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B-Five Nexa 6A 1 Way N-1 Switch, B-111 (Pack of 20)
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: B-five
₹35032% OFF
  • Glossy Finish Makes it a Premium Looking Product

  • Made of Pp (Polypropylene)

Anchor Ziva 6A 1 Way 1 Module White Switch, 68001 (Pack of 20)
  • Slim & Sleek Design, Which gives Aesthetic Look to Your

  • Dust Free Finish

Legrand Myrius 25A 2M Motor Starter Switch, 6730 31
  • All the Products Are Isi Certified

  • Shuttered for a Child's Safety Against Electric Shocks

Anchor Penta 6A Polycarbonate White Pilot 2 Plate Ceiling Rose, 39017 (Pack of 20)
EGK 8 Sockets 6A White Extension Board
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Egk
₹39950% OFF
  • The Lightweight Design Facilitates Easy Carrying Around

  • Robust Material Used Has Multi-Port Extension Cord Consists of Top-Grade

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Module Single Pole 1 Way Switch, 6755 01
  • Laser Marking on Mechanisms

  • Finger Proof Protection for IP 20 Protection Against Accidental Contact

iBELL SG324X 2500W White ABS 3 Way Socket with 2 USB Spike Guard
  • Flame Retardant Protection

  • Overload Protection & Best Quality Copper Parts Inside

Legrand Ekinoxe Blanking Plate, 6014 70 (Pack of 10)
B-Five 6A 1 Way Flat Switch, B-1F (Pack of 20)
  • Sleek Design & Matt Finish

  • Durable & Non-Modular

Boxy 6x4 inch PVC White Enclosure Box (Pack of 6)
  • Glossy White Finish with White Top & White Bottom Lid

  • Has 4 Holes in Bottom which Help to Mount the

Legrand Arteor 120W Square Magnesium Fan Step Regulator, 5736 69
Cona Plastic White Ring Batten Holder, 2396 (Pack of 20)
  • Good Action Plunger, Durable, Long Lasting, Attractive Design & Pillar

Hillgrove 5m 4 Socket Power Extension Board, HG0078
  • Built in Overload Protection with Protection Against Heavy Voltage, Surge...

  • Rise & Long Life & Comes with 5 Yard Heavy...

Fybros F-Plus 5m Polycarbonate 4x1 International Sockets Power Extension Board with Master Switch & Indicator, 9026
  • Dispenses Great Power

  • Provides Power Surge Protection

Legrand Myrius Sound (Volume Controller), 6731 31
  • Suitable For 8 Ohms, 3 Watts(RNS) Speaker 2 Module

EGK 2500W 6 in 1 Power Strip Extension Cords Board, Length: 1.5m
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Egk
₹59970% OFF
  • Number of Pins: 3

  • The outlets are 3-wire grounding outlets spaced for standard plugs.

B-Five Matrix 6A 1 Way N-1 Polycarbonate Switch, B-130 (Pack of 20)
Legrand Myrius 25 A SP 1W Switch With Indicator-1 Module, 6730 15, (Pack of 2)
B-Five 6A 5 Pin Porcelain Socket, B-18P (Pack of 10)
B-Five 6A 5 Pin Modular Socket, B-18 (Pack of 10)
  • Sleek Design & Matt Finish

  • Durable & Non-Modular

Fybros Bella Red & White Ding Dong Door Bell with Stereophonic Digital Sound, 9005
  • Doorbells with Stereophonic Digital Sounds & High Frequency Range

  • Minimalistic Design & Compliments the Interior of Every Home

Legrand DLP Mini-Trunking 32x12.5 mm and Accessories, 0302 51, (Pack of 10)
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹1,00028% OFF
  • Mini-trunking 32 x 12.5 white - system with independent cover

Anchor Ziva 6A 1 Way 1 Module Black Switch, 68001B (Pack of 20)
EGK 6 In 1 Power Strip Extension Cords Board
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Egk
₹59966% OFF
  • Lightweight

  • The Outlets Are 3 Wire Grounding Outlets Spaced for Standard

Anchor Ziva 6-16A 2 Module White Twin Socket, 68205 (Pack of 10)
  • Neatly Covers the Assembly & Easily Fits in the Wall

