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EZVIZ C6N Full HD Indoor Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio & MicroSD Card Slot Upto 256GB by Hikvision, CS-TY1 (B0-1G2WF)
4.6 (8 Reviews)
By: Ezviz
₹6,00068% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Easy Monitoing

  • Motion Tracking & Two-Way Communication

Hikvision 720P 1 Bullet & 3 Dome Camera, 1TB Hardisk & 4 Channel DVR Kit with all Accessories
4.6 (16 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹15,84643% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Easy to Install

  • Night Vision

Xiaomi 2i 2MP 1080P 360 Degree White Motion Detection Wireless Home Security Camera, BHR5003IN
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Xiaomi
₹4,44945% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • 7 Day Free Rolling Cloud Storage & Infrared Night Vision

  • 360 deg Panorama

Ezviz C8C Full HD 1080P IP65 White Outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera with Color Night Vision, CS-C8C
4.5 (14 Reviews)
By: Ezviz
₹7,99951% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • The Advanced H.265 Video Compression Technology, Achieving Better Video Quality...

  • Elegant and Durable Design

Moglix Insights

Top 4 categories of CCTV Cameras

51% of users prefer Smart WiFi Cameras

16% of users prefer SIM Cameras

11% of users prefer Spy Cameras

9% of users prefer CCTV Combo Kits

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of CCTV Cameras

29% of users prefer CCTV Cameras of CP Plus brand

22% of users prefer CCTV Cameras of Power Pixel brand

12% of users prefer CCTV Cameras of YK RETAIL brand

12% of users prefer CCTV Cameras of Hikvision brand

Hikvision Full HD 2MP 4 CCTV Camera (2 Dome & 2 Bullet) & 4CH Full HD DVR Kit (All Accessories)
4.3 (14 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹24,89968% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Hard Disk Supported Upto 6TB

  • Can be Monitor & Control Factory Plants in Industry

Hikvision 5MP 2 Bullet Camera, 1TB Hardisk & 8 Channel DVR Kit with all Accessories
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹47,99973% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Real Time Recording For All Cameras�

  • Clear Video Capture

CP Plus 5MP HD CCTV 4 Pcs Bullet, 4 Pcs Dome Camera & 8CH DVR Combo Kit with All Accessories
4.4 (15 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹42,44557% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • DVR: Two-Way Talk: Reuse Audio In/Out & RCA

  • Max User Account: 128 Users

CP Plus CPE21-A Intelligent Home PT Wireless wifi Camera with Cloud Remote Viewing 1080 Full HD with Built in Alexa & Google Assistant
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹3,99915% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • H264 High Profile Video Compression Wi-Fi Support & Intruder Alert

  • Works With ALEXA

CP Plus 3MP 4G Pan & Tilt  Way Audio Camera, CP-Z32G
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹8,10050% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Pan/Tilt Support: Pan: Up to 263, Tilt: Up to 90,

  • Support Micro SD Card 256 GB

Power Pixel 5MP 4K FHD Wi-Fi Outdoor PTZ Security Camera with 360 degree Video Coverage, Two-Way Audio Talk & Colored Night Vision
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Power Pixel
₹9,99977% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • For Service-Related Support, Reach Out at Customer Care Support: 6360863867/8147515730/0821-4060125

  • This Product is Directly Supplied from Power Pixel

Godrej Ace Pro Green 4MP Plastic IP66 Solar Powered Camera
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹14,99951% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Monitoring: Android & iPhone & Windows PC

  • Supports Two-way Audio & Built-in PIR Sensor

Power Pixel 5MP Wi-Fi IP PTZ CCTV Security Dome Surveillance Camera with Motion Detection & Colour Night Vision
4.3 (6 Reviews)
By: Power Pixel
₹7,99973% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • For Service-Related Support, Reach Out at Customer Care Support: 6360863867/8147515730/0821-4060125

