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Anchor 6A 240V Plastic White Fancy Angle Lamp Holder, 39673 (Pack of 3)
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Anchor
₹16521% OFF
  • Exclusive Design to Give Elegant Look

  • Sturdy & Durable

Anchor Penta 6A Plastic White Ring Pendent Holder, 14706
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Anchor
₹414% OFF
  • Good Grip Pins Keep It Safe from Spark & Sleeved

  • Long Lasting & Durable Device

Cona Polycarbonate White Angle Bulb Holder, 2201 (Pack of 20)
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Cona
₹95013% OFF
  • Compatible with any Size of Bulb & The Bulb Fits

  • Holder is Angle Shaped, which Helps to Provide Proper Lighting

Goldmedal Oro Angle Holder Advanced Interlock Configuration, 240V, 201001
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Goldmedal
₹6524% OFF

Moglix Insights

Top 4 price range of Lamp Holder

47% of users prefer Lamp Holder in price range of ₹100-₹200

18% of users prefer Lamp Holder in price range of ₹40-₹50

12% of users prefer Lamp Holder in price range of ₹500-₹700

23% of users prefer Lamp Holder in other price range.

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Lamp Holder

64% of users prefer Lamp Holder of Anchor brand

17% of users prefer Lamp Holder of Goldmedal brand

17% of users prefer Lamp Holder of Cona Smyle brand

2% of users prefer Lamp Holder of other brands

Anchor Penta 6A Plastic White Ring Angle Holder, 39527
  • First Piano Switch Introduced By Anchor

  • Material: Polycarbonate

Orient 240V White Flat Rectangular Lamp Holder, 45WA000311
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Orient
₹8010% OFF
  • Elegant Design to Suit Every Interior

  • Low Contact Point Resistance

Anchor Penta Angle Holder(Pack of 30)
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Anchor
₹1,29014% OFF
Orient 240V White WA Angular Metal Ring Lamp Holder, 45WA000309
  • Metal Ring for Holding of Bulb to Avoid Breakage

  • Unbreakable Housing with Fire Retardant Material for Safety & Durability

Orient 240V White Angular Metal Ring Lamp Holder, 45WA000302
  • Unbreakable Housing with Fire Retardant Material for Safety & Durability

  • Elegant Design to Suit Every Interior

Orient 240V White WA Metal Ring Lamp Holder, 45WA000308
  • Elegant Design to Suit Every Interior

  • Unbreakable Housing with Fire Retardant Material for Safety & Durability

Anchor 6A White Fancy Batten Holder, 39684 (Pack of 20)
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Anchor
₹1,10031% OFF
Cona Plastic White Ring Batten Holder, 2396 (Pack of 20)
  • Good Action Plunger, Durable, Long Lasting, Attractive Design & Pillar

Cona Plastic White Bulb Holder Parallel Adapter with Plug & Light Socket,�2286 (Pack of 20)
  • Holding Devices that Support Lamps & Connect them to Electrical

Anchor Penta 6A Plastic White Ring Batten Holder, 38538
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Anchor
₹439% OFF
Cona Smyle 2228 Wow Polycarbonate Angle Holder (Pack of 20)
Cona Smyle 2161 King Polycarbonate Angle Holder with Metal Ring  (Pack of 20)
Cona Smyle 2224A Glowbe Polycarbonate Adjustable Holder (Pack of 20)
Anchor Penta 6A Plastic White Ring Batten Holder, 38538 (Pack of 30)
Cona B-22 Smyle King Angle Holder (Pack of 10)
Cassino Fancy Assorted Angle Holder, A11
By: Cassino
Available on Request
Cornetto PC Non Modular Burfi Holder, 1031 (Pack of 20)
By: Cornetto
Available on Request
B-Five Burfi Lamp Holder, B-262 (Pack of 20)
By: B-five
Available on Request
Cona Smyle 3952 Exo Polycarbonate Batten Holder (Pack of 20)
Havells Aura Bidirectional Lamp Holder, AHNHTXW000
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Havells
Available on Request
  • Highly Conductive Brass Terminals Used

