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Gaggia Classic Pro 1425W 2.1L Silver Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Makers
  • Commercial Three-Way Solenoid Valve

  • Easy-to-Use Rocker Switch Controls

Gaggia 1425W 2.1L Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Makers, RI9380/46
  • Easy-to-Use Rocker Switch Controls

  • Commercial Three-Way Solenoid Valve

TIMEMORE HDC500C 550W 500ml Plastic Black Espresso Coffee Makers
  • Keeps Coffee Hot Automatically

  • Ensures Safety & Cleanliness During Operation

Kaapi Machines Budan 1450W 1.7L Espresso Machine
By: Kaapi Machines
  • This Machine also has a Dedicated Nozzle for Hot Water

  • The Steam & Hot Water Generation is Through a Microcomputer

Kaapi Machines Carimali Bubble 3150W 11L Semi Automatic Coffee Machine
  • It is Equipped with Electronic Pre Infusion to Easily Adjust...

  • Water Connection: Main

Dr Coffee F11 1700W 8L Espresso Coffee Makers
By: Dr Coffee
  • Different ways of Water Supply & Self-Clean Mechanism can Deal

  • Without Steame & With Steamer

Kaapi Machines WMF 1100S 230V 22L Coffee Maker Machine
By: Kaapi Machines
  • It Will Fit Right in with the Decor of your

  • The 1100 S Packs Quite a Punch & is Perfect

Kaapi Machines Budan 600ml French Press Coffee Maker
  • Sleek & Timeless Design

  • No More Cloudy Coffee

Kaapi Machines Carimali Bubble 1850W 4L Semi Automatic Coffee Machine
  • It is Equipped with Electronic Pre Infusion to Easily Adjust...

  • Water Connection: Main

Kaapi Machines WMF 1300S 230V 22L Automatic Coffee Maker Machine, 1300S
  • With a Recommended Daily Capacity of Up to 120 Cups

  • The WMF 1300 S is Premium Manufacturer WMF�s New Addition...

Kaapi Machines Rancilio Classe 5 USB 4300W 11L Semi Automatic Coffee Machine
  • This Machine is Ready to be Put to Work

  • The Classe 5 Distills the Most Essential Technology Developed by

Gaggia 1425W 2.1L Stainless Steel Red Espresso Coffee Makers
  • Commercial Three-Way Solenoid Valve

  • Thermal & Easy-to-Use Rocker Switch Controls

Kaapi Machines WMF 1500S Plus 230V 22L Coffee Maker Machine, 1500S
  • Blending Reliable Performance with Intuitive Operation, the WMF 1500 S+...

Gaggia Classic Pro 1425W 1L Stainless Steel Black & White Espresso Coffee Maker, RI9480/13
  • Easy-to-Use Rocker Switch Controls

  • Commercial Three-Way Solenoid Valve

Gaggia 1425W 2L Stainless Steel Grey Espresso Coffee Makers, RI9480/16
  • Commercial Three-Way Solenoid Valve

  • Easy-to-Use Rocker Switch Controls

Kaapi Machines Rancilio Classe 5 USB 1700W 4L Semi Automatic Coffee Machine
  • The Classe 5 Distills the Most Essential Technology Developed by

  • This Machine is Ready to be Put to Work

Kaapi Machines Kalerm K96L 2700W Coffee Machine
By: Kaapi Machines
  • This Compact Coffee Machine Offers 20 Programmable Beverages with Ample

  • Its Large Capacity, Quick Response Time & the Ability to...

Delonghi 1450W Metallic Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Maker, EC850.M
  • Advanced In Built Cappuccino System that Mixes Air, Milk &

  • On/Off Button with Automatic Stand By to Save Energy Consumption...

Delonghi 1450W Silver & Black Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, ECAM22.360
  • Can Be Used with Either Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee

  • Ultimate Personalization: Choose from Short or Long, Strong or Extra...

Kitchenaid 1250W Onyx Black Pour Coffee Over Brewer, 5KCM0802EOB
By: Kitchenaid
Available on Request
Kitchenaid Siphon 1440W Onyx Black Coffee Brewer, 5KCM0812BOB
By: Kitchenaid
Available on Request
Havells Drip Cafe 12 1000W Coffee & Tea Maker
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Water-level indicator: Yes

  • Removable and washable filter: Yes

Delonghi 1450W Silver & Black Automatic Magnifica Espresso Coffee Maker, ECAM22.110
  • New Silent Integrated Coffee Grinder with 13 Adjustable Settings

  • You Can Prepare Two Cups of Coffee with A Single

Morphy Richards Fresco 800W Black Coffee Maker, 350009
By: Morphy Richards
Available on Request
  • Use the milk frothing nozzle for making Latte, Espresso Macchiato,

  • A transparent glass carafe allows you to see the final

Havells 600W Crystal Tea Coffee Maker, GHBKTAHK060
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Water-Level Indicator: Yes

  • Carafe: Glass Body

Delonghi 3.9kg Metallic Stainless Steel Dedica Deluxe Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker, EC685M
  • The Premium Adjustable Frother Allows You to Adjust the Foam...