  • Colourful Night Vision

CP Plus CP-V32G 3MP 4G 2 Way Audio with Coloured Night Vision SIM Supported Camera
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹7,80064% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Support Two-Way Audio Communication

  • Support RJ45 Port & 4G SIM

Hikvision 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera, DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP\ECO
4.6 (16 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹2,60058% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Signal System-PAL/NTSC

  • High-performance CMOS

Trueview T18132 4MP 4G Solar Powered Mini Pan & Tilt Wireless Security CCTV Camera with Solar Panel
4.4 (7 Reviews)
By: Trueview
₹22,30061% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • For Service Related Support, Reach out at Customer Care Number:

  • 4G Connection, Scan the QR Code to Easily Connect the

CP Plus 2.4MP 8 Pcs Bullet Camera, 2TB Hardisk, 8CH DVR, Cable Roll, Power Supply, BNC & DC Connector Kit
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹32,00052% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Easily Connected with Mobile Thru the Internet, Watch Live Cameras

  • Local or Remote Access Anytime & Anywhere

Power Pixel 8MP 4G Dual Lens 4K PTZ IP Camera with 12000mAh Solar Panel, PIR Human & Motion Tracking
By: Power Pixel
₹22,00060% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Support 10X Digital Zoom, Sound & Light Alarm & Custom...

  • Two-Way Voice Intercom, Cloud Storage & TF Card Storage

Hikvision 720P 2 Bullet & 2 Dome Camera & 4 Channel DVR Kit with all Accessories
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹24,89971% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Real Time Recording for All Cameras�

  • Easy to Install

YK RETAIL Solar Power 4G Wifi FHD PTZ Camera
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Yk Retail
₹9,99931% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Full HD Resolution

  • Motion Detection Alarm Notification

Power Pixel 3MP 1080p Wi-Fi Portable Security Bulb Camera with E27 Socket for Home, School, Mall, Warehouse, Gas Station & Office
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Power Pixel
₹4,99970% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Intelligent Smart Detection Function Generates an Instant Realtime Alert on...

  • All Your Security Needs are Catered to with the Option...

YK RETAIL 1080P HD Digital Video Camera with USB Charger
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Yk Retail
₹3,99971% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • HD USB Wall Charger Motion Activated Adapter DVR Support Loop

CP Plus 2.4MP 2 Pcs White & Black Camera, 4 Channel DVR & Hard Disk Kit with All Accessories, CP_007
4.2 (13 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹14,14752% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Mobile Software: cMOB-20, CMS Software: RVMS Pro

  • Easy to Install

CP Plus 2.4MP 4 Pcs White & Black Outdoor Camera with 4 Channel DVR Kit, 4CHDVR-4B-28
4.7 (19 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹13,91544% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • ‎HD Resolution

  • CCDev Cable & Hard Drive is Not Included in this

IBS 720p Digital Security Double Antenna Wireless CCTV IP Camera
4.7 (26 Reviews)
By: Ibs
₹5,99979% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Present Positioning & Linkage

  • Remote Pan and Tilt: Yes

TP-Link VIGI C540V 4MP 12VDC Full Colour Dual Lens CCTV Network Camera
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Tp-link
₹11,99928% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Smart Detection: Receive Notifications & Check Feeds When Someone Crosses...

  • 24h Full-Colour: Captures 24 Hours of Full-Colour Details, Even in...

YK RETAIL 12MP White Magnet Wifi Action CCTV Camera with Night Vision & Sports Mode
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Yk Retail
₹3,99970% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Updated Point-to-Point Wifi Technology, Supports IOS/ Android Phones & Continuous

  • The Camera is User Friendly with a Straightforward Setup Process

CP PLUS CP-E41A 4MP Wi-Fi 360 deg Pan & Tilt Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Talk & Motion Detection
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹5,40058% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Smart Home Compatibility

  • Panoramic Viewing Angle

CP Plus CP E25A 2MP Full HD Smart WiFi Dome Camera
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹3,70057% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Hassle-Free Installation, Connect to Your Local Wi-Fi in a Moment....