  • Screws do not Fall Away

B-Five Polycarbonate 6 in 1 Combined with Box, B-213 (Pack of 5)
HPL 7 Way Spike Guard, EASMSG7WE1
By: Hpl
₹9002% OFF
  • Ultra Durable Shockproof body

  • Material Oxide Varistor (MOV) used as safeguard against spike &

Goldmedal Sliq 2 Pin Extension Cord, 205116
By: Goldmedal
₹53742% OFF
  • LED indicator for On/Off status

  • International Sockets, Master Switch, Handle and 5m Power Cord

Portronics Power Plate 5  Universal Extension Board with 3 USB Charging Ports & 3 Power Sockets, POR 1359
  • Sturdy Design, Smart Mobile Holder, In-built Smart Chip, Fast Charging

B-Five Angel Lamp Holder, B-236 (Pack of 20)
  • Superior Quality

  • Premium Finish

B-Five 6 & 16A S.S Combined Switch Socket, B-128 (Pack of 5)
  • Sleek Design & Matt Finish

  • Arrow Showing the Correct Orientation of the Mechanism

Orient 12 Module White Combined Cover Plate, 43MRWH4008
  • Robust & Strong, Special Lock Design For Firm Locking Of

  • UV Stabilized, Non-Toxic Fumes & Rohs Compliant

Anchor Ziva 100W 2 Module White 5 Step Fan Regulator, 68302 (Pack of 10)
  • Neatly Covers the Assembly & Easily Fits in the Wall

  • Screws do not Fall Away

Fybros Aqua Red & White Ding Dong Door Bell with Stereophonic Digital Sound, 9002
  • Reliable & Long Lasting

  • Minimalistic Design & Compliments the Interior of Every Home

Leccy & Genesis VDC2 Coloured Night Vision Wi-Fi Video Door Bell with Extra Chime, Multi-User Sharing & 50 Ringtones
By: Leccy & Genesis
₹14,99925% OFF
  • Real-Time 2 Way Communication, Motion Detection Alerts & Crystal Clear

  • Low Battery Reminder & Anti-theft Alarm, Fully Compatible with Alexa

Elegant Casa Snipper Gold 6A Polycarbonate White Indian Socket Extension Board with Individual Switch & 3m Heavy Duty Copper Wire
  • Expand your Power, Plug & Heavy-duty Design

Elegant Casa 6A 5+5 Pin Polycarbonate White Multi-Purpose Power Plug Extension Board with 3m 3 Core Long Copper Wire
  • Expand your Power, Plug & Heavy-duty Design

Elegant Casa Snipper Gold 6A Polycarbonate White Universal Socket Extension Board with Individual Switch & 5m 3 Core Heavy Duty Copper Wire
  • Expand your Power, Plug & Heavy-duty Design

Elegant Casa Snipper Gold 6A & 16A Polycarbonate White Extension Board with Individual Switch & 5m 3 Core Copper Wire
  • Expand your Power, Plug & Heavy-duty Design

Install Best Switches And Sockets At Your Ease

A switch in an electricity supply can stop and change the flow direction of the current. Because there are so many types of power switches and sockets on the market and all electrical items operate through controls, it is essential to understand how one button differs from the others. Communication between two distinct processes running on similar or different machines is made possible by sockets. An electricity socket is a component that connects electrical equipment to the primary power source. The design, size, type of connections, and the sockets' ratings for current and voltage may vary.

Each switch and socket has a specific property, and we can better choose a controller that meets our needs by understanding that trait. Many buttons contain integrated features, such as indicators and the total turn-on and off feature. In the manufacturing of electrical items, sockets are widely used. The sockets must be made of high-quality materials, such as polycarbonate plastic and plastic, that provides a standard level of functionality. Sockets should have adaptable designs, reduced power requirements, and secure operation. They must be ISI-marked and made following IS 1293-1983 and IS 3854-1997. They come in 6 Amp, 16Amp, and 25 Amp capacities.

