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Angle Grinders

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Bosch GWS600 4 Inch 670W Angle Grinder

48% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Dewalt 4 Inch DW801 850W Angle Grinder

52% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Black+Decker 4 Inch 820W Small Angle Grinder, G720R

47% OFF



  • By: Black & Decker
Belfix 4 Inch 500W Angle Grinder with 5 free Disc Blades

74% OFF



  • By: Belfix
AEG 1100 W Angle Grinder 5 inch, WS 11-125

32% OFF



  • By: AEG
AEG 2200 W Angle Grinder 9 Inch, WS 2200-230

15% OFF



  • By: AEG
Eibenstock EZW 100 100mm 750W Angle Grinder

22% OFF



  • By: Eibenstock
King 2600W 7 Inch Angle Grinder, KP316

54% OFF



  • By: King
King 850W 4 Inch Tale Handle Angle Grinder, KP313

48% OFF



  • By: King
Milwaukee Angle Grinder, HD28AG125-502X

15% OFF



  • By: Milwaukee
Ralli Wolf 100mm 850W Industrial Angle Grinder, 45100

41% OFF



  • By: Ralli Wolf
DOM 1900 rpm Angle Drilling Machine, DTD 781

15% OFF



  • By: DOM
Yking 920W 4 Inch Angle Grinder, 2801 D

32% OFF



  • By: Yking
HiKoki 4 Inch 11500rpm Mini Grinder, G10SS2

49% OFF



  • By: Hitachi
Meakida 100mm 850W Angle Grinder, MD115HD

48% OFF



  • By: Meakida
Dongcheng 850W 801 Angle Grinder, S1M-FF05-100B

62% OFF



  • By: Dongcheng
Aimex DT-101 100mm 750W Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

38% OFF



  • By: Aimex
Planet Power 1000W Orange Angle Grinder, PG1006

65% OFF



  • By: Planet Power
Eastman 100mm Angle Grinder EDG-100

54% OFF



  • By: Eastman
Stanley 900W Small Angle Grinder, STGS9100

48% OFF



  • By: Stanley
Dewalt DW824 125mm DW824 Small Angle Grinder, 1000 W

41% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Black+Decker 4 Inch 650W Angle Grinder, G650-B5

49% OFF



  • By: Black & Decker
Bosch 125mm 1800W Professional Angle Grinder, GWS 18-125 L

44% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Dewalt 230mm DWE492 2200W Large Angle Grinder

50% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Dewalt 125mm DWE4215 1200W Angle Grinder

40% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Bosch GWS 900-125 Professional Angle Grinder

45% OFF



  • By: Bosch
DOM 2600 rpm Straight Type Drilling Machine, DTD 782

15% OFF



  • By: DOM
AEG 1400 W Angle Grinder 5 Inch, WSC 14-125X

15% OFF



  • By: AEG
Generic 850W Angle Grinder with Accessories, S1M-UL-100E

37% OFF



  • By: Generic
Ralli Wolf 100mm 600W Light Duty Angle Grinder, 25100

47% OFF



  • By: Ralli Wolf
Yking 800W 4 Inch Angle Grinder, 2423 D

32% OFF



  • By: Yking
Planet Power 1150W Orange Angle Grinder, PG125

65% OFF



  • By: Planet Power
Hi-Max Blue 11000rpm Angle Grinder, IC-002, 850W

48% OFF



  • By: Hi-Max
Bosch GWS 750-100 11000rpm Professional Angle Grinder

47% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Dewalt 100mm DW810 750W Angle Grinder

48% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
KPT Shakti Angle Grinder, SAG6-100, 710W

22% OFF



  • By: KPT Shakti
Bosch GWS 2000 Professional Angle Grinder

45% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Cutflex 4 Inch CF810 850W Yellow angle grinder