  • Material Type: Metal; Included Components: Camera & USB; Specific Uses

Trueview T18075 3MP 4G Smart Sim All Time Color Bullet Camera
4.4 (15 Reviews)
By: Trueview
₹13,99977% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • For Service-Related Support, Reach Out at Customer Care Number: +91

  • This Product is Supplied from Trueview Brand

Hikvision 2MP 1080p HD USB Built-in Microphone Web Camera with Clear Sound, DS-U02
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Hikvision
₹3,00073% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Capture Crisp & Clear Images with a High Resolution

  • Plug-and-play Usb Connectivity

Godrej Ace Pro 4G Bullet 3MP SIM Camera
By: Godrej
₹8,09959% OFF
  • Compatible with Alexa

  • Infrared & White Dual-light Design

YK RETAIL 1080P Full HD Wireless Waterproof CCTV PTZ Security Camera
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Yk Retail
₹5,99968% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Remote Access & Control

  • Night Vision Capability

Power Pixel 4+4MP 4G Dual Lens SIM Based Wireless Smart CCTV Camera with Ultra HD View, Motion Detection & Night Vision
By: Power Pixel
₹12,00058% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Smart Alarm Push Whenever Motion is Detected, the Surveillance Camera...

  • Colour Night Vision Mode Featuring 8 Pcs White LED &...

CP Plus 2MP Wi-Fi PT Camera, CP-E28A
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹4,99968% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • IR Cut Filter, Image Flip & Notification Method: App Push

  • Works with Alexa & Google Home

CP Plus 2.4MP 4 Pcs Dome, 4 Pcs Bullet Camera, 2TB Hardisk, 8CH DVR, Cable Roll, Power Supply, BNC & DC Connector Kit
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Cp Plus
₹32,00050% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • DVR have VGA, HDMI Output Output, One Audio Input, Output,

  • Reliable Wired Connection

IBS Double Antenna Night Vision HD CCTV Wi-Fi Camera
4.4 (20 Reviews)
By: Ibs
₹3,30362% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Easy to Achieve Real-Time Remote Viewing

  • Wi-Fi Smart Net Camera, Smart Cloud, Two-Way Intercom, Pan/Tilt &

Trueview 4MP 4G Sim Based Pan & Tilt 10X Combined Zoom Dual Lens Smart CCTV Security Camera
By: Trueview
₹17,50072% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • The Built-in High-sensitivity Microphone & Speaker Enable Seamless Two-way Audio,

  • Benefit From Area Motion Detection & Humanoid Detection for Precise

Active Pixel 4G 3MP 2.4GHz Wi-Fi IP Color Night Vision CCTV Security Camera with 2.5 inch High-Decibel Speaker, 360 deg PTZ View & 2-Way Audio Motion Detection
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Active Pixel
₹17,99978% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • Multiple Storage Methods

  • 3MP HD Image & Color Night Vision

Maizic Smarthome Supercams 6MP HD 1080p Wi-Fi Dual Lens & Dual Screen Video Record Color Night Vision PTZ Bullet Outdoor Camera
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Maizic
₹9,00048% OFF
Flat 100 OFF with coupon
  • 360-Degree Pan, Tilt, & Zoom (Ptz) Control

  • The Camera Uses Infrared Leds to Provide Color Night Vision

TP-Link Tapo C100 1080P Full HD Home Security Wi-Fi Camera with Alexa & Google Assistant Support
4.2 (17 Reviews)
By: Tp-link
₹2,89944% OFF
Flat Rs. 100 OFF with coupon
  • Advanced Night Vision ,Provides A Visual Distance of Up to

