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Indicator Switch

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Indicator Switches for Clear Indication of Switch Activity

An indicator switch is a switch that indicates the working status of a switch or circuit. The light on the switch shines when it is ON, and it turns OFF along the switch when being turned OFF. These indicator switches can be used to monitor the switching activity, status, and performance quickly.

Switch with LED Indicator and Benefits

LEDs are a simple and compact technique to indicate a circuit's state. The switch with an LED indicator saves space and minimizes the number of components in an assembly. LEDs can be controlled in a variety of ways. Some indicator circuits employ the switch's ON-OFF circuitry. Others are bicolor or even RGB, and they're connected to a microcontroller for further visual feedback.

Advantages of Modular Indicator Switch

Traditional switches have been updated with modular switches or modular indicator switches. Due to their amazing features and advantages over conventional switches, they have become famous among interior designers. Following are some of the advantages of modular indicator switches:

Design Variety: Most individuals would have to make design compromises when it came to electric switches. This was because traditional switches were available only in white and had monotonous looks. With the variety of design options offered by these ultra-modern modular indicator switches, no homeowner would have any reservations about their interior décor. Everything is available, from the elegant metallic color switches to the vibrant red and black switches and modular plates.

Secure and Safe: When it comes to electric switches, most people are concerned about their safety. The modular variant, unlike the white switches, does not have any visible metal screws. They're made from high-quality plastic materials. There are no concerns of electric shock because there are no metallic pieces on the face of the indicator switches.

Multipurpose Switches: If you think the variety of vivid designs is the best feature, wait till you learn about the switch's adaptability. These switches can do whatever you can think of when it comes to automation, signaling, and data transmission.

Child lock security features are also offered in some modular switches. Modular switches come in a variety of capacities, ranging from 6 to 32 amps. Switches come according to their need, like 6A-10A for basic fans and lighting or heavy-duty appliances like geysers that require a 32A supply.

Versatile and Durable: These high-end switches have undergone extensive testing to ensure their long-term reliability and efficiency. Modular switches can readily operate for longer periods than conventional switches due to their internal wiring. A modular switch has the distinct advantage of being able to endure a lifetime.

The majority of these switches have been tested for over two million clicks or operations. Furthermore, these switches provide a gentle touch and noise-free functioning thanks to their ergonomic design and modern technology.

User-Friendly: You won't need to buy multi-plug adapters for appliances that don't meet Indian specifications if you use Modular switches. Even after initial installation, you can easily modify the direction of these switches to fit your plug.

Modular switches are incredibly durable. Thus they rarely need to be repaired or replaced. However, because of its front-loading mechanism, replacing modular switches is a breeze. Instead of removing the complete switchboard, a single switch or socket can be readily disconnected.

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Indicator Switch - Price Range

Indicator SwitchMin PriceMax Price
Anchor Indicator Switch₹35₹5020
Schneider Indicator Switch₹97₹17165
Goldmedal Indicator Switch₹25₹111
Havells Indicator Switch₹34₹166
Module - 1 Indicator Switch₹25₹5587
This data was last updated on 11/25/22.