  • Metal Ring Provided

Cona Smyle 3951 Exo Polycarbonate Angle Holder (Pack of 20)
By: Cona Smyle
Available on Request
B-Five Black Multi Lamp Holder, B-258 (Pack of 20)
By: B-five
Available on Request
Cornetto Magic Modular 6/16A Plate Holder, 1039 (Pack of 10)
Naitik 2A Polycarbonate White Star Batten Holder with Metal Ring, N-141
  • Ergonomic Designed

  • Low Resistance Contact Point

B-Five Black Pendent Lamp Holder, B-257 (Pack of 20)
By: B-five
Available on Request
B-Five Multi Skirt Lamp Holder, B-260 (Pack of 15)
By: B-five
Available on Request
Cornetto Fancy Non Modular Angle/Batten Holder, 1033 (Pack of 20)
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Cornetto
Available on Request
Cona Smyle 3962 Kenzo Polycarbonate Batten Holder with Metal Ring (Pack of 20)
Cornetto Spark Non Modular Angle/Batten Holder, 1032 (Pack of 20)
Cornetto 6A Non Modular Parallel Adaptor, 1050 (Pack of 20)
B-Five Angel Lamp Holder, B-236 (Pack of 20)
3.5 (1 Review)
By: B-five
Available on Request
  • Sturdy Design

  • Superior Quality

Havells Aura Bidirectional Jumbo Lamp Holder, AHNHTLW002
  • Fire Retardant Polycarbonate Outer Housing Facia with Bidirectional Design

  • Metal Ring Provided

Goldmedal Oro Batten Holder Advanced Interlock Configuration, 240V, 201002
Anchor Penta 6A Ivory Angle Type Lamp Holder, 51169 (Pack of 30)
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Anchor
Available on Request
Naitik 2A Polycarbonate Switch Batten Holder with Metal Ring, N-188
  • Ergonomic Designed

  • Easy to Install

L&T Oris Angular Type Lamp Holder, OA03W02 (Pack of 30)

Buy a High-quality Lamp Holder at a Wholesale Price

The right lamp holder must be chosen while developing lighting equipment, sometimes called light bulb holders and sockets. Numerous factors, including size, brightness, fuel efficiency, bulb life, etc., will affect the bulb's choice. After choosing the bulb, it is time to check the light holder's specifications. The lamp holder's precise form and construction vary according to the desired bulb type and use. However, most lamp holders have a locking mechanism (such as threads or pins) that enables the development of a secure site between the lamp and the lamp holder.


The light holder for ceiling and wall lights with permanent lamp holders must be suitable for the type of lightbulb you intend to use. It's crucial for pendant lights that the light holder works with the bulb type you wish to use and the lamp shade you like. To help experts in the industry know what to look for when building a new fixture or buying a replacement lamp holder, the following information covers some common forms of lamp sockets, various manufacturers, and many more.


Different Types of the light holder

Angle Holder: These holders are the most often used nowadays. This particular holder style will emit light at a 45° angle. This kind of bulb holder is exclusively fastened to sidewalls rather than ceilings. There are several designs for these kinds of holders. These holders are utilised in hallways, kitchens, and other spaces.


Slanting Holder: These bayonet-style light holders are available in bakelite or brass and have a bayonet design. The most popular applications for these holders are stages, advertising boards, and floodlights. Only shades are used with this kind of lamp so that the light is focused on the substance display and doesn't distract the viewers.


Batten Holder: The lamp is pressed into the batten-style holders, which are fastened directly to the walls or hardwood board, and then the light is twisted slightly to the left before being secured in place. These days, test boards, labs, and toilets all often utilise this sort of holder.


Pendant Holder: This kind of holder is employed in transitory situations. These holders are hung vertically or directly downward from the ceiling. One must hold the lamp holder while installing it since it is not secured to a wall like a batten holder. After installing the lamp, turn slightly to the left to ensure it. Both bakelite and brass are used to make these kinds of holders.


