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Legrand Arteor Square White 60-400W Light Dimmer, 5734 62
Havells Reo 1M 450W Dimmer, AHEDEXW041
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Havells
₹31045% OFF
  • Arc Shield, Shuttered Socket

  • Shrouded Terminals

Havells Bliss+ 400W 1 Module Polycarbonate Glossy Finish Grey Dimmer Controller, AHBDEXG041
  • Sleek Design for Soft Operation of Switches

  • Long Life & Durable

Legrand Arteor 3M Square White Universal Touch Dimmer, 5734 65
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹8,05428% OFF

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Dimmer Controller

67% of users prefer Dimmer Controller in price range of ₹900-₹1000

33% of users prefer Dimmer Controller in price range of ₹2000-₹3000

Legrand Myrius Dimmers and Regulators Rotary Dimmer 400W 1 Module, 6731 25
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Legrand
₹2,89428% OFF
Schneider Electric ZENcelo India 400 W Dimmer/FR
By: Schneider Electric
₹2,53958% OFF
Havells Reo Bliss 400W 1 Module Plastic White Dimmer Controller, AHBDEXW041
  • Safe & Reliable

Legrand Mylinc- 6755 35 Dimmer
By: Legrand
₹2,3521% OFF
Legrand Mylinc DND And MMR External Unit Bell Push, 6755 56 (Pack of 10)
Schneider Electric Unica Pure 400W 1 Module ABS White Dimmer Controller, UNSDIM1M_WE
By: Schneider Electric
₹1,37945% OFF
Anchor Penta 1000W White Classic Flush Dimmer, 8589
Indoasian 400 W 1M Light Dimmer, 800143
By: Indoasian
₹2981% OFF
  • Laser marking

Legrand Arteor 60-400W Magnesium Light Dimmer, 5733 66
Legrand Mylinc Lighting Module Indicator Skirting Light with White LED - 3 Module, 6755 33
Legrand Arteor 60-400W Square Magnesium Light Dimmer, 5736 62
Legrand Mylinc 2M 60-250W Rotative Dimer For Light, 6755 35 (Pack of 10)
Legrand Myrius Dimmers and Regulators Compact Fluo - 2 Module Lamp Dimmer (Universal Load), 6731 27
Legrand Mylinc Lighting Module Indicator Light Orange - 1 Module, 6755 35, (Pack of 2)
Legrand Myrius 16 A Switched Socket 3 Module, 6731 24
L&T Englaze Mountain Grey 2M Touch IR Light Dimmer, CB98068DM06
  • Free Installation: No Need to Change Any Wiring & Mounting

  • Child Lock: Avoid Unwanted Triggers Hassle

HPL 1000W Dimmer, MSSMD3M1000W
By: Hpl
Available on Request
L&T Entice 1000W 2M Charcoal Grey Dimmer, CB91102DG10 (Pack of 5)
  • Durable & Easy to Install

  • Robust & Strong Design

Hager insysta 1000W Pole Incandescent Rotary Dimmer, WSNDM22
Wipro North West Nowa 400W 1 Module Matt Black Dimmer, A1500 (Pack of 10)
  • Trustworthiness & Reliability of Wipro

  • Slim & Contemporary Design

L&T Entice 400W 1M Charcoal Grey Dimmer, CB91101DG04 (Pack of 10)
  • Robust & Strong Design

  • Corrosion Resistant, Heat Resistant & Impact Resistant

Anchor Rider 450W White Dimmer, 47545
By: Anchor
Available on Request
L&T Entice 1000W 2M White Dimmer, CB91102DW10 (Pack of 5)
  • Robust & Strong Design

  • Durable & Easy to Install

L&T enGem 400W 1M White Dimmer, CB93101DW04 (Pack of 10)
  • Corrosion Resistant, Heat Resistant & Impact Resistant

  • Durable & Easy to Install

Legrand Mylinc- 6755 33 Dimmer
By: Legrand
Available on Request
Anchor Penta Modular 450W 1 Module Graphite Black Tiny Dimmer, 65401B (Pack of 20)
Schneider Electric Opale 2 Module White Electronic Dimmer, X3004WH (Pack of 5)
By: Schneider Electric
Available on Request
Goldmedal 1 Module Digital Silver Titanium Grey Dimmer, 101445
Goldmedal 2 Module 1000W White Jazz Dimmer, 102047 (Pack of 10)
Wipro North West Stylus Plus/Convex 300W 1 Module Silver Grey Dimmer, M1500-Plus (Pack of 10)
  • Contemporary Collarless Design

  • Protective Spark Shield & Terminals Shrouding for Greater Protection

Havells Fabio Polycarbonate Mat Black Dimmer, AHFDEXB042
  • Linear Brightness Control Dimmer with Smooth Rotation

  • Full Rated Dimmers with Front Loading & Removal

Anchor Roma Urban 450W 1 Module White Dimmer for Incandescent Lamp, 66505 (Pack of 20)
Anchor Ziva 450W 1 Module White Dimmer for Incandescent Lamp, 68401 (Pack of 20)
Anchor Roma Urban 150W 2 Module White Dimmer for LED Lamp, 66507 (Pack of 10)
HPL 400W Dimmer, MSSMD2M400W
By: Hpl
Available on Request
Wipro North West Nowa 1000W 2 Module White Dimmer, A2700 (Pack of 6)
  • Trustworthiness & Reliability of Wipro

  • Pristine White with High Gloss

Regulate the Amount of Illumination With the Best Dimmer Controller

In this new era of lighting solutions, LED’s are the most widely used. Now the bulbs are not limited to incandescent but are manufactured with the latest technologies. A dimmer controller is one part of it. These are widely used for regulating the amount of illumination within a room. You can set the illumination according to your requirement, like in-office you would need a good bright light while working and if you are projecting something on the projector you would need to dim those lights. These Dimmer controller for LEDs are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Why Dimmer Controller are Widely Used?

Now as technology has become advanced, lighting solutions have also evolved over the years. People are using more advanced lights and like to regulate the illumination as per their needs. To help you with that dimmer controller plays a very crucial role. It helps you to sim the light as per your requirement and you can set the amount of illumination you require in the room.

Buy the Best Brands of Dimmer Controller

Anchor is a well-known brand in the manufacturing of electricals. They manufacture the best quality dimmer controller that are made with advanced technology.

Cornetto is a leading brand in the manufacturing of switching and sockets. The dimmer controller that they offer are made with new technology and are very easy to use.

Legrand dimmers are fully modular are comes in different types like rotary dimmers, with push control and gradual dimming functions.

Why Buy Dimmer Controller Online at Moglix?

Moglix offers the best assortment of dimmer controllers. The products that we are offering have high durability and are made from polycarbonate. These controllers are made with a modular design with ample space for wiring. These tools are designed under the supervision of technical experts to meet the existing standards in the industry. Moglix believes in making online shopping a more smooth experience for users. Therefore, we have assorted products from top brands. We also provide various payment modes like net banking, credit/debit card, COD, etc. to ease online shopping. Simply place an order online and get the easy and hassle-free delivery of the product at your doorstep.