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Electricity is flowing everywhere around us and we are largely dependent on it. Residual Current Circuit Breaker or RCCB saves you against electric leakage of current. Big or small business space, all need to have RCCB installed for safety. This device carries and breaks the current to prevent shock and fire created due to earth faults in an electric flow. There are different types of RCCB such as a double pole, four poles, single pole and neutral. If your office space has high-load applications, go for higher rating RCCB. offers various RCCB online at competitive prices.

Benefits of RCCB

High voltage commercials and industries always have the risk of electric shocks that can lead to accidental deaths. With so many employees working in your office, safety comes first. So, you cannot ignore the need the RCCB. Here is why you should have RCCB installed at your workplace.

  • RCCB saves you from leakage current and earth faults.

  • The device automatically trips when the sensitivity exceeds the given level.

  • It takes care of voltage fluctuation with the filtering device that protects against momentary voltage levels.

Types of RCCB

For real-time protection in electric circuits from different voltage levels, you need to use a different kind of RCCB

  • 2 Pole RCCB: Here, there is only one live and one neutral wire.

  • 4 Pole RCCB: Here, there are three-phase connections.

Shop RCCB from at Best Price offers a wide range of RCCB for different current ratings, such as 16 amp RCCB, 32 amp RCCB, 80 amp RCCB and many more. We have RCCB from top brands such as Havells RCCB, L&T, Orient RCCB, etc. has quality RCCB because when it comes to safety, you can never compromise with standards. For overall safety at your workplace or industry, we have other circuit breakers and fuses such as terminal blocks, fuses, MPCB, MCB, air circuit breaker, fuse holders and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions about RCCB & ELCB

Can RCCB work without earthing?

If connected equipment is not earthed, electricity will not flow to ground during a fault, and the current difference will not be detected in the RCCB until someone touches the device. If we have correct earthing, we can notice the same defects early.

How does ELCB work?

An ELCB is a sort of latching relay that connects a building's incoming mains electricity to its switching contacts, allowing the ELCB to stop power when earth leakage is detected. Within the installation it safeguards, the ELCB monitors fault currents from live to ground wire.

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