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Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module White RJ45 Receptor, 35774
Anchor Penta Modular 1 Module Graphite Black RJ45 Receptor, 65620B (Pack of 20)
Greatwhite Fiana Rj-45 Frame Receptor, 20147-Wh (Pack of 20)
By: Greatwhite
Available on Request
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module Black RJ45 Receptor, 35774MB (Pack of 20)
Anchor Penta Modular 1 Module White RJ45 Receptor, 65620 (Pack of 20)
Anchor Roma Plus RJ45 1 Module Receptor for AMPS, KRONE & Systimax Jacks, 289687, (Pack of 10)
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module Black RJ45 Receptor, 35774MB
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module Silver HDMI Receptor, 21996S (Pack of 20)
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module Black HDMI Receptor, 21996MB (Pack of 20)
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module White HDMI Receptor, 21996 (Pack of 20)
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module Silver RJ45 Receptor, 35774S (Pack of 20)
Anchor Roma Classic 1 Module White RJ45 Receptor, 35774 (Pack of 20)
Anchor Ziva 1 Module White RJ45 Receptor, 68620 (Pack of 20)
Anchor Ziva 1 Module Black RJ45 Receptor, 68620B (Pack of 20)

Receptors for Quick and Easy Power Connection

Receptors, also known as electric outlets, plugs, and wall plugs, are used to connect electrical devices to the power system. The outlet receives switching power from the electrical grid. Domestic and industrial outlets are the two primary kinds of outlets. They act as connectors that link electrically operated equipment to a building's principal alternating current power source.

While it may not be evident from the outside, the two parties of an electrical outlet form a 'loop of wire'. Connecting an electronic device into that outlet executes that loop, allowing power to flow through the component and thereby enabling it to function. Either corner of this device serves as a terminal.

Different Types of Electrical Receptacles For Your Gadgets

HDMI Outlets are beneficial to connect electronic devices such as televisions, DVD players, and TV set-top boxes. Installing these electrical receptacles in your home can make the interior look well organized. It does so, by helping remove wire clutter caused by multiple wires from different devices.

In today's world, USB-charged devices are commonplace. If you have been disappointed by the lack of free USB ports or charging bricks, USB wall outlets can be the answer. They provide one or more USB ports on your wall, which are commonly shared with other two- or three-pronged plugs. To connect your smartphone, tablet, or another USB device, simply plug your cords into the wall.

Electrical Receptors For Quick Electricity Connection

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets are suitable for locations near water. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, crawl spaces, and laundry rooms are examples of such indoor areas. GFCI outlets can also be used outside. These outlets continuously monitor current flow and trip or cut off electricity when they detect a spike or leap in current. When the interrupter circuit detects a harmful power surge, the device promptly goes into action.

You can find a wide variety of receptors among which the tamper-resistant electrical receptors are one. To restrict the admission of foreign substances, these varieties of electrical outlets include a built-in physical barrier. When you plug in a two-pronged or grounded plug, the internal shutters open. This is a good option if you have little kids at home.

Smart Socket Outlets For Modern Homes

Built-in mechanisms for monitoring electricity consumption are included in contemporary, innovative smart socket outlets. They can also turn on and off following a program or routine. Smart outlets are ideal for objects like lawn sprinklers or spill coffee makers that need to run on a set schedule. They can indeed improve profitability by preventing power leaks and making your residence more energy-efficient.

Many smart power receptacles also have Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z Wave protocols for remote control access. These may be controlled and tracked remotely using your phone or voice assistants. Google Home and Amazon Echo voice assistants also allow for hands-free navigation of these outlets.

Why Buy Receptors Online at Moglix

Moglix is a well-known B2B e-commerce site that provides industrial, mechanical, and business-oriented products at premium quality to meet customer preferences. Major brands, including Anchor, offer receptors online at the Moglix website. Order online and get them delivered to your doorstep.