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Schneider Electric GV2ME20X0104 13 - 18A MPCB
4.4 (14 Reviews)
By: Schneider Electric
₹7,79044% OFF
Siemens MPCB Range 18-25 A with 1NO+1NC 3VU13 40-1MP00
  • Fingers touch proof terminals ensures operator safety

  • Identical accessories reduce stock levelsCompact and space saving

Schneider Electric GV2ME07 1.6-2.5A MPCB
4.5 (9 Reviews)
By: Schneider Electric
₹6,24541% OFF
Siemens 5-8A MPCB, Breaking Capacity: 10 kA, 3VU1340-1NK00
  • Can be used as a main and EMERGENCY STOP switch

  • Identical accessories reduce stock levels

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of MPCB

100% of users prefer MPCB in price range of ₹3000-₹4000

L&T 16 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41934OOOO
Siemens MPCB Range 1-1.6A - with 1NO+1NC 3VU13 40-1MG00
  • Positive ON/OFF indication through toggle switch

  • Can be used as a main and EMERGENCY STOP switch

Siemens 80-100A 3 Pole MPCB, Breaking Capacity: 100 kA, 3RV1041-4MA10
  • Disclaimer: Product may differ (eg. colour) from the product Image...

  • Class 10 overload trip characteristics.

By: Siemens
₹11,41538% OFF
Siemens MPCB With Aux 20 A 3VU1340-1TN00
By: Siemens
₹14,90030% OFF
SIEMENS MPCB, 4-6A, 3VU1340-1MK00
By: Siemens
₹11,41551% OFF
L&T 25 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41917OOOO
L&T 32 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41918OOOO
Schneider Electric TeSys 37-50A 3 Pole MPCB, Breaking Capacity: 100 kA, GV3P50
By: Schneider Electric
₹24,74042% OFF
L&T 19-25A Rocker Type MPCB, Breaking Capacity: 25 kA, ST41902OOOO
L&T 28-40A Rotary Type MPCB, Breaking Capacity: 50 kA, ST41920OOOO
Siemens MPCB With Aux 16 A 3VU1340-1TM00
By: Siemens
₹14,90030% OFF
Legrand MPX³ 63H-3P Thermal Magnetic MPCBs, 4173 68
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Legrand
₹19,93628% OFF
By: Siemens
₹11,41542% OFF
SIEMENS MPCB, 1-1.6A, 3VU1340-1MG00
By: Siemens
₹11,17047% OFF
L&T 1.6 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41909OOOO
Legrand MPX³ 32S-3P Thermal Magnetic MPCBs, 4173 08
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹4,56628% OFF
Siemens MPCB With Aux 0.2 A 3VU1340-1MS00
By: Siemens
₹9,76533% OFF
Schneider Electric TeSys Three Pole 30-40A MPCB, GV3P40, Breaking Capacity: 100 kA
By: Schneider Electric
₹19,95042% OFF
L&T 10 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41898OOOO
Legrand MPX³ 32S-3P Thermal Magnetic MPCBs, 4173 00
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹3,75628% OFF
Legrand MPX³ 63H-3P Thermal Magnetic MPCBs, 4173 63
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹13,61228% OFF
Siemens MPCB 3VU1340-ONL00 8-13A
By: Siemens
₹6,0981% OFF
L&T 6.3 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41897OOOO
Legrand MPX³ 32MA-3P Thermal Magnetic MPCBs, 4173 52
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹6,90628% OFF
L&T 32 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41903OOOO
Schneider Electric TeSys Three Pole 24-32A MPCB, GV2P32, Breaking Capacity: 100 kA
By: Schneider Electric
₹16,91542% OFF
Siemens 3VS1300-0MF00 Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
L&T 16 A Motor Protection Circuit Breaker ST41915OOOO

Top Quality Electrical MPCB At The Wholesale Price

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker is referred to as an electrical MPCB. The MPCB is a circuit breaker created to safeguard electric motors from overload, short circuits, under voltage, phase loss, etc.


The motor is protected against faults by the protection devices circuit breaker (MPCB), a heat circuit breaker. The MPCBs come in various voltage ranges, typically ranging from about 230 Volts to 660 Volts.


The maximum short circuit current and the motor's full load current determine which MPCB should be used for a specific electric motor. The ability of MPCB to withstand starting (flux) currents without disrupting the circuit makes it special.


