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Krost 252 Pcs Multifunctional Mini Rotary Grinding Tool Kit with Flexible Shaft, TC252
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Krost
₹4,99941% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Comfortable Grip and Lightweight

  • Quick Accessories Change Collect Lock Button

Fein GRIT-GX-75-2H-75mm 2kW Belt Grinder, 79013200403
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Fein
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Low Vibrations

  • Detachable Swarf Collector

Fein GRIT-GX-75 75mm 3kW Belt Grinder, 79013100403
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Fein
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
  • Detachable Swarf Collector

  • Patented Belt-Tensioning System

Krost Medium Blue Metal Grinder Kit with Variable Speed Dremel & Storage Box
By: Krost
₹3,69334% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Grinding Machines

71% of users prefer Grinding Machines in price range of ₹2000-₹3000

29% of users prefer Grinding Machines in price range of ₹3000-₹4000

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Grinding Machines

71% of users prefer Grinding Machines of Krost brand

28% of users prefer Grinding Machines of Forever brand

1% of users prefer Grinding Machines of other brands

Forever FT 100 CSN 230W Heavy Duty Chainsaw Grinding Machine
By: Forever
₹6,20041% OFF
Flat Rs 50 OFF with coupon
Krost TC401 Blue Multi Tool Die Grinder Rotary Tool Kit
Hi-Max 180W Yellow & Black Chain Saw Grinder, IC-049A
By: Hi-max
Available on Request
  • A Streamlined Lean Body Ensures Prolonged Use

  • Portable & Practical Model & Metal Gears Cased for Good

Krost TC 440 163 Pcs Blue Plastic Rotary Die Grinder Machine Kit
Uniqual 215 Pcs 200W Rotary Tools Kit, UQRK13
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Uniqual
Available on Request
  • Grip Handle

  • Ergonomically Designed Flexible Shaft

Trumax 180W 6300rpm Chain Saw Grinder, MX2210
3.5 (1 Review)
By: Trumax
Available on Request
Krost 388 Pcs Green Multifunctional Mini Roatry Tool Die Grinder Tool Kit with Fixed Shaft Roatry Tool
Ralli Wolf 400W GL3 Lathe Grinder
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Ralli Wolf
Available on Request
Krost 164 Pcs 130W Die Grinder Rotary Tool Kit
By: Krost
Available on Request
Krost 211 Pcs Red Tool Die Rotary Grinder Kit for Precision Work
  • Ergonomic & Variable Speed

  • High Performance & Flexible Shaft

Hi-Max 180W 6300rpm Chain Saw Grinder, IC-049A
By: Hi-max
Available on Request
  • Lightweight, Sturdy & Portable

  • Can be Used for Demolishing Walls, Bricks & Hard Surfaces

Metabo BFE 9-20 950W Band File Set with Metal Carry Case, 602244500
  • Electronic Soft Start for Smooth Start-Up

  • Tool-Free Change of Sanding Belt & Adjustable Belt Guide

Krost 226 Pcs Green Die Grinding Rotary Tool Kit
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Krost
Available on Request
  • Multifunction Electric Drill Engraving Machine Set Home Cutting Polishing Tool

  • Light Weight Easy to Assemble - Item Comes with A

Hop on to Moglix for a Range of Efficient Grinding Machines

Grinding tools are essentially pieces of equipment that largely help in machining. Grinding machines help you add smooth finishes to a metal. They also work well with other materials. You can use such tools to achieve a flat, angular, or any specific kind of surface while machining a product. You must know how to perfectly position your workpiece in accordance with the placement of the equipment.


Since the cost of grinder machine is not very low, you want to make sure that you are getting home the most authentic equipment. Taking care of certain parameters while making your purchase helps you make an informed decision. With Moglix offering you a range of grinding equipment, you need not worry. Take a read to know more.


A Brief of The Different Types of Grinding Machine India Available

Bench grinders:

  • As the name suggests, the grinders are placed on a bench or table along with a pulley.
  • In many pieces, you will also find a handle for easier operation.
  • They have grinding wheels and help in smoothing the edges of cutting equipment.


Pedestal grinders:

  • They operate on power and have grinding wheels.
  • They are placed on a pedestal on the floor.
  • They are largely used to smoothen the edges of cutting tools.


Portable grinders:

  • These types of grinders are very easy to operate and can work on electric power.
  • Welding jobs become easy as you can use a mini grinder machine to achieve smooth surfaces.
  • They come with a grinding wheel and also have a switch to operate the machine.


Hand grinders:

  • Similar to the bench grinder concept, these grinding machines are placed on a workbench too.
  • They have grinding wheels.


Flexible grinders:

  • They are highly flexible and offer ease of usage.
  • You can move the electric motor in the direction you want to.
  • They come with a grinding wheel and a handle to help in huge projects.


Precision grinders:

  • These grinding tools help in achieving perfection in every job.
  • A spindle is placed in the grinding wheel, which helps to move the wheel in any direction you want.
  • Cylindrical, form, plunge cut, and centreless grinders are some of the types in this category.


Factors That You Should Focus on While Buying a Grinding Machine

Grinder machine price: Grinding machines from different brands are available in a wide price range. You should set a limit for the amount you wish to invest and then decide.


Size of grinding wheel: The size of the wheel decides to a large extent, the precision you would likely be able to achieve. Take note of how big the wheel is, when you buy the grinder machine.


Purpose of use: Your requirement would also decide how much your investment in a grinder should be. If you are going to use it for large jobs, a more precision-friendly one would be nice.


Materials processed: Grinders have specifications of the material they work well on. While belt grinders work mostly on metals, other types like gear cutting machines can work on plastic and wood as well.


Other technicalities: Specifications like the spindle, volt rating, and input power are other vital parameters you should keep track of, while making the purchase.


Bring Home the Best Grinding Tools from Top Brands

Krost grinding machines:

  • A top seller in the category, Krost is responsible for launching efficient models.
  • The grinding machines are easy to use and lightweight for the comfort of the user.
  • They are used in grinding, cutting, carving, and polishing.
  • The smooth multifunction grinder is high in demand.


Fein grinding machines:

  • Fein is a trustable brand in this category and has models that give low vibrations.
  • They have a patented belt-tensioning system.
  • The detachable swarf collector is another highlight.


Trumax grinding machines:

  • Its chain saw grinder is a top seller.
  • The machines work on a variety of applications and materials.
  • They have a decent no-load speed and power consumption.


Forever grinding machines:

  • It has rolled out a heavy duty chain saw grinding machine.
  • The no-load speed and input power are considerably decent.

Other brands on Moglix in this segment are Hi-Max, Metabo, Uniqual, Ralli Wolf, etc.


Explore Moglix for The Best Grinders From a Range of Brands

A powerhouse of the most authentic brands, Moglix is a site to explore. Scroll through a huge range of brands that promise quality and genuineness. Take care of all the parameters and then choose the grinding machine that best suits your requirements and budget.


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