, make a right analysis about the number of people and their water requirements.

  • Energy Consumption:

The next thing to think about is the energy consumption. Not only does energy consumption affect your electricity bill but also our environment, so to buy an appliance that is energy efficient is very vital. Look for the star ratings, a five star rated geyser would save you more energy, compared to a three star. However, definitely go for at least a three star rated geyser.

  • Warranty and Customer Service:

Water heaters stay for a long time. So, it is imperative for you to buy a geyser that subscribes to a good brand and offers a feasible warranty period. Not only that, geysers due to constant contact with water and fuel, demand periodic maintenance and for that you might require a good customer service or at least a geyser whose parts and assistance is easily available. So make sure you go for a well known brand.

  • Specifications:

With the advancement in technology geysers now come with ample number of high tech features. A tech savvy person should definitely take a close look at these before buying one. Some of the features are safety valve for pressure release, automatic thermal cut, timer and adjustable thermostat settings.

Now that we have established all the factors required to be kept in mind for you to make a sound call, we must also look for a renowned brand that will assure you of economical geysers with the best quality. One such brand is Racold!

Why choose Racold Geysers?

Racold with their ideology Reborn everyday with hot water has truly worked towards providing their customers with the best technology and assured quality to rejuvenate them. Indeed taking a refreshing hot water bath every day can act like a metamorphosis making you ready to take the day head on!

Racold geysers come in a huge variety. Racold has it all Racold gas geysers, Racold instant geysers, Racold tank geysers...You name it! These geysers with their advanced technologies will surely prove to be a great investment for you. Some of the best options from Racold with their tentative prices are mentioned below for you to take a glance.

Racold 15 ltr Storage Ivory Water Geyser, CDR (DWO):

This is an electric run storage water geyser with an impressive 5 star power consumption rating. It has a pressure rating of 8 bar. It comes with a thermal cut off, as well as an automatic shut off. It has a 15 L tank capacity. The Racold geyser 15 ltr price is worth considering and the products come with a 2 year warranty, thus making it a must buy..!

Racold Energy Saving Water Heater Alpha Pro:

The Racold Solar Water Heaters are premium quality geysers that run on solar energy. One of their best solar heaters is Alpha Pro. This is a complete solar product which consists of solar connectors and an insulated tank. It also comes with heat retention, thus letting the water remain heated for a longer period of time. This is suitable for hard water as well. Racold also offers installation service on this.

Racold Eterno Pro 25 ltr Vertical 5 Star Water Heater:

If you are looking for a heater with a 25 L capacity, then Racols Eterno would be a great fit. It comes with a smart bath logic that saves upto 30% of energy by giving options to choose from shower bath, bucket bath etc. It uses titanium plus technology that aids pressure resistance and water impurity resistance. It is not just technologically advanced but also has a 5 star rating, saving a great deal of power. Racold Geyser 25 ltr price is slightly on the higher side but is worth buying for large families.

Racold Andris 10W 10 Ltr Water Heater:

Racold has you covered in 10 L capacity too. Racold Andris has a pressure rating of 8 bar. It is mounted on a wall and has a titanium storage. It comes with an inlet flow system that produces upto 10% more hot water. The polyurethane insulation layer also helps in saving extra energy. If you think about the Racold Geyser 10 ltr price, the costs fall within the budget friendly bracket.

Racold Pronto Neo 6 ltr 3kW Vertical 5 star:

This Racold instant geyser has a capacity of 6 L and a 5 star rating. This is best suited for high rise buildings as it comes with a high pressure resistance. It also has a thermal cut off for temperature control. It is also built such that it prevents backflow of water reducing dry heating, thus making the geyser have a longer life. It is indeed a good option if you are looking one for an apartment. The Racold Geyser 6 ltr price falls within the affordability range and is worth buying.

Racold Pronto Stylo 3 ltr 3Kw Vertical Water Heater:

Racold Pronto also comes in a 3 L variant for all those who require lesser capacity. Just like the previous model it is also suitable for high rise buildings due to high pressure resistance. It requires 3000 W. It is a good option for people who live in flats and have less water requirements. The Racold Geyser 3 ltr price is quite affordable, making them ideal for a smaller family needs.

Types of Geysers or Water Heaters:

  • Tank/Storage Geyser

A storage geyser is a water heater that consists of a tank that stores hot water. It does not give instant results and you might have to wait a few minutes to get hot water. A storage geyser requires significant space on the wall. These run using either gas or electricity. The tank has a thermostat that keeps the water warm and controls the temperature. However, you might have to get all your water collected before bathing as the water supply is limited by the storage.

  • Tankless Geysers or Instant Geysers

As the name suggests these geysers do not have a tank or a storage, these heat up the water as they receive the supply and release the same instantly. Tankless geysers do not require much space and are compact in size. These also provide a continuous supply of water as and when you need, thus eliminating the need to collect beforehand. Owing to these perks these have a price higher than the storage geysers.

  • Solat Heater or Geyser

A solar heater is a relatively new concept. This geyser uses solar panels and solar energy to heat water. This is gaining popularity slowly due to being eco friendly. However, the entire set up of the solar heater is huge and requires a lot of space and an open area, thus making it unsuitable for apartments or small houses.

  • Electric Geysers or Gas Geysers

Most geysers that are used in India heat the water using electricity or gas. These may be storage geysers or instant geysers. Electricity geyser is the most widely used geyser now due to the ease of operation. But, one needs to be very careful while using an electricity geyser, while in the bathroom switches with good insulation must be used. Gas geysers are also a great fit, but these require refilling of gas which a lot of people might not like.

This was all the must know information regarding geysers. Make sure you combine all the information and find the best product that suits your needs from Racold. Not only would Racold geysers work phenomenally for a long time but their modern, sleek and attractive designs will also make your bath area look edgy. Hopefully, this summarized the knowledge required for you to make a wise decision and you will be able to enjoy rejuvenating hot water baths!