  • The Automatic Flow Stop Feature Dispenses Just the Right Amount...

Delonghi 1000W Black Drip Coffee Machine, ICM2.1BK
By: Delonghi
Available on Request
  • Water Level Window on Both Sides of the Machine

  • Easy to Clean Permanent Nylon V Shape Filter

Delonghi 1000W Black Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker, EICM2.1B
  • Easy to Clean Permanent Nylon V Shape Filter

  • Auto Off Function Which Turns Off the System 9 min

Prestige 800W Plastic Coffee Maker, PCMD1.0
By: Prestige
Available on Request
  • Water Indicator

  • Pressure: 3.5 Bar

Kitchenaid 580-700W Empire Red Personal Coffee Maker, 5KCM0402BER
  • Removable Water Tank with Handle

  • 0.5L Thermal Mug

Nescafe 2200W Coffee Tea Vending Machine with 2 Options
By: Nescafe
Available on Request
Jaipan Cafe Day 600W Personal Coffee Maker, JCM-600
By: Jaipan
Available on Request
  • Control Time & Temperature

  • Anti Drip Function & Water Level Gauge

Philips 700W Black Coffee Maker, HD7431/20
By: Philips
Available on Request
  • Detachable filter holder and drip-stop

  • Ease of cleaning, maintenance and dishwasher-safe parts

Delonghi 1450W Metallic Pump Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Maker, EC850
  • Removable Water Tank & Drip Tray for Easy Cleaning

  • Can Make Espresso, Cappuccino & Dispense Hot Water, Cup Warmer:

Delonghi 1750W Silver & Black Pump & Drip Coffee Maker, BCO420
  • Anti Drip System & Removable Drip Tray

  • Disposable V Shape

Havells 800W Donato Espresso Coffee Maker, GHBCMAKS080
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Washable Handle: Yes

  • Removable and Washable Filter: Yes

Delonghi 1100W Metallic Pump Coffee Machine, ECP33.21
By: Delonghi
Available on Request
  • Easy Jog Dial for Selection of Espresso, Removable Drip Tray,

  • Exclusive Double Drip Tray to Adjust the Size of the

Delonghi 1350W Red Espresso Coffee Machine, EC685.R
By: Delonghi
Available on Request
Preethi Cafe Zest 450W Black Drip Coffee Maker, CM210
By: Preethi
Available on Request
  • Ergonomically Designed Chromed Handle

  • Water Level Indicator & Anti Drip System

Delonghi 1450W Silver Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker, ECAM45.760.W
  • Prepare 2 Cups of Coffee with Single Brewing Cycle

  • Integrated Coffee Grinder with 13 Adjustable Settings, Programmable Automatic Shut

Related Coffee Makers Article

Coffee Machine (कॉफी मशीन): An Integral Part of Homes and Offices

Coffee Machines are an integral part of households and offices. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is something we need every day whether is waking up at home or long working hours at the office. Not just that, some people cannot begin their day without strong coffee. So, if you have been addicted to coffee to be fresh and happy or to working for long hours at your office, a coffee maker machine is just what you need. Get a filter coffee maker and enjoy your daily coffee.


To provide cafe-style coffee to their employees and make them feel fresh for better productivity, employers must have coffee-making machines at their offices. It is an essential electronic machine that makes delicious coffee very easily and fast. Install a coffee vending machine at home or office and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee.


What are the Various Types of Coffee Makers Machines (कॉफी मेकर मशीन)?

Drip Coffee Machines: Drip coffee maker machines have traditionally been a mainstay because of their simplicity of use, low cost, robustness, and capacity to swiftly create coffee for one to four coffee consumers at a time. The drip machine is one of the most often used coffee makers.


Espresso machines: The electric espresso machine is one of the more costly varieties of coffee makers. In contrast, domestic espresso machines can be more expensive and labor-intensive than other household makers. They can be worth it to the most ardent espresso drinker if you master your technique and produce rich, delicious shots of drink like your favorite coffee shop.


Percolators: Percolators are entertaining to see and listen to during brewing. Additionally, they frequently make a robust and tasty cup of coffee. Many homes switched to drip brewers from percolators, perhaps because drip brewers require fewer parts to install and maintain than percolators.


French Press Coffee Makers: The French press, commonly referred to as a "press pot" or "plunger pot," is a simple-to-operate, clean, and portable cappuccino machine. Metal mesh is the filter used by the press. This prevents the taste oils from the coffee from being caught in a paper filter during the brewing process and into your cup. Various variants are portable.


Thermal Coffee Makers: Like drip coffee makers, thermal coffee makers (कॉफी मेकर) have the distinct benefit of brewing coffee in an enclosed thermal carafe. This prevents your coffee from continuing to "cook" as it stays on a warm surface, which might eventually result in a thick and bitter brew. It maintains your coffee warm for hours.