Variety of Switches And Sockets Out In The Market

Door Bell - A signalling tool called a doorbell is frequently located close to an entrance door to a structure. When a guest hits a button, a bell within the system sounds, alerting the tenant of the visitor's presence. Nowadays, doorbells are electric and switched on by a pushbutton, unlike the mechanical doorbells invented in the past. New doorbells are frequently equipped with intercoms and tiny cameras for added security.

Indicator Switch - An indicator light is a device that employs the morning to check the operation or positioning of connections and electronic devices. Typically, an indicator switch is used to indicate the operational status of the circuit (electrical or non-electrical), the active status of the electrical apparatus (functioning, shutdown, test), and the functional status of the position (locked or unconnected), among other things.

Lamp Holder - The object used to hold a light or lamp bulb is a lamp holder. It is a common feature of lighting fixtures and luminaires. The light holder for ceiling and wall lights with fixed lamp holders must be appropriate for the variety of lightbulbs you intend to use. It's crucial for chandelier lights that the light holder works with the bulb type you wish to use and the lampshade you like.

Flexicords - The Flexicord is a gadget with a cord size of approximately 4 metres and is made of premium material. It is designed to connect electrical equipment over great distances. Additionally, it incorporates ISI-approved cords and a quick cord pull action. It is appropriate for use in homes, businesses, and workplaces. High-quality construction makes it resistant to shock and allows for safe use by the customer.

Fan Regulators - An essential component that controls how fast your fan runs is a fan regulator. Regulators come in both traditional and electronic varieties. Today's market offers three different regulators: the electric regulator, the step type electronic regulator, and the adjustable electronic regulator. Each of the three uses another method to regulate the fan speed, which affects how effectively they control their electricity usage.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Switches and Sockets

Several issues must be taken care of when organising your home, equipment, fixtures, electronics, and other housewares according to your needs. Switches and sockets are essential at this time. It acts as a connection between you and electrical appliances. Before selecting switch and socket accessories for your home, bear the following points in mind:

  • Design is the aspect, and it includes both beauty and usability. In addition to being necessary for connecting the appliances, switches and sockets should be simple to operate and efficient.

  • Knowing the type of material that was used to make these switches is crucial.

  • To render a switch shock-proof, it needs to have high insulating resistance. It would help if you continuously verify the insulation resistance when purchasing, which should be greater than 2000 mega Ohms.

  • It is always a good idea to bend the switch plates to test their durability. A low-quality switch panel shimmies when an item is plugged in and out. The switch plate's body shouldn't easily shatter and remain firm.

  • Brands You Can Rely upon For Best Switches and Sockets

    Anchor Switches and Sockets - One of the most reputable brands of switches and sockets is Anchor. The company manufactures wires, cables, lights, luminaires, blowers, switchboards, and protection devices for low-voltage electrical systems. Their goods are pretty robust.

    Legrand Switches and Sockets - Legrand is a French manufacturing company with roots in the Limousin region's Limoges. Legrand is a leading provider of high-value solutions and equipment for digital and electric infrastructures that enhance people's lives. At reasonable prices, they offer the most outstanding electrical switch and sockets accessories for homes.

    Wipro Switches and Sockets - India's Noida is home to the global Wipro corporation, which manufactures electrical equipment. One of the top producers and providers of electrical items at the lowest costs is Wipro. Products like switches, plugs, wires, etc., are provided by them.

    Goldmedal Switches and Sockets - Goldmedal provides its customers best switches and sockets. They offer low tensile cables, night lights, multi plugs, and much other electronic equipment of excellent quality.

    Purchase Switches and Sockets Online From Moglix

    The 21st century relies heavily on electricity. It is essential for raising one's quality of life. Therefore, choosing the appropriate electrical components while designing a new residence or renovating an existing one becomes crucial. Electrical products come in various forms, including wires, switches and sockets, fuses, battery storage, and converters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Switches & Sockets

What is the difference between socket and switch?

A gadget that provides power is an electrical socket. However, electrical switches regulate the movement of current. Nevertheless, both tools are employed to supply power.

Do I need an electrician to change a switch?

No. If you're replacing a broken light switch or a similar model, it's a straightforward procedure that just needs some common tools and knowledge of how to securely separate the circuit.