Hikvision CCTV Camera Types, Specifications and Price List

Hikvision CCTV Camera Types, Specifications and Price List

CCTV cameras are used for surveilling both homes, offices, malls, parking lots, and parks. With the increase in the rate of crimes and theft in the country, the demand for high-quality CCTV cameras has increased by two-folds. Luckily, there are several brands in the Indian market to cater to this rapid rise in the demand for CCTV cameras. Despite the clutter, the Hikvison camera has managed to outshine all the brands.

Hikvision CCTV camera provides the most affordable quality products in India. Further, it is the most popular CCTV cameras brand, owing to its customer-specific products. Hikvision camera is a Chinese manufacturer that was established in the year 2001. Since then, Hikvision never saw back and moved ahead becoming the leading CCTV camera and security system manufacturers in the market.

Hikvision provides a long range of CCTV cameras, alarm systems, security systems, and other surveillance equipment at the most affordable price especially to cater to the Indian market. Further, Hikvision since its inception has been focused on providing customers, a well-researched product. Thus, Hikvison CCTV camera spends around 8% of their annual revenue on research and development.

Further, it is of utmost necessity for the buyer to understand the purpose of the CCTV camera they are planning to buy. Do you wish to secure a home, office, parking lot, or any other place, depending on the area of surveillance cameras will change. The best thing about Hikvison cameras is their wide range of Hikvision CCTV cameras, which are designed to suit any condition or location. With a Hikvision dome camera, you can secure your home, or with a Hikvision bullet CCTV camera, you can secure outdoors.

Further, Hikvision provides multiple DVR for you to choose from such as Hikvision 8 channel DVR, Hikvision DVR 16 channel, Hikvision 4 channel DVR, and many more. In addition to all, megapixels of the CCTV cameras plays a crucial role in producing a clean image. Further, Hikvision gives a variety of choices to the customer like Hikvision 5mp camera, Hikvision 2mp camera, Hikvision 2mp IP camera and more. Below is list of Hikvision CCTV camera price and their features

Types of Hikvision CCTV camera:

Hikvision IP camera / Hikvision Network cameras

IP or network cameras were designed to share real-time footage over the internet, enabling you to easily access the data anywhere in the world. Further, the bandwidth the video shared is compressed to make the internet feed consistent.

Hikvision IP cameras were designed and tailored to meet the various needs of the customers. They are fitted with high-quality imaging technology to get clear and crisp feed even in varying lighting conditions.

Key features of Hikvision IP camera / Hikvision Network cameras

  • Minimum storage and bandwidth requirements
  • High-quality image
  • Crisp images in different light conditions
  • Data powered situational alerts
  • Provides data in real-time
  • Easy to install

Hikvision Wifi Camera/Hikvision Wireless camera

Wifi cameras were designed to reduce the duration of the installation process. Further, the wifi camera uses a radio band to transmit the audio and video signal from the CCTV camera to the wireless receiver at your end. Further, being wireless does not mean they do not require a power connection, they do have a power cable for electricity.

Further, the Hikvision Wifi camera provides real-time data, and with the assistance of its deep learning ability, it reduces false alarms by automatically detecting humans and vehicles. Plus, the Hikvision Wifi camera gives you high-quality output and has advanced infrared technology with long IR distance for better performance.

Key Features of Hikvision Wifi Camera

  • High-quality imaging
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • Wi-fi connection and easy installation
  • advanced infrared technology
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Support micro SD card, up to 256 GB

Hikvision Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras have a unique design that enables them to observe objects at long distances. These cameras have a long cylindrical shape and are mostly used for outdoor surveillance. Hikvision Bullet Camera has its casing made of water, dust, and dirt resistant to ensure long life.

Hikvision bullet camera is built-in with a high-quality image sensor and provides crisp imaging even against strong backlight, owing to its WDR technology. Further, Hikvison cameras are compact and easy to install, make them perfect for keeping an eye on valuables.