Available on Request

  • By: Dewalt
YiKing 4 Inch Blue Angle Grinder, BS 6-100

Available on Request

  • By: YiKing
Cutflex 4 Inch CF801 800W Yellow Angle Grinder

Available on Request

  • By: Dewalt

Acquire New Range Of Angle Grinders Online at Moglix

Angle grinders are the power tools which are commonly used in applications that involve cutting, grinding and polishing. To meet the needs of technicians, Moglix has come up with a new range of angle grinders. The products that are available in the angle grinder range have been sourced from leading brands like Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Cumi, Eastman, GB Tools, Himaz, Maktec, Metabo, Milwaukee, Black and Decker etc. The product price has been devised to fit into the budget of buyers. The products that Moglix has on offer as a part of this category have been selected after good scrutiny to meet the needs of buyers. We also deal in electrical hand grinders. To acquire details on angle grinders online, select from the best angle grinders models offered by Moglix.

Looking for Bosch Angle Grinders Online? Go for Moglix

Bosch angle grinders are known for their versatility. To meet up the expectations of buyers, Moglix has come up with a vast range of angle grinders. The Bosch products that are available as a part of this category have been selected keeping in mind the needs of technicians. The angle grinder price has been decided to keep in touch with the spending power of buyers. To acquire details on Bosch angle grinder price list, visit the latest collection available at

Avail the Best Deals on Makita Angle Grinders from Moglix

Makita angle grinders are highly valued by users because of their ability to remove corrosion. They come with smooth edges and have a good polish. The products which are available as a part of this range have been priced within a wide price range to suit the budget of technicians as well as DIY enthusiasts. The Makita angle grinders which Moglix offers online have high durability and have been subjected to quality tests to meet the existing quality standards. Acquire the best offers and know about the latest deals on Makita angle grinders offered by Moglix.

Get Dewalt Angle Grinders Online at Affordable Prices from Moglix

Dewalt angle grinders are suitable for use on concrete surfaces and metalworking. To meet the changing needs of industrial workers, Moglix presents the latest range of Dewalt angle grinders that are available in the market. The tools which are available as a part of Dewalt range are highly suitable for use in construction-related projects as well as factory settings. The prices of these products have been kept within a reasonable range to suit the needs of buyers. To acquire the best deals on Dewalt angle grinders, visit Moglix.

Opt from the exciting collection of Black and Decker angle grinders at Moglix

Black and Decker angle grinders are highly useful for smooth cutting and grinding operations due to their strong motors. To ensure a high level of perfection in industrial applications, Moglix has come up with angle grinders that have an ergonomic design and have a perfect grip. The Black and Decker grinders’ collection that Moglix has on offer includes models ideal for use in metal grinding, stone polishing, granite, and metal sheet cuttings. These angle grinders are equipped with a dust-sealed switch.

Experience Optimum Comfort Using Small Angle Grinders

The Small grinders are highly suitable for use in DIY projects because of its compact size and high portability. The products which we are offering as a part of this range are ideal for usage over long hours. These small angle grinders have a long lifespan and are equipped with dust protected ball bearings. The all ball-bearing construction of these machines makes them ideal for usage over a long span of time.

The electrical grinders that we are offering as a part of this range come with a metallic gear housing which ensures high robustness. They are equipped with reinforced winding & double insulation which offers a high level of protection against metal fillings and dual abrasions. The presence of a super protective guard offers a high level of safety against burst wheel.

A High Level of Convenience the USP of Cordless Angle Grinders

Cordless angle grinders are widely used in workshops and industrial applications because of their portable nature. To satisfy the ever-rising needs of technicians, Moglix presents a wide range of cordless angle grinders sourced from some of the leading brands in the market such as Hitachi, Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, etc. These devices are easy to grip and therefore can be used over long hours. The rubberized soft grip of the device ensures optimal hand comfort.

The angle grinders are the most vital power tools for grinding, polishing & cutting purpose. The products offered by Moglix in this category are 100% genuine; you can also avail easy return policy of Moglix if the products not found satisfactory.

To Choose the Best, Refer Our Angle Grinders Buying Guide