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Cona Smyle 2071 Gold 6A 3 Pin Polycarbonate Multi Plug with Socket & Indicator (Pack of 10)
Elegant Casa 6A 4+4 Universal Multi Plug with USB
By: Elegant Casa
₹99951% OFF
  • Heavy-duty Socket, Safe & Reliable, Convenient & Portable

  • Smart & Compact Design

Fybros Sliq 3 Pin Travel Multi Plug with Mini LED Indicator, 8097
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Fybros
₹29953% OFF
Elegant Casa 6A 4+3 ABS White Universal Multi Plug with Individual Switch Buttons
  • Expand your Power, Plug & Heavy-duty Design

Moglix Insight

Top 3 price range of Multi Plugs

50% of users prefer Multi Plugs in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

25% of users prefer Multi Plugs in price range of ₹400-₹500

25% of users prefer Multi Plugs in price range of ₹600-₹700

Moglix Insight

Top 2 brands of Multi Plugs

75% of users prefer Multi Plugs of Cona Smyle brand

25% of users prefer Multi Plugs of Elegant Casa brand

Fybros Atlas 3 Pin Travel Multi Plug with USB Charging & Mini LED Indicator, 8098
  • Equipped with International Socket

Cona Glossy 6A 3 Pin Multi Plug (Pack of 3)
  • Heavy brass parts

  • Smooth finish surface

Cona Smyle CIM 5070 Cube Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 10)
Cona Smyle MP 4936 Nexa Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 20)
Cona Glossy 2071 3 Pin Multi Plug Adapter with Neon LED Indicator (Pack of 10)
GM 3 Pin Universal Travel Multi Plug with Sensor Night Lamp, 3012-3030
  • Energy saver

  • Based on light intensity

Cornetto Gold 6A PC Conversion Multi Plug, 1079 (Pack of 10)
GM 3011 2 Pin Travel Universal Multi Plug with Surge Protector & Indicator
4.2 (7 Reviews)
By: Gm
Available on Request
  • Equipped with International Sockets, Indicator

Cona Smyle N-7296 Polo 3 Pin Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 10)
By: Cona Smyle
Available on Request
Antex 16A Polycarbonate 3 Pin Universal Multi Plug (Pack of 2)
  • Optimum Durability

  • Fire Resistant Protection

Naitik 6A Polycarbonate White 3 Pin Gold Multi Plug, N-171
  • Ergonomic Designed

  • Easy to Install

Cornetto Slim 6A PC Multi Plug, 1074 (Pack of 10)
By: Cornetto
Available on Request
Naitik 6A Polycarbonate White 3 Pin Star Multi Plug, N-176
  • Low Resistance Contact Point

  • Ergonomic Designed

HPL Multi Plug, EASMMP
By: Hpl
Available on Request
Cornetto Raja 6A To 16A Multi Plug, 1077 (Pack of 10)
By: Cornetto
Available on Request
Cona Smyle MP 5022 3 in 1 Standy Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 10)
GM 3050 16A 3 Pin Multi Plug Adaptor
4.1 (9 Reviews)
By: Gm
Available on Request
  • Travel Friendly Design

  • Suitable for Different Types of Plug

Microtek 6A 240V Multi Plug Adaptor, 899-300-006S
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Microtek
Available on Request
  • Universal Socket Facility in Microtek Adaptor

  • Sleek & Compact Design

Cona Smyle MP 5018 Kiwi 2 Pin Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 30)
Cona Smyle 2076 Gold 6/16A 3 Pin Polycarbonate Multi Plug with Indicator (Pack of 10)
Cona Smyle MP 5050 Hugo 6A/10A 3 Pin Polycarbonate Multi Plug Adaptor (Pack of 10)
Cona Smyle MP 5030 Ritz Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 30)
Naitik 6A Polycarbonate White 3 Pin Diamond Multi Plug, N-178
  • Durable & Shock Proof

  • Ergonomic Designed

GM 3012 3 Pin Travel Universal Multi-Plug with Surge Protector & Indicator
  • Equipped with International Sockets, Indicator

  • Safeguard your Devices From Voltage Fluctuations with Built-In Surge Protection

Goldmedal Slip 3 Pin Universal Travel Adaptor with Indicator and Suge Protector, 202042 (Pack of 2)
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Goldmedal
Available on Request
Milltec Evo 3 Pin White Universal Multi Travel Plug, 1071 (Pack of 2)
  • The Compact Size of this Multi Travel Plug Makes it

  • Universal Multi-Travel Plug Allows you to Charge your Laptops, Mobile,

Cona Smyle MP 5009 6A Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 20)
By: Cona Smyle
Available on Request
Cona Smyle MP 5024 4 Socket Share Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 5)
Milltec 10A 3 Pin White Classic Multi Plug, 1069 (Pack of 2)
  • Universal Multi-Travel Plug Allows you to Charge your Laptops, Mobile,