Advantages of Using Good Coffee Machines for Offices

Boost Productivity: If you have a coffee vending machine at the office, employees will tend their breaks at the same time. As per the research MIT, employees who take coffee breaks together are more productive.


Save Time: If employees leave the office for their coffee break and then return after some time, this results in a loss of time. Thus, to save the time of employees, these machines are necessary.


Good Machine makes Good Coffee: Nobody wants awful coffee and if employees drink below-average coffee, it reflects on their productivity. Make your employees happy with a good coffee machine.


Ease the Pain: Consuming coffee can ease pain in the neck, shoulders, forearms, and wrists. Thus, it also reduces pain while working.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Coffee Vending Machines

Type Of Coffee Maker Machines: The first thing you should examine is the sort of coffee machine. The market offers a wide variety of coffee maker machines. They all differ in some way; some are good for espresso, while others can give you a fantastic black coffee. Before continuing, you need to assess your needs.


Capacity: The second significant aspect you will see while examining the kinds is size or capacity. The amount of storage and fills makeup capacity. You must check how much water it can store and how many cups it can produce.


Technology: Technology is enhancing our everyday lives and making them faster and more consistent; in this regard, having a coffee maker that can also rhyme with your lifestyle would be the perfect alternative. Markets provide a wide range of high-tech machines with features like water level indicators, auto clean, and auto turn-off, but it is up to you to select the best. Innovative equipment may also save time and work.


Speed And Renewal: Some of you may not be governed by this point, but it is a top concern for others. Many of you are concerned about speed because coffee makers take longer to create a good cup while others only take a few seconds. Because some of us are constantly pressed for time, you should also take note of the water tank filling and the coffee grounds increasing. Therefore, it seems sensible to keep machine renewals in mind as well.


Filters: There are several types of filters on the market; if you love black, hard coffee, opt for gold-plated or metal filters; if you want a coffee that is calm and sophisticated, choose a paper filter.


Material Quality: As soon as you have the appropriate selections, you search for a decent machine body. The longevity and durability of a machine are determined by its body. One must look at the machine's outside and inner bodies since the stainless steel body is the greatest.


Best Brands of Filter Coffee Machines Available at Moglix

Bajaj Coffee Machine: Bajaj products are easy to use and even easier to maintain. Bajaj coffee maker is the ideal solution for every coffeeholic who loves a fresh cup of joe.


Philips Coffee Machines: Philips coffee makers are available in a very compact design. Enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly your coffee with this brand. Additionally, they make The Scoop, a single-serve coffee machine that can prepare one cup in little over a minute and costs just cents per cup. Replacing filters is no longer necessary because it includes a stainless steel mesh filter.


Prestige Coffee Maker Machines: Over the past five decades Prestige Limited, has emerged as India’s largest kitchen appliances company. Their coffee maker machines are built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability, and trust.


Delonghi Coffee Machines: It's hardly unexpected that De-Longhi, an Italian maker of coffee equipment, focuses mainly on espresso machines. The company's bean-to-cup devices, such as the ESAM, one of the market's most reasonably priced bean-to-cup devices, are noteworthy. Contrary to many other devices, the ESAM has a steaming wand that consumers may use to customize the texture of milk rather than an automated frother.

Kaapi Coffee Vending Machine: Kaapi makes espresso and cappuccino machines, but their filter coffee makers are undoubtedly the most well-known. Users of the Coffee On-the-Go Filter Machine may make hot coffee in just minutes without purchasing additional filters or continuously tossing away used ones.

Pringle Coffee Makers: Pingle is best recognized for its dual-Cup coffee brewing systems, which are found in its machines. They are made simple to use and provide consistent coffee that tastes the same. Pringle has made the trek to other regions of the world, but the fact that they usually only function with dual- Cup pods may turn off some potential customers.


Why Buy Coffee Makers Machines Online at Moglix?

Coffee maker manufacturers differ in terms of cooking power. Some models use more wattage than others. While some can take a little longer, they are nevertheless compelling. If you're looking for high-quality coffee makers machines (कॉफी बनाने वाली मशीन) online at reasonable prices, Moglix is your one-stop shop. If you want to buy coffee makers online in India for an affordable price, check out the best deals at Moglix. Most of the well-known coffee maker brands are currently available here. The shipping network of Moglix is efficient and quick. So grab your phone and start buying online with Moglix right away!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Makers

How do you clean a coffee maker?

Giving a deep clean to your coffee machine once in a while is a very good way to maintain its hygiene. The best way to do so is by adding equal parts of water and vinegar to the coffee maker, brewing the solution as usual and flushing off the mixture, and cleaning it with water.

How long should a good coffee maker last?

A good coffee maker has a 5-year lifespan on average. The machine can survive up to ten years if you take good care of it by cleaning and descaling it on a regular basis.

What are the advantages of plumbed coffee makers?

A plumbed coffee maker is going to save you a lot of space and manual effort by filling your water directly from the waterline. So investing in a coffee machine that reduces your efforts and serves you the best coffee every morning is a fantastic choice.