Racket Holder: These lamp mounts provide direct lighting in any space or room. This kind of light holder can only be mounted to the wall; it cannot be hung or fixed to the ceiling. Table lights can also utilise this kind of holder. Brass is used to making these kinds of holders.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing bulb holder

Safety: Many individuals would acknowledge that all things purchased should be suitable for use. Electrical holders must all follow safety rules. Following these safety rules would imply that all electrical varieties of holders in the marketplace are safe to use.


Quality: While lamp holders aren't expensive, they are in great demand and available in a broad range of styles, so buyers should spend the time to assess quality before making a purchase.


Material: The substance of the lamp holder is the first thing to stand out. The lamp holder's casing is mainly constructed of plastic, while the electrified interior sections are made of metal. However, plastic materials are classified into several types based on their performance and cost, the most prevalent being PP, PC, ABS, PBT, and other materials.


Thickness Of Material: The material thickness is next. Many companies claim a meagre price, but upon examination, the shell plastics and interior copper components are pretty thin, material thicknesses are insufficient, heat resistance is weak, service life is short, and low conductive efficiency is low.


The manufacturing procedure: Furthermore, even with appropriate materials, the industrial manufacturing process influences the purchaser's and consumer's desire for the product. Since the lamp holder item has many rounded plastic pieces, it is critical to inspect the physical edge for burrs, burrs, and if the product's surface has scratches, etc. These are all faulty items. The character of high-quality light holder plastic parts should be smooth and shiny, and the edges of the rounded sections should feel smooth.


Top Brands Offering electric holder

Cona Smyle: Throughout the years, Cona Smyle has produced excellent quality lamp holders. They have expertise in making electric holders and keep inventing to make them inventive, robust, but simple for anybody to use. They provide many electric holders to make electrical connections. And the quality of their lamp holders is good enough for their customers. 


B-Five: B-Five has mastered making electric holders. They cover many categories of electric holders and offer high-quality products, residences, places of business, and decorations. They keep an eye on the safety of their customers. Their electrical holders follow all the basic safety rules. 


Goldmedal: Goldmedal Electricals Pvt. Ltd. was founded to develop holders that will improve the lives of Indian consumers. They are currently a well-known name in the sale of electric holders. Over time, the firm expanded into the production of electric holders. The favorable market reaction to these holders prompted the firm to broaden its field of activity over the following decades.


Havells: Havells India Limited is a renowned Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company offering electric holders with a global presence. Havells has an enviable market share in holders, and they provide the best quality holders. The plastic parts of their lamp are smooth and shiny. 


Anchor: Anchor, a 50-year-old Indian family-owned electrical equipment company, offers high-quality electric holders. Anchor is known for its unique bulb holders that fit every budget segment and are of excellent quality.


Why is Moglix Best to Choose Lamp Holder?

Light is vital in our lives, whether it is sunlight or your home light. Proper lighting improves the appearance of the room and lifts your spirits. With this mindset, we often overlook the significance of a. A robust bulb holder is required to enhance the attractiveness and extend the life of the room light. It might be made of any material, including ceramic, plastic, or metal. moglix provides light holders from many manufacturers at the highest costs to meet your residence lighting demands. They provide a variety of switches and plugs to adorn your space or residence, in addition to light or CFL holders. They include high-quality and low-cost fan regulators, wire outlets, ceiling roses, switchgear accessories, plugs, and much more. provides light holders from various manufacturers at the highest costs to meet your residence lighting demands. Browse for the most pleasing shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lamp Holder

How do you remove wires from a lamp holder?

Almost all lamp holders have key-shaped or oval-ish openings. Take the paperclip and straighten a couple of bends so you have a beautiful, straight piece of metal to work with. Push the paperclip deep enough into the smaller part of the hold to release the wire.

How does a bulb holder work?

The black hot wire in a light socket makes contact with a tab-shaped contact inside the socket. The contact then makes contact with the bulb's tip. The socket's threaded base firmly grips the bulb's threaded base. The circuit is completed when the white common or return wire meets the socket's base.