  • Easy Setup & Management ,Manage Everything with Tapo App

Related CCTV Cameras Articles

Secure Yourself With The Most Reliable CCTV Cameras for Homes and Offices

One of the most cost-effective methods to provide security in the workplace, or at home, is with CCTV Cameras or Video Surveillance Systems. A closed-circuit television, commonly known as a CCTV, is a security monitor that helps keep an eye around your property. A conventional CCTV security system comprises a camera(s) with a lens equipped with an image sensor. There's also a recorder, cables, and one or more monitors to transmit the image wherever required. These components not only help view live events but also give the user a chance to utilize past footage at their convenience. Amongst many other uses, wireless surveillance cameras are installed in homes for safety and used by businesses to avoid any unnecessary losses caused due to insufficient security. These relatively economical CCTVs have largely replaced expensive security guards, while significantly elevating the reliability and, accountability to nearly 100% by providing real-time remote video surveillance. The current CCTV market's top players are Godrej, Hikvision, Bosch, Ezviz, Sony, CP Plus, Zicom, etc.

Types of Security Cameras to Choose From

Analog Security Camera - An Analog CCTV system uses cables to transmit continuous video signals. Compared to other types, it is relatively cheaper but comes with a low resolution. An analog system also requires many other peripherals to function, for example, a video MicroSD card to save the footage and an audio transmitter because a standard system does not support sound.


Digital CCTV Camera - Digital CCTV systems for home digitise signals at the camera level itself, eliminating the use of cables and other peripheral devices. The videos are directly stored on the computers, which means one needs to have a large amount of space available to store the footage.


Network/IP Security Camera - A network/IP type of surveillance system is used alongside an analog or digital camera to stream video footage over the internet. It also can contain multiple cameras to cover a wide angle. A network/IP system allows you to monitor remotely and use automation for surveillance purposes without network cabling hassle. However, these systems are comparatively expensive and can be hacked as well.

Various Application Areas of CCTV Cameras 

Crime Management - Crime management is the most widely used function of home security cameras. It can help deter potential crimes via surveillance. In case when a crime does happen, the video footage can be utilized by law enforcement to solve the matter speedily. Surveillance cameras also make surveillance of conventionally inaccessible areas much more manageable, for example, rooftops, basements, etc.


Community Monitoring - Community monitoring is a new function of CCTVs that governments and organizations worldwide are deploying. They use it to monitor and collect real-time statistics about citizens and their behavior in general. For example, cameras are installed at traffic signals to gather traffic statistics.


Disaster Management - In times of emergency, Security surveillance cameras play a crucial role. They are used by rescue workers to monitor the disaster site and plan their next steps most efficiently.


Retail Intelligence - Store owners use past video footage to analyse their customers' behavior and understand them better. For example, they look into what products they seem the most interested in, which products are not getting any attention, which aisles are frequently visited, etc., to get the best results for their business.

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Security Cameras

Uses - Have clear goals in your mind about why you need a surveillance camera for your home and what purpose it should serve. Once decided, set a budget.


Resolution - While buying, ensure that the camera has a reasonably high resolution. Otherwise, you'll get pixelated or unclear images, which might not serve the purpose of having a CCTV camera at home at all. A 1080p resolution camera is a suitable option in most cases.


Night Vision - If you are buying a security camera, ensure that you opt for a camera that comes with night vision. Today, most cameras have this feature that automatically regulates night vision based on natural light.


Resistance - If you are buying CC cameras for outdoor purposes, make sure that it is highly resistant to wide temperature ranges, moisture, dust, etc.; otherwise, they'll stop functioning.


Network System - Once the security camera is decided, choose an equally strong network system to get the best results.

Top Brands That Sell Efficient CC Cameras at Moglix

CP Plus Home Security Cameras  - CP Plus wireless surveillance cameras for home come with high atmospheric resistance. They function seamlessly in extreme weather conditions and ensure that security is maintained. These home surveillance cameras also support advanced features like Wifi support, two-way audio, and intelligent motion alerts.


