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Anchor: Switch to Trustworthy Electric Products

Anchor Electricals was founded 56 years ago in the year 1963. Then in 2007, Panasonic acquired this family-owned electrical equipment brand. The brand manufactures low-voltage electrical switches, electrical accessories, protection devices, lamps, wires, cables, fans, and many more electrical products. Along with these products, Anchor also offers home automation products from Panasonic.

The brand started manufacturing electrical products when there was no organized sector available. Today, it is serving for the last five decades and capturing the attention of people of this country and overseas alike.

The Most Promising Brand

When someone asks about the electrical products, Anchor is the first brand that comes in the mind. Anchor understands the Indian market and the needs of the customers. So, they are able to provide the best service to their customers. Anchor has the most skilled and experienced manufacturers that reach the requirements of the consumers. This is why Anchor is expanding continuously and growing in the market. After so many years of experience, Anchor has become one of the largest domestic manufacturers of electrical devices.

Popular Anchor Products Available on Moglix

Switches and Sockets

For more than 50 years, Anchor has captivated the minds of customers by providing a wide range of quality electrical switches and accessories. Anchor switches and sockets have empowered the market by their technical proficiency and are providing simplistic solutions to the residential and commercial premises.

Anchor Fans

Fans are the necessity in summers. From offices to homes and anywhere else, fans are the most common and necessary appliance. Anchor offers a great range of ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, wall mount ventilation fans, and personal fans. These are made up of highly durable materials and are energy efficient.

Anchor LED Lights

Adequate lighting is the most important thing for homes and offices. So, forget your boring and old bulbs. Anchor presents LED bulbs with the latest technology. These lights make the tasks easy by providing sufficient brightness for any work. Along with these qualities, these LED lights are also very beautiful that make a room attractive.

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