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Exide Mileage 12V 50Ah Left Layout Battery, MGRIDDIN50

26% OFF



  • By: Exide
Exide Little Champ 12V 88Ah Left Layout Battery, EXLC88L

21% OFF



  • By: Exide
Exide Matrix 12V 74Ah Left Layout Battery, MTREDDIN74

26% OFF



  • By: Exide
V-Guard VGB 500 Digital Grey Voltage Stabilizer, 130-300 V

29% OFF



  • By: V-Guard
Airkom 20 KVA Single Phase Servo Stabilizer, Input Voltage : 150V-270V

23% OFF



  • By: Airkom
Krykard 7.5 kVA Single Phase Stabilizer, SP 7070

37% OFF



  • By: Krykard
Bel-line 4kVA Digital Voltage Stabilizer for Upto 1.5 Ton AC, Bel-4170

50% OFF



  • By: bel-line
Diamond PPCP Compound Double Battery Trolley

15% OFF



  • By: Diamond
Exide Solatubular 12V 150Ah Battery, 6LMS150L

31% OFF



  • By: Exide
V-Guard VG 150 Electronic Voltage Stabilizer, 150-280 V

22% OFF



  • By: V-Guard
Servocare 10kVA Single Phase Air Cooled Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

25% OFF



  • By: Servocare
Zop Power 5400mAh Lithium Polymer RC Battery (Pack of 5)

30% OFF



  • By: Zop Power
Exide Mileage 12V 55Ah Left Layout Battery, MLDIN55R

26% OFF



  • By: Exide
Pulstron PTI-4095 4kVA Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer for Mainline

15% OFF



  • By: Pulstron
Pulstron PTI-8095B 8kVA Single Phase Stabilizer with Bypass for Mainline

15% OFF



  • By: Pulstron
V-Guard VEW 500 Plus Electronic Voltage Stabilizer, 100-300 V

29% OFF



  • By: V-Guard
Exide Jai Kisan Shakti 12V 88Ah Left Layout Battery, PS88T

21% OFF



  • By: Exide
V-Guard VGSD 100 White Voltage Stabilizer

28% OFF



  • By: V-Guard
Bhurji 8kW 415V Star 3 Phase AC Isolation Transformer Fitted In Cabinet with Wheel

23% OFF



  • By: Bhurji
Exide Mileage 12V 60Ah Left Layout Battery, MLDIN60

26% OFF



  • By: Exide
Exide Eezy 12V 68Ah Left Layout Battery, EY75D23LBH

25% OFF



  • By: Exide
Zop Power 3300mAh Lithium Polymer RC Battery

30% OFF



  • By: Zop Power
Bel-line Bel-5140 Aluminium Conductor Voltage Stabilizer for Up to 2 Ton AC, 140-290V

52% OFF



  • By: Bel-line
Crown 8A Single Phase Variable Auto Transformer

23% OFF



  • By: Crown
V-Guard VEW 150 Plus Electronic Voltage Stabilizer, 100-300 V

20% OFF



  • By: V-Guard
Siemens Sinamics V20 VFD Drive with Panel

Our Price


  • By: Siemens
Diamond PPCP Compound Tubular Battery Trolley

15% OFF



  • By: Diamond
Bel-line CVT 150VA Voltage Stabilizer for 42 Inch LED TV, 110-285V AC

40% OFF



  • By: Bel-line
Exide Eko 12V 60Ah Left Layout Battery, EKO60L

21% OFF



  • By: Exide
Luminous Inverlast 150Ah Flat Plate Battery, IL 18039FP

27% OFF



  • By: Luminous
Krykard 10 kVA Single Phase Stabilizer, SP 7070

36% OFF



  • By: Krykard
Zodin 3KVA 15A 50-280V White Metal Stabilizer for Mainline, CVR350

65% OFF



  • By: Zodin
Zodin 5KVA 15A 150-280V White Metal Stabilizer for AC, AVR505

62% OFF



  • By: Zodin
Zodin 2KVA 15A 90-280V White Metal Stabilizer for Mainline, DVR290

62% OFF



  • By: Zodin
Microtek EM 5170+ Digital AC Voltage Stabilizer

58% OFF



  • By: Microtek
Microtek EM4160+ Metallic Grey Voltage Stabilizer

59% OFF



  • By: Microtek
Microtek EM 4130+ Digital AC Voltage Stabilizer

55% OFF



  • By: Microtek
Microtek EML 5090 5KVA Mainline Digital Voltage Stabilizer

50% OFF



  • By: Microtek
V-Guard VGMW 800 Plus Electronic Voltage Stabilizer, 100-290 V

30% OFF



  • By: V-Guard
Luminous ToughX TA100D 100V Voltage Stabilizer for Upto 1.5 Ton AC

48% OFF



  • By: Luminous

Buy Power Generation & Transformers Online!

A constant supply of power in factories is essential for production to take place in a smooth, unhindered manner. To help businesses achieve that objective, Moglix offers a comprehensive range of appliances for efficient power generation. From transformers to inverters and stabilizers, you can get any sort of appliance you require here. Our latest range of inverters are compact and can be stored within limited space. They come with a long battery life and have energy backup. These inverters will provide commercial establishments with an uninterrupted power supply on a regular basis, thereby ensuring that power cuts don't become a hindrance to production.Our range of stabilizers have the capacity to check voltage fluctuations in the major electric line of homes and thereby check damage to major electronic devices like computers, TV sets and air conditioners. They require minimum maintenance and can be customized according to the needs of users. You can use a single stabilizer to fulfill your domestic needs. These stabilizers are ideal for use in electronic goods that require a continuous supply of AC current.To meet up with the ever changing expectations of our customers, we procure power generation tools from well-known manufacturers like Bluebird, Schneider, Luminous and Microtek.

All these tools are available in different sizes and designs to meet the specifications of home as well as industry based users. We maintain a wide price range to ensure that you get the exact product you are looking for. So, to make power cuts a thing of the past, opt for the latest collection of power generation tools available at Moglix.

Buy Transformers Online at Moglix

You can easily buy transformers online at Moglix. Shop online for transformers by browsing through the extensive collection at You can now get inverter transformer at lowest price in India from The collection consists of Bhurji 2kW Single Phase AC Inverter Transformer, Bhurji 1kW Single Phase AC Inverter Transformer and more. If you have been shirking from buying branded transformers because of the prices, here is your chance to get a great deal! Save loads of money by buying Power Generation & Transformers online from Moglix.

To Choose the Best, Refer Our Power Generation & Transformers Buying Guide