Key Features of Hikvision Bullet Camera

  • High-quality imaging
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • Built-in microphone for real-time audio security
  • Water and dust resistant

Top 6 Hikvision bullet camera

ProductVideo outputDay and NightWarranty
Hikvision DS-2CE1AC0T/11C0T-IRP CCTV CameraHD Video Output 1 Turbo HD outputDay and Night ICR.1 year
Hikvision 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera, DS-1AD0T-IRP/ECOAnalogue HD OutputIR cut filter with auto switch1 year
Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IRP Turbo IR Bullet Camera, 720PAnalog HD outputDay and Night ICR.1 year
Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRPF 2MP HD1080P IR Bullet CameraAnalog HD output, up to 1080P resolution.IR cut filter with auto switch1 year
Hikvision DS-2CE16C2T-IRP Turbo IR Bullet CameraAnalog HD output.Day/Night IR cut filter with auto switch Video1 year
Hikvision 1MP CMOS IR Night Vision Bullet Camera, DS-1AC0T-IRP-/ECOTurbo HD output.Day and Night ICR.1 year

Hikvision PTZ camera

The PTZ or Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras were crafted to give you a complete hold on what is being recorded from the cameras. With a touch of a button, the person can zoom in / out, pan left/right, and tilt the camera as per his requirements. These cameras are perfect for security that continuously monitors the live feed.

Hikvision cameras offer multiple PTZ cameras that suit different scenarios and locations. The Hikvision PTZ range includes Hikvision high-end DF series network PTZ, Hikvision PTZ positioning cameras, Hikvision traffic PTZ, Hikvision AF series Turbo HD PTZ and more. With these excellent Hikvision PTZ cameras, you can cover a lot of area without leaving a blind spot.

Key Features of Hikvision PTZ camera

  • Full-color image output
  • Support H.265+/H.265 video compression
  • Support rapid focus
  • High-quality imaging
  • Excellent low-light performance by DarkFighter technology
  • 25x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom
  • Up to 200 m IR distance
  • Accurate human and vehicle target classification
  • Up to 5 faces captured at the same time

Hikvision Dome Camera

Dome CCTV cameras got the name from the dome-shaped casing in which the camera is placed. These cameras are relatively discreet as the criminals cannot be sure where the camera is facing. Further, the Hikvision dome camera has a perfect balance of cost and performance.

Hikvision camera aims to provide customers with easy-to-use features at affordable prices. So, if you desire a CCTV camera with several intelligent features, then Hikvision Dome Camera is the best choice.

Key Features of Hikvision Dome Camera

  • High-quality imaging
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • Clear imaging
  • Built-in microphone for real-time audio security
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Vandal-proof
  • strong structure design

Top 2 Hikvision Dome Camera

ProductVideo OutputDay and NightWarranty
Hikvision HDTVI 2.0 MP IR Bullet CCTV Camera, DS-2CE16D1T-IRPFull HD 1080P video outputYes1 year
Hikvision DS-2CE56COT-IR Turbo HD IR Dome CameraAnalog HD output, up to 720 P resolutionyes1 year

Hikvision DVR

A DVR is an acronym for Digital Video Recorder that stores the audio and visual files shared by the CCTV camera. Today, a large proportion of cameras capture analog images, and DVR converts them to digital and stores them on the external storage device post-compression. Further, Hikvision camera provides a wide range of DVR such as Hikvision 8 channel DVR, Hikvision DVR 16 channel, Hikvision 4 channel DVR, and more.

Hikvision has changed the surveillance market by introducing advanced technology and multiple features to Hikvision DVR. Further, Hikvision provides various DVRs that are sub-divided into five categories as per their usage. Hikvision offers Hikvision 8 channel DVR, Hikvision DVR 16 channel, Hikvision 4 channel DVR, and more.

Key Features of Hikvision DVR

  • Four channels and 1 HDD mini size DVR
  • Five signals input adaptively
  • Up to six network cameras can be connected

Top 4 Hikvision DVR

Hikvision New Upgraded 4 Channel Turbo HD Mini DVR, DS-7A04-HGHI-F1/ECOUp to 1920x1080P Resolution4 Channel DVR1 year
Hikvision DS-7116HGHI-F1 Turbo HD DVR1920 x 1080/60 Hz, 1280x1024/60 Hz, 1280x720/60 Hz, 1024x768/60 Hz.16 channel DVR1 year
Hikvision 4 Channel 720/1080P DVR, NCHVDVR04CH10801920x1080 p4 channel DVR1 year
Hikvision 24 Channel Turbo HD DVR, DS-7324HGHI-SH1920x1080 / 60 Hz, 1280x1024 / 60 Hz, 1280x720 / 60 Hz, 1024x768 / 60 Hz24 channel DVR1 year

There are several CCTV cameras that you can choose from, just look for what suits your needs the best. Hikvision is one of the best CCTV camera companies in India and has been producing several quality products for better security.

Hikvision 5mp camera, Hikvision 2mp camera, Hikvision 2mp IP camera are best in class products and Hikvision CCTV camera price, Hikvision 5mp camera price, etc. are always economical. Further, Hikvision DVR price 8 channel, Hikvision 4 channel DVR price, etc. is reasonable and its multi-features make them worth every single penny.

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