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Bell Indicator

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Buy the Best Bell Indicator Online at Affordable Price

In hospitals, factories, offices, homes, and other places where there are several entrances and rooms, an annunciator is used, which is known as bell indicator. When the number of bells is more than three or four, these devices are used to distinguish different bell tones and indicate from which room or place the call comes. These indicators are used to attract the attention of the staff. The LED lights up a label that indicates the origin of the request and remains ON till the request is acknowledged by the staff.

Types of Bell Indicators Preferred

These bell indicators are available in a variety of forms. Among all these forms, two are mainly used. First, which drops a shutter or move a disc and the shutter or disc requires to be reset each time a signal is sent. Second, those which do not require any resetting, depending on their action these continue for sometimes, known as pendulum indicators.

Out of those two, the pendulum indicator is more preferred because people cannot rely upon the replacement of shutter. When the bell rings, there are two or more shutters down that cause less delay in answering.

Best Brands of Room Bell Indicators Available Online

Anchor offers a vast range of bell indicators for commercial and residential purposes. Their bell indicators are highly reliable and last longer.

Orpat is a well-known brand for electricals. Orpat bell indicators are genuine and available at an affordable price.

Standard is a very reputed brand and offers a wide range of bell indicators. They make sure that their bell switch with indicators is reliable and strong. Their products are tested on diverse parameters of the industry.

Cornetto offers a great range of bell indicators that are very popular in the market. These products are available in the market in many specifications that meet clients' demands.

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Top Selling Bell Indicator Price List in India

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