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You can easily buy Circuit Breakers at Moglix. Shop online by browsing through the extensive collection at You can now buy branded Circuit Breakers online at attractive prices with special discounts from Moglix. If you have been shirking from buying branded Circuit Breakers because of the prices, here is your chance to bag a great deal! Save loads of money by buying Circuit Breakers online from Moglix.

Purpose of Circuit Breakers and Fuses?

Circuit Breakers and Fuses are largely used in residential and, industrial units alike, in order to protect the power system from severe ebbs and, flows of power supply. These, along with other electrical protective equipment, such as relays, contactors, and switches, in addition to, other switch-gear, act as a shield for your precious electrical appliances, safeguarding them against hazardous effects of electronic current fluctuations. Simply put, the basic function of these circuit breakers and fuses is to break the circuit in case of faulty power supplies in order to protect the power system equipment and, auxiliaries.

How do Circuit Breakers and Fuses Work?

Fuse is a low resistance device, which is added in a circuit for protection. The application of a fuse is largely restricted to conditions, involving substantial amount of discrepancies in the flow of electric current, however, pertaining to innovations in technology, not just current, fuses are now adept in monitoring and, putting in proportion the voltage fluctuations, which may lead to breakdown of your precious electronic appliances. When current, in a circuit, exceeds the desired value, then due to the increase in the temperature, the fuse wire melts and breaks the circuit, saving your appliance from the wrath of that increased flow of current. Circuit Breaker also works on the same principle, however, instead of melting; it just breaks the circuit by automatically tripping off in case of any current discrepancies.

Buy Circuit Breakers and Fuses Online

Find everything you need with a detailed selection of circuit breakers and fuses available at Moglix. Simply select and buy the type of circuit breaker you need from the various magnetic and thermal automotive circuit breakers up for grabs at MCBs, MCCB, RCCB are some widely used products under this category. Circuit breakers are primarily utilized to protect an electric circuit from damage caused due to overload or short circuit. Unlike fuses, circuit breakers can be reset and need not be replaced after every operation.

Moglix has defined this product line neatly according to the type of circuit breaker or fuse you require, price range, frequency, voltage, amperage, size & brand. Prestigious brands are always a major part of Moglix product catalogue and this particular category portfolio is no different. We have brought an entire range of circuit breakers and fuses from prominent brands namely Havells, Hager, Eaton, Legrand, Siemens, Philips besides others. Simply search and select the brand and the product you need and buy online from

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