Know More About CCTV Cameras Best Uses and Benefits:

Know More About CCTV Cameras Best Uses and Benefits:

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) are mainly used for surveilling your home/office/shops/hotels etc both in your presence and absence. In the present time, as we are seeing many robbery and burglary cases everyday, these cameras play a very important role in protecting your home/business-offices and other properties during your absence.

CCTV Camera for Home:

Are you away from your home for most of the time due to various reasons and hence worried about the security of your home?? Well then, CCTV Cameras for home security are the one time solution for your problem. These Cameras let you monitor all the things happening at your home/business. These CCTV cameras for home not only show you the videos in real time as they are happening but also records them. These recorded videos are saved and can be used for reference whenever required.

The cameras also come with many features such as remote access, night mode, motion detection etc which gives a total protection for your home. The cctv camera for home with mobile connectivity allows you to access all these features right on your fingertips. CCTV cameras for home with mobile connectivity are more like your personal bodyguards allotted for your home for its 24/7 protection from theft and burglary.

  • CCTV Installation:

Initially cctv installation was considered to be quite difficult and hence people used to seek advice from professionals installers. But now, due to advances in technology, CCTV camera installation is very easy. But still, self-installation of these cameras can be time consuming and more importantly there may be mistakes which result in unoptimized storage, poor coverage, improper control, etc. Such mistakes may completely compromise the security of your home. To avoid this, we'd like to suggest you to hire professionals for CCTV camera installation with which you can eliminate all the above problems and get a perfect setup as per your needs.

  • CCTV Camera price:

Initially the cctv camera price was quite high when they were new in the market and were only used in big companies for security purposes. But today, the wireless CCTV camera price is such that they can be used/installed even by a common man for both the security of his home or business. The wireless cctv camera price depends on the brand and its features. The price also depends whether the camera is wired or wireless.

Best CCTV Camera:

A number of cctv camera brands are available in the market with a wide range of features. This makes it a very hectic task to choose the right camera for home security. To make your work easy, we have brought here some of the best cctv cameras based on reviews and cctv camera price.

Now, apart from CCTV cameras, even PTZ Cameras and Surveillance cameras are also used for security purposes.

  • PTZ Cameras:

Along with CCTV cameras even PTZ Cameras are also used for surveillance purposes. Unlike CCTV cameras that are fixed and non-zoomable, PTZ cameras come with Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions. These cameras let their user to manually pan, tilt and zoom even from remote locations via their software apk/internet-browser. These cameras are more flexible than the traditional security cameras and also come with more monitoring functions.

  • Surveillance Cameras:

Just like cctv cameras, even surveillance cameras are used for surveying or observing a particular area. The only difference is that surveillance cameras are connected with an IP network or for a recording device for the recording purposes. Further, surveillance cameras can be accessed by watch guards and law officers whenever required.

CCTV Camera: FAQs

Q. Which CCTV camera is best?

A. The Mi 360-degree FHD security camera is considered to be the best security camera for your home.

Q. How much does a CCTV camera cost?

A. The cost of these surveillance devices depends on their features and type (wire or wireless).

Q. Can CCTV be connected to the phone?

A. Yes, CCTV cameras can be connected with your mobile phones.

Q. How do CCTV cameras work?

A. These security cameras record the video of the observing area. The videos can be seen in real time as well as they are saved in an archive which can be used for reference when required.

Q. If the CCTV camera is switched off, can it still record?

A. Yes, these security cameras can record even when they are off. This is only possible when the cameras have a NVR or a DVR set-up for storage purposes.

Q. Do home security video cameras record?

A. Yes, most of the home security video cameras come with motion detection. This enables them to record when they detect any motion in the observing area. Some cameras are capable of recording 24/7.

Q. What is the difference between CCTV and surveillance?

A. The main difference between these two is that the cctv cameras require cables for transmitting the recording videos. On the other hand, surveillance cameras use the NVR (Network Video Recorder) for transmitting the videos.

Q. What are CCTV cameras made of?

A. Plastic and electronic components are used in making these cameras. Plastic is used as covering as it is not affected by the environmental conditions.