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L&T 32A HF Type Cylindrical HRC Fuse, SF90142, Size: 14x51
L&T 160A HN Type DIN HRC Fuse, SF94939, Size: 00
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: L&t
₹5754% OFF
Havells Reo Kit Kat Fuse, AHEFPXW061
By: Havells
₹6947% OFF
  • Best in Class engineering polymers

  • Shrouded Terminals

L&T 400A HN Type DIN HRC Fuse, SF94335, Size: 2

Moglix Insights

Top 3 price range of Fuses

66% of users prefer Fuses in price range of ₹100-₹200

17% of users prefer Fuses in price range of ₹900-₹1000

17% of users prefer Fuses in price range of ₹30-₹40

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Fuses

66% of users prefer Fuses of L&T brand

33% of users prefer Fuses of Selvo brand

1% of users prefer Fuses of other brands

Selvo Excel 100A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11024
L&T 63A HF Type Cylindrical HRC Fuse, SF90159, Size: 14x51
Selvo Excel 200A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11025
L&T ST30726 4A 0.5W Bolted Type HRC Fuse, Size: F1
  • Utilisation Category : gG

  • Fixing Method: Offset, Staggered

Selvo Excel 63A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11023
L&T 250A HN Type DIN HRC Fuse, SF94233, Size: 1
Selvo Excel 500A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11027
Selvo Pilot 16A 240V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11019 (Pack of 3)
Havells Reo Bliss Polycarbonate Kit Kat Fuse , AHBFPXW061
  • Safe & Reliable

  • Easy Installation & High Efficiency

L&T 125A HQ HRC Fuses, ST30769
By: L&t
₹3552% OFF
Selvo Excel 32A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11021
L&T 125A 415V Blade Type HN Fuse Link, Size: 0, SF94130
  • 160 Amp, Fuse-16 Watt loss limits as per IS 13703

Selvo Excel 300A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11026
L&T 100A HQ HRC Fuses, ST30768
By: L&t
₹3252% OFF
Selvo Pilot 16A 415V Porcelain Kitkat Fuse, GSELPFU11020 (Pack of 3)
Havells 80kA 63A 415V DIN Type Fuse, IHHCD00063
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 103 1313

L&T 25A HG HRC Fuses, ST30731
By: L&t
₹702% OFF
Havells 80kA 160A 415V DIN Type Fuse, IHHCD01160
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 103 1313

L&T 32A HK 32H HRC Fuses, ST30754
By: L&t
₹3002% OFF
Mersen HelioProtection Series 1000VDC 15A Ferrule Mount Photovoltaic Fuse, HP10M (Pack of 10)
  • Low Fault Current Interrupting Capability, Durable Construction for Enhanced System...

  • It Ideal for Constant Temperature & Current Cycling withstand Adding

Siemens 3NA7 65A 500V Fuse, 3NA7824-0RC
By: Siemens
₹62516% OFF
L&T 63A HQ HRC Fuses, ST30761
By: L&t
₹1602% OFF
Havells 80kA 250A 415V DIN Type Fuse, IHHCD01250
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 103 1313

L&T SF94940 63 A Din Type FuseLink
By: L&t
₹4202% OFF
Havells Bliss+ Polycarbonate Glossy Finish Grey Kit Kat Fuse , AHBFXXG061
  • Long Life & Durable

L&T 200A HQ HRC Fuses, ST30779
By: L&t
₹4802% OFF
L&T 63A HK 63B HRC Fuses, ST30763
By: L&t
₹4502% OFF
L&T SF94939 160 A Din Type FuseLink
By: L&t
₹5752% OFF
L&T ST30748 6 A HRC FuseLink Bolted Type
L&T ST30727 6 A HRC FuseLink Bolted Type
L&T 315A HQ HRC Fuses, ST30782
By: L&t
₹7402% OFF
Siemens 3NA7 67A 500V Fuse, 3NA7832-0RC
By: Siemens
₹75015% OFF
L&T 16A HG HRC Fuses, ST30729
By: L&t
₹653% OFF
L&T ST30787 630 A HRC FuseLink Bolted Type
By: L&t
₹2,4302% OFF
L&T 20A HQ HRC Fuses, ST34527
By: L&t
₹1102% OFF
L&T 20A HG HRC Fuses, ST30730
By: L&t
₹702% OFF

Explore the World of Moglix for All Your Electric Fuse Requirements

As we know, fuses are basic cables or wires that induce the smooth flow of electricity. They can often break or even melt if the power goes very high. They can be understood as safety devices in electronic gadgets that protect them against power overload. They are present in electric circuits in a plethora of wires. The fuse holder ensures that the fuse is properly connected to the electric circuit. You must have already gauged the real-life application of electric fuses. They are present in any and every electrical appliance and save it from short circuits by ensuring that the power doesn’t rise over the ideal limit. This blog will guide you on how to find the perfect electrical fuse for your requirements on Moglix.


Different Types of Fuses Available

Cartridge fuses:

  • They are applied in commercial and residential systems.
  • They are used in appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and motors.
  • They have a maximum extent of 600 V AC.


HRC fuses:

  • An HRC fuse has different types like NH, DIN, liquid, expulsion, etc.
  • It is a High Rupturing Capacity prototype that is built to protect circuits.
  • It comes in different shapes.


High Voltage fuses:

  • They are deployed in order to protect the various transformers. 
  • They are more efficient than circuit breakers in terms of protection.
  • They are made of materials like tin, copper, silver, etc.


SMD fuses:

  • Surface Mount Device fuses are extremely small in size.
  • Due to their compact size, they are deployed in DC systems like cell phones where there is a paucity of space.

There are many more types namely automotive fuses, thermal fuses, rewirable fuses, resettable fuses, etc.

Factors to Check When You Purchase an Electric Fuse

Current rating: You must assess the level of current that the fuse can work within normal situations. You should keep in mind that setting a load that is above the normal rating will pose issues.


Size: Fuses come in different sizes and this determines their applications. While electrical appliances may allow big fuses, mobile phones have circuits that need smaller ones.


Breaking capacity: It is the maximum extent of current that the electric fuse is adept at breaking or interrupting. You must ensure that this capacity suits well with your circuit operations.


Voltage rating: Again, voltage rating is equally as important as the current rating. Make sure you don’t cross the voltage level above its normal rating.


Buy Fuses From the Best Brands Available Online

Havells fuses:

  • A renowned name in the industry, Havells is responsible for rolling out high-quality fuses.
  • They have decent breaking capacity, current, and voltage rating. 
  • The materials used to manufacture these fuses are premium.


Anchor fuses:

  • Anchor has some great offerings like the Penta model, Rider model, etc.
  • They have some resettable options also in this category. 
  • The fuses have good current and voltage ratings.


L&T fuses:

  • L&T has some decent options if you are looking for an HRC fuse.
  • The breaking capacity and rated current are also ideal.


Siemens fuses:

  • Although slightly on the expensive side, Siemens promises quality.
  • It has various offerings for fuses that come with considerable voltage and current ratings.


Shop for Electric Fuses on Moglix Today

Moglix houses many reputed brands that are industry leaders in the field. It has fuses from a variety of brands with different features and sizes. With so much to choose from, you can relieve your stress and find the perfect fuse for all your requirements on Moglix.


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