  • The Compact Size of this Multi Travel Plug Makes it

Cona Smyle MP 5023 3+2 Standy Polycarbonate Multi Plug with 2.5A USB (Pack of 5)
By: Cona Smyle
Available on Request
Cona Smyle MP 1805 13A 3x3 Pin Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Multi Plug (Pack of 10)

Get your Hands on Highly Efficient Multi Plugs at Affordable Prices

A multi-plug is a type of electrical appliance that can supply multiple electrical sources from a single power source. It enables various plugs to connect to a single socket by containing several similar sockets, specifically for mains electricity. This socket allows you to easily share and charge multiple devices at the same time as needed. The multi plug adapter's utility and efficiency have made it an essential unit in homes and offices. Different types of multi-plugs are available depending on how many devices you want to connect. Typically, you can choose between two pins, three pins, USB multiple plugs, and without or with indication. Multi plug sockets from reputable brands, such as GM, Goldmedal, Cona Smyle, Milltec, Orient, etc., are available at Moglix.


Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing the Right Multi Pin Sockets Online

Brand: You should make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable source. It's a good sign if the seller has been in business for a while, has positive customer feedback, and provides warranties and customer service.


Material: Consider the material of the socket when selecting an excellent multi socket plug. Choose a high-quality outlet made of non-flammable or flammable materials that can withstand heat.


Budget: There will always be a high-quality option within your price range, but you must do your homework and choose one made by a reputable company with reliable components and an extended warranty.


Durability: When choosing a multi plug adapter for your needs, one thing to keep in mind is how durable and long lasting the multi plug socket is. For assurance, read reviews and investigate the brand's credibility. You'll need a long-lasting multi socket plug that won't cause damage and is safe to use.


Safety: Working with electricity requires extreme caution. As a result, it is critical that the tools you use must comply with safety regulations. A safety seal of approval is an excellent way to tell if the tool you're buying complies with regulations. The seal indicates that the product has undergone safety testing.


USB port: Many people appreciate the USB connector, which is now available on many models. Make it more usable, especially for small electrical appliances like charging Power Banks.


Prominent Brands that Sell High-Quality Multi Plug Adapters

GM Multi PlugsGM multi-plugs are the ideal travel companion; they are a handy product that can be easily carried anywhere. One can instantly connect the multi plug adapter to various types of electronics found in resorts, restaurants, hotels, homes, and offices. Their multi pin sockets allow you to use any kind of plug with your devices and appliances.


Goldmedal Multi PlugsAll of the Goldmedal multi pin sockets are intended to provide maximum dependability and durability. Their products are simple to install and use, affordable for people of all income levels, and shock resistant. After careful market research, they obtain their raw materials from the most reliable and authorised providers. Goldmedal provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality plugs.


Cona Smyle Multi PlugsCona Smyle multi plugs have a sturdy design yet a fancy appearance and provide the utmost safety and convenience. Cona Smyle is a highly reputable brand that is trusted all over the world for its extremely durable products and fantastic customer services. Their designs are simple to use, secure, and safe. 


Milltec Multi PlugsMilltec creates products that improve people's lives and is well-known for its long-lasting multi plug adapters. Milltec is a trusted brand that offers versatile and powerful multi plugs. They are a simple and quick solution for a variety of appliances. Milltec multi plug adapters have a built-in surge protector that protects your electronic devices from electrical short circuits and absorbs any minor surge in voltage.


Orient Multi PlugsOrient, a world-leading multi plug brand, offers exceptional performance and long-term results. Orient multi plug adapters are made with higher quality materials. Their multi plug socket includes a built-in fuse for safer operation. Their adapters are made of non-flammable materials to keep your devices safe in the event of an emergency.


We also offer multi plug sockets from well-known brands like Cona, HPL, Antex, Microtek, Fybros, Cornetto, and others.


Buy an Exclusive Range of Multi Socket Plugs at Best Prices

Because of its high power output and efficiency, a multi socket plug is the best choice for connecting multiple applications and devices. The device has one or more sockets that allow you to connect various appliances simultaneously. You can simply plug in the devices and work without concern. Moglix's multi-power plugs are lightweight and compact. As a result, they can be moved as needed. Because it is plugged in and turned on, no additional installation is required. Products being sold at Moglix are both cost-effective and user-friendly. So, if you want to buy a high quality multi pin socket to improve your convenience and productivity, visit our site today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multi Plugs

Can you plug a multi plug into a multi plug?

It is not recommended to utilise multiple power strips together. In fact, "daisy-chaining," or connecting many power strips together, is the fastest method to overload your electrical system. It's also risky and in violation of the majority of fire safety laws.

Are multi plug adaptors safe?

The weight of the plugs and leads attached to plug block adaptors can put pressure on the pins, forcing it to pull out of the socket, resulting in a faulty connection, overheating, and fires.