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Havells 16A PRCD Shock Safe Adaptor, AHLS301600
  • Havells Shocksafe is the Smartest Way to have a Shockproof

  • Equipped with a Safety Shutter Socket Along with An Auto...

Spartan 660W 2.1A White Universal Adapter with Dual USB Charger Port
  • Suitable for Equipment with Ungrounding Plugs (2 Pole)

  • Equipped with Built-in Safety Shutters

Havells 750W 3A White Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB Charger Port, B1684
Goldmedal Curve Plus G-Dot White 2 Pin Universal Travel Adapter, 202046
Goldmedal Curve Plus G-Cube White 2 Pin Universal Travel Adapter with Surge Protector, 202043
Goldmedal Curve Plus i-Link White 16A 3 Pin Universal Travel Adapter with Mobile Socket, 202037
Goldmedal Curve Plus G-Cube White 2 Pin Universal Travel Adapter, 202045
Goldmedal Curve Plus Sliq White 3 Pin Universal Travel Adapter, 202039
Goldmedal Curve Plus Spice White 3 Pin Universal Travel Adapter with Indicator, 202042
Goldmedal Curve Plus White 2 USB Port Universal Travel Adapter with 3 international Plug, 202047
Goldmedal Curve Plus Auro White 36W Travel Charger, 202048
Goldmedal Curve Plus G-Dot White 2 Pin Universal Travel Adapter with Surge Protector, 202044
Goldmedal i-Rapid 25W Travel Adaptor with LED Light, 209002
  • Supports PD+QC 3.0 Fast Charging Protocol

  • Passed Safety Standards, can Prevent Accidents Like Short Circuit &

Goldmedal i-Power 30W Travel Adaptor Plug Charger with LED Display, 209003
  • Mirror & Real Time Voltage Display

  • Aluminum & Copper Sheet Cooling System Ensures Longer Life, Good

Goldmedal i-Charge 17W Charger with Night Light, 209001
  • Made of Fire-Retardant Material which can Withstand High Temperatures

  • Supports Simultaneous Charging of Up to Three Mobile Devices

HPL International Adaptor, EASMIA01
By: Hpl
Available on Request
Anchor Penta 240V 50Hz Ivory Adaptor, 51180, (Pack of 20)
Orient 10A White Multi Plug Adaptor, 45WA000207
By: Orient
Available on Request
  • Well-Designed Hand Gripping for Better Fitment & Removal

  • Elegant White With Orange Base to Suit All Types of

Cona Smyle 2154 Hero Polycarbonate Parallel 2 Pin Holder (Pack of 20)
Naitik Polycarbonate White Single Adaptor, N-220
By: Naitik
Available on Request
  • Easy to Install

  • Durable & Shock Proof

Anchor Penta Adaptor(Pack of 20)
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Anchor
Available on Request
Cona Smyle MP 5035 Polo Polycarbonate Multi Plug Adaptor Holder (Pack of 30)
Infinizy USB to Type C Adaptor
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Type C On The Go Cable Enables You to Connect

Cona Smyle 2152 Hero Polycarbonate Multi Plug Adaptor Holder (Pack of 20)
Cona Smyle 2191 Gold Polycarbonate Single Adaptor (Pack of 20)
GM 3018 3 Pin Universal Travel Adaptor
By: Gm
Available on Request
  • Helps You to Connect Multiple Devices at a Time

  • Heavy Brass Parts & Longer Durability

HPL International Adaptor, EASMIA02
By: Hpl
Available on Request
Anchor Penta 240V 50Hz Ivory Adaptor, 51180
By: Anchor
Available on Request
HPL International Adaptor, EASMIA04
By: Hpl
Available on Request
Syska 4 Way White Power Plug Adaptor
By: Syska
Available on Request
Philips World Travel Adaptor
By: Philips
Available on Request
  • LED Power Indicator

  • 2 USB Ports

Infinizy Aio Adaptor
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • World Universal Power Adapter Provides A Child Protection Safety Shutter

Swiss Military 10A Travel Adaptor Plug Set, UAM27
By: Swiss Military
Available on Request
  • Compact Design

  • 3 in 1 Travel Plug Set

HPL International Adaptor, EASMIA03
By: Hpl
Available on Request

Extend Connections with High Quality Socket Adaptors

Socket and switch adaptors are small electrical tools that are a must-have for every home. These devices allow you to connect different types of plugs, sockets, and connectors to each other. You can also use these to extend a connection or branch it out for multiple outputs. Special types of adaptors are available at Moglix that convert EU sockets or other country sockets to Indian 3-Pins or 2-Pins for convenient usage of any appliance. 


Expand Connectivity with Different Types of Socket Adaptors

Plug Adaptors

  • Plug adaptors or converters are used to convert plug configurations.
  • You can use these to bridge the gap between two different sets of plugs from different countries that work with their specific electrical systems.


Socket Adaptors

  • Socket adaptors are used to increase the number of available outputs from a single socket.
  • You can use these to connect multiple inputs to the same power source with different outputs. 

USB Adaptors

  • USB adaptors help with connectivity issues you might face with different smartphones, laptops, or tablets.
  • You can use these adaptors to transfer data between devices that have different ports and even charge them with the same wire.

Look for the Best Adaptors for your Travel or Household Needs

Voltage Rating - For socket and switch adaptors, you should always check the voltage and current rating mentioned by the manufacturer. Some countries provide different outputs and you can purchase plug adaptors with a wide range of operating voltages for versatile usage.


Multiple Ports and Sockets - Multi-plugs or socket adaptors that expand the number of outputs from a single source come in various configurations. As the power is divided in a parallel circuit between each output, you should always opt for an adaptor with the required number of split outputs.


Safety Features - Since adaptors are electrical extensions, it is advisable to use products from brands that offer some protection against surges and accidental electrical shocks. 


Discover Enhanced Connectivity with Adaptors from Top Brands

Havells Socket Adaptors

  • Havells socket adaptors are loaded with safety features and are top sellers due to this reason.
  • These socket adaptors feature safety shutters, PRCD, and auto-cut which cuts the output as soon as any leakage is detected. 

Orient Plug Adaptors


  • Orient multi-plugs and plug adaptors come with solid brass contacts for extra durability and conductivity.
  • These multi-plugs are built on a fire-retardant polycarbonate material for safety purposes.

Infinizy Adaptors 

  • Infinizy retails durable USB adaptors with various orientations like USB to Type-C and other default configurations used with many devices.
  • Infinizy also has a range of travel socket adaptors that make your foreign trips hassle free with multiple inputs and outputs that comply with different countries’ ratings.

HPL Socket Adaptors

  • HPL has a variety of travel, and international adaptors that make your foreign tours very convenient. 
  • Their socket and plug adaptors come with voltage sliders, you can use these to adjust the input voltage based on the country's electrical rating.

Buy socket and plug adaptors from other top-selling brands like Philips, Anchor, Syska, Cona Smyle, and Swiss Military, available at Moglix at great pricing.


Buy the Best Adaptors from Top Brands Available at Moglix

Adaptors come in different forms like sockets, plugs, and USBs, and each of these is an essential product. Adaptors make travelling to different countries easier, as you won't have to worry about power socket configurations, you can just carry your travel adaptors and use your existing devices. Choosing the right type of adaptor will help with productivity, as you can use multiple devices from a single output or connect different types of devices with ease. Moglix offers a wide range of adaptors from top brands with different safety features, and output voltage configurations to choose from. Visit the site now and avail discounted pricing on the entire catalogue.


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