Different Types of MPCB Circuit Breaker In the Market

Thermal protection: In 2016, the market for thermal protection MPCB (motor protection circuit breakers) accounted for 48% of the entire market. Thermal protection-type circuit breakers are used for electric current overload prevention. These devices use a growing and contracting contact to disconnect the motor when an excessive current is detected. A high inrush current causes thermal protection to delay the reaction when a motor begins. If the motor does not start, thermal protection trips in response to prolonged inrush current.


Magnetic protection: Circuit breakers for motor protection with magnetic protection are used when there is a high-power electrical fault, line fault, or short circuit. In contrast to thermal protection, magnetic protection immediately cuts off potentially dangerous fault currents. These electrical circuit breakers interrupt the circuit using the electromagnetism principle. The contact is dragged away as the electromagnet increases in response to the current flowing through the circuit. The adjacent motors are disrupted by these magnetic fields, which could even cause them to break. The motor circuit may be disrupted by interference in the magnetism, leading to a fault or breakdown. This factor is the cause of the discrete industry's high adoption rate of magnetic safety-type circuit breakers.


Thermal-magnetic protection: Thermal-magnetic protection breaks the circuit using both heat and magnetic forces. A latching bimetal and a magnetic coil are used in this motor protection to ensure isolation and protection.


Factors to keep in mind before purchasing Electrical MPCB

Specifications: First, learn about the model specifications, functional traits, safety form, rated voltage, rated existing, rated power, frequency of operation, insulation class, and other specifications. These contents can serve as a user's foundation for making informed decisions about protector selection, maintenance, and use. Such as single-phase or three-phase protection devices circuit breakers.


Control Method: Manual, automatic, local, remote, stand-alone, independent operation, centralized control of production lines, etc., are all examples of control modes. Direct, star-delta, step-down,  frequency-sensitive rheostat, inverter, and soft start are a few different start-up techniques.


Voltage Rating: The total voltage rating is a significant consideration when selecting a circuit breaker. This may be calculated by determining the greatest voltage applied across all end ports, the kind of distribution, or how this breaker is incorporated into the system. You must ensure that you choose a circuit breaker with the appropriate voltage capability for the end application. If you don't choose one with adequate voltage, you'll wind up with blown fuses & danger throughout the house.


The cost: You should also consider the cost of the circuit breaker you want to utilize. There is some variation in the price of this product, and you should be cautious about the amount you spend on it.


Other factors: Some other small factors that can make a big difference in your buying decision are:-

The installation location, power source, coordination with the distribution system, etc.

Consider whether to upgrade the motor's protection, configure the security of a newly purchased motor, enhance the protection of an accident motor, etc.

Take into account the difficulty of modifying the protection devices mode and the production impact

Actual on-site working circumstances.


Top Brands Offering Electrical MPCB

Siemens: Siemens thrives when technological advances result in inclusive long-term growth. They offer a top-notch MPCB circuit breaker on the market. These MPCBs require less wiring and can be built to ecological design standards.


Schneider: Schneider's mission is to enable everyone to utilize our resources and energy to the fullest, bridging growth and advancement for all. The advancements in reducing pollution, waste recycling and reuse, eco-friendly practices, etc., are supported and encouraged by their MPCB. 


ABB: One of the well-known brands in the MPCB industry is ABB. ABB has one of the broadest product portfolios for motor protection and control. Their MPCB has high breaking strength and coordinated short-circuit protection.


L&T: The L&T Electrical & Automation Supernova series protection devices circuit breaker (MPCB) combines the MCCB and heat overload relay functions into a remarkably small single unit. A smaller setup area and less wiring space are made possible by the MPCB's compact size, including overload relay functions. This results in a smaller panel size.


Why is Moglix the Best to choose MPCB Circuit Breakers?

Sometimes it would be tough for an individual to choose the best MPCB. However, this article might give some clarity to you. Electric motors are the only type of machinery for which protection devices circuit breakers (MPCB) are designed specifically. Moglix offers a distinctive range of protection devices and circuit breakers, considering the significance of these devices for residential and commercial users. Our products can be used in rooftop air conditioning units, water pumping stations, compressors, heat pumps, and more. We also use various hand and power tools, measuring and cutting tools, and other tools. Check out Moglix's new selection of protection devices and circuit breakers to purchase the most recent models.