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What is a Water Purifier: A Gift for your Health!

Water is a basic necessity for every living being. We can survive without food but survival without water is not possible. However, water that has impurities in it can also be dangerous for your health, and in today’s world clean and pure water is very hard to find. Because of this water purifiers came into the picture. These are used to purify the water and let the impurities be pulled out of the water. A good water purifier removes excess salts, suspended particles and microbes and retains its essential vitamins and minerals. Water purifier and water filter work on the same mechanical principle to provide clean water. There is only one big difference between a water purifier and water filter that is purifiers can remove viruses and bacteria that filters cannot remove.

A Wide Range of Water Purifiers Available Online!

Now as per the increased demand of clean and pure water there are different types of water purifiers available in the market

RO Purifier - This is known as reverse osmosis water purifier which uses a semipermeable membrane to purify water. RO water purifier is most effective to purify hard, salt water, and chemicals dissolved. It is also capable of removing metal particles like arsenic, fluoride, lead chlorine, nitrates, and sulfates. This is one of the most commonly used water filters.

UV Purifier - UV or ultraviolet water purifier has the technology that is capable of killing water-borne diseases microorganisms, Bacteria, viruses, etc. These purifiers don’t use any chemicals during the purification process. These purifiers are ideal for lakes, river water, etc.

UF Purifier - This ultra-filtration purifier has a hollow membrane that is capable to separate water and other particles present in water. It does not work with hard water but blocks the bacteria from water. It also has a long life span.

Buy Water Purifier at the Best Price from Moglix!

At Moglix, you can get a diverse range of water purifiers and water filters. By understanding the nature of water in your area you can choose the purifier as per your requirement.

Aquafresh Purifiers

It is an India based organization. Their RO is based on advanced technology i.e. reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, and ultra-filtration. They provide one of the best RO purifiers in the country and are most trusted.

Eureka Forbes Water Purification Systems

They manufacture some of India’s best purifiers. They believe to provide a safe and healthy living to their customers. They have developed some most advanced water purifiers.

Some FAQs about the Water Purifier

Does the water purifier really work?

The answer to this question is yes; purifier not only removes dirt and impurities but also gives a peculiar taste to water. It keeps the mineral and vitamins retain in water.

Is RO water good for health?

Yes! RO water is pure like distilled water. It does not have any chemicals in it so it will not affect your health.

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LG Water Purifiers₹12880₹22626
Havells Water Purifiers₹6778₹23727
Blue Star Water Purifiers₹6355₹28897
Kent Water Purifiers₹5931₹51524
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