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What Are Electrical Devices and Why Do We Need Them?

Consider this, you have a regular flow of electricity, however, there is no bulb or a tube light nor any switches and sockets installed at your place. Neither do you have any electrical meters working in your factory? Now how are you supposed to utilize all that power which is available at your disposal?

Simply install electrical devices! These are the means and mediums that transfer electrical energy into other useful forms that fulfill many household and industrial functions. Today several innovative electrical products have been introduced in the market which efficiently harnesses the power and utilizes it safely and cost-effectively.

Thus the requirement and usage of such user-friendly electrical devices have become inevitable especially for responsible consumption of electricity in an efficient way. Moglix with its impressive portfolio of electrical products has been able to identify and fulfill the need for electrical components and supplies required by our industrial users.

Buy Electrical Items Online at Moglix

You can easily buy electrical items online at Moglix. Buy electrical goods online by browsing through the extensive collection at Moglix.com. The collection consists of featured electrical parts and accessories. You can now buy branded electrical items online at attractive prices with special discounts from Moglix.com. If you have been shirking from buying branded electrical items because of the prices, here is your chance to bag a great deal! Save loads of money by buying electricals online from Moglix.

What Are Energy Saving Electrical Devices and Why Should You Use Them?

Many trusted electrical equipment companies have developed high-quality energy-saving devices which are available online with us. We encourage consumers to use such electrical devices over traditional ones to do their part in saving electricity and avoiding higher costs on consumption.

A household power voltage saving device also known as Power Saver is one such electrical equipment that saves up to 40% of electricity consumption thereby reducing your monthly electricity bills considerably.

Many capacitor banks are also available that can be installed with high voltage electrical durables such as air conditioners and washing machines to save power and reduce cost. They also help in maintaining a smooth current flow to your electrical appliances and prevent them from overheating.

What Are the Various Electrical Devices Available at Moglix?

Moglix offers you a wide range of electrical devices that are energy saving and high quality products from leading brands like Havells, Polycab, Finolex, Anchor, Panasonic, Legrand, Crabtree, Schneider and more. From switches and sockets, LED bulbs and tubes, wires and cables to Industrial switches and controls, circuit breakers and fuses and even relays and contactors, we possess electrical equipment for every function, purpose and budget.

Ensure Efficient Cooling with The Latest Range of Fans from Moglix

Fans are one of the most widely used and efficient cooling solutions. To ensure a high quality of air circulation within homes and offices, Moglix has come up with a wide range of ceiling wall fans, exhaust fans, cooling fans, wall mounted fans, table and pedestal fans. These fans have been sourced from leading brands in the market such as Orient, Usha, Khaitan.

Select from The Assortment of Distribution Boards Available at Moglix.com

Distribution boards are one of the vital components of electrical systems. They are used for dividing electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits and play an active role in offering a protective breaker for each of these circuits. At Moglix, we present modular distribution boards, vertical distribution boards, and double door distribution boards.

Exciting Collection of Switches and Sockets at Moglix

Switches and sockets are one of the most widely used day to day applications. To satisfy the ever growing market demands for switches and sockets of different models, Moglix has introduced an exciting range of products online in this category from leading brands in the Indian market such as Anchor Rider, Great White, Switch Control India etc.

Buy Wires and Cables from Leading Brands at Moglix

Wires and cables form an integral part of the electrical connection systems within residential and commercial buildings. At Moglix, we know how important wires and cables are in the lives of our customer base. Therefore, we have sourced a vast collection of wires and cables such as submersible cables, industrial wires and cables, low tension cables, co-axial cables, CCTV cables, telephone cables etc. from famous brands such as Hensel, Finolex, Prima, Reliance and more.

Meet Your Charging Needs with The New Range of Plugs and Receptacles from Moglix

Plugs and receptacles are must-haves to ensure the proper charging of a wide range of devices starting from mobiles and tablets to laptops. At Moglix, we have an exciting collection of plugs and receptacles with different poles such as 2 pin, 2P+E, 3 P+E, P+E+N, 3 P+N+E from trusted brands such as Himel, G Controls, SG Controls, Ved-G.

Acquire the Newest Range of Relays and Contactors

Relays are normally used in low voltage applications such as switching a tube light. Contactors on the other hand are used for high voltage switching purposes. At Moglix, we are offering bi-metal overload relays, electronic timer relays, thermal overload relays, time delay relays and plug-in relays.

Enhance The Efficiency of Industrial Applications with The Assorted Range of Meters and Accessories from Moglix

Meters and accessories are of different types such as energy meters, VAF meters, voltmeters, power factor meters, frequency meters, multifunction meters, and energy meters. The products that we present as a part of this category have been procured from reputed brands such as SELEC, Sigma, Dolphin Automation, Crown, Unitech Engineers etc.

Bag The Best Deals on Industrial Switches and Controls from Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in an impressive range of industrial switches and controls such as limit switches, pilot lights, time switches, actuators, rotary switches, and micro switches. These devices have been selected after a great deal scrutiny from established brands in the market such as Honeywell, Switch Control India, SG Controls etc.

Select from The Exciting Range of Control Motor Starters Available at Moglix.com

Motor control starters are used in induction motors. To satisfy the needs of industry based users, we at Moglix have come up with an exciting collection of motor control starters such as direct-on line starters from well-known brands such as SHI.

Acquire Circuit Breakers and Buses at The Best Price from Moglix

Circuit breaker and fuses are used for stopping the continuous flow of electricity in case it exceeds the safety flow in different parts of a building. At Moglix, we have an assorted collection of circuit breakers and fuses that have been procured from some of the best brands in the market such as 3M, Allwin, Ambitec, Bosch, Dewalt etc.

Buy Safety and Disconnect Switches Online

To suit the basic requirement of both domestic and office based users, Moglix presents a wide range of safety and disconnect switches from leading brands in the market such as Elcon, SG Controls, Siemens etc.

Electricals - Price Range

ElectricalsMin PriceMax Price
Harmonic Reactor₹3172₹55417
Micro Drives₹5603₹118442
Electrical Spares & Accessories₹193₹44290
Energy Meters₹365₹114621
Legrand Electricals₹40₹238041
Siemens Electricals₹95₹2148780
CP Plus Electricals₹749₹8314
This data was last updated on 5/25/22.