Godrej Surveillance Systems  - Godrej home security cameras are widely popular because of their strong resolutions. They also provide real-time recording and can be paired with hard drive storage to store the footage. In addition, they are easy to install and operate. Godrej's security cameras often come equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs or other night vision technology. 


Hikivision Home Security Cameras  - Hikivision has a huge market for surveillance cameras with various options for customers to choose from, depending on their needs. They also have many affordable options with varied features, meaning the entire system can be tailored to the customers' requirements.


Sony Security Cameras  - Sony is popular for its smart systems, very advanced features, and awesome customer support. Sony CCTV cameras for homes and offices are a good one-time investment as they are technologically advanced. They also provide the best video quality and are known for their reliability.


Dahua Home Security Cameras  - One of the top security camera brands available is Dahua. They are trustworthy and ideal for any home or commercial security system. It is the ideal option for anyone searching for a high-end, reasonably-priced security camera.

CCTV Cameras by Price Range: Secure Your Space with Affordable Solutions

Looking for reliable CCTV cameras that fit your budget? At, we've curated a selection of surveillance solutions to suit every pocket. Whether you're aiming to spend under 1000, under 2500, under 5000, or under 10000, we've got you covered.

CCTV Cameras Under Price 1000: Find economical CCTV options that don't compromise on quality. Perfect for basic surveillance needs in homes or small businesses.

Security Cameras Under 2500 INR: Upgrade to more advanced features without breaking the bank. Explore enhanced resolution and additional functionalities for improved security.

Surveillance Cameras (CCTV) Under 5000: Discover a wider range of options with better resolution, night vision capabilities, and remote monitoring features. Ideal for medium-sized businesses or larger homes.

CCTV Cameras Under Price 10000: Invest in comprehensive surveillance setups with high-definition cameras, motion detection, and smart connectivity options. Suitable for businesses or properties requiring top-notch security measures.

Buy The Best Home Security Cameras At Moglix

Moglix has a collection of the best-in-the-industry security cameras and hidden cameras for your homes and businesses, just one click away. The wireless cc cameras are equipped with the latest features that fit the requirements of the customers in present times. They support Wi-Fi, capture high-resolution footage, permit live and remote monitoring, multiple camera systems, and so much more. The cameras are efficient, reliable, and atmospheric resistant. Moglix offers you these much-needed security devices like security cameras, and hidden cameras with the best discounts possible. Let Moglix secure you, your loved ones, and your belongings with the best-in-the-world technology and make this world a safe place. Visit our website and explore the wide-ranging variety of surveillance cameras for homes at pocket-friendly rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CCTV Cameras

Can we connect CCTV Camera with mobile phone?

Yes, a CCTV camera with wi-fi functionality can be accessed via Mobile devices

Can a CCTV work without an internet connection?

Yes, a CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system can work without an internet connection. CCTV cameras can be connected directly to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) for local recording and monitoring. In this setup, the recorded footage can be viewed on a monitor connected to the DVR or NVR. However, without an internet connection, remote access to the recorded footage would not be possible.

Can a CCTV camera work in the dark?

Yes, some CCTV cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities that allow them to capture footage in low-light or complete darkness. This is achieved through the use of infrared (IR) illuminators that emit light in the IR spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye but can be picked up by the camera. The recorded footage will appear in black and white, as the IR light does not produce color images. There are also CCTV cameras that use special low-light sensors and image processing technology to produce color images in low-light conditions.

Can a CCTV camera record audio?

Yes, some CCTV cameras are equipped with built-in microphones that allow them to record audio along with the video footage. This can provide additional information and context to the recorded footage.

How long does the footage recorded by CCTV last?

The duration of the footage recorded by a CCTV camera depends on various factors, including the capacity of the storage device, the recording settings, and the amount of available storage space. On average, a 500GB hard drive can store several weeks to a few months of footage, depending on the recording settings. Some CCTV systems can also be set up to automatically overwrite older footage to make room for new recordings. It's important to regularly back up important footage to a separate storage device.