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Buy Inverter Batteries Online with Reliability and Quality Performance

A battery converts chemical energy into electric energy and it is a very common device used everywhere around us. However, an inverter battery works the same but has a lot more power as compared to other types of batteries. The battery of an inverter is designed specially to provide a longer duration of time with a small amount of current. Moreover, the inverters convert the DC current into AC current because all the appliances in our homes run on AC i.e., alternate current.


At Moglix, we sell high-end, branded, and long-lasting inverter batteries that provide great performance with the inverters. These batteries are offered by renowned and popular brands like Microtek, Luminous, Amaron, and many more.


Different Types of Inverter Batteries Available at Wholesale Prices

Flat Plate Batteries: These inverter batteries employ a basic construction and are the most common batteries for inverters. Moreover, this battery is suitable for areas having fewer power cuts such as urban areas and developed cities. These batteries are not so expensive as well, you just have to top up the water and use it with no worries.


Tubular Batteries: In this type of battery, an advanced construction is employed and these inverter batteries are highly recommended for areas having more power cuts or power cuts for a longer duration of time. Moreover, these batteries are costlier as compared to flat plate inverter batteries. However, these batteries demand less maintenance and last longer than flat plate batteries.


Sealed Maintenance Free: These SMF batteries are also known as dry batteries and these inverter batteries are meant only for high critical workloads. Moreover, these dry batteries are not meant for normal usage with a normal inverter or UPS.


Important Factors to Consider Before Buying an Inverter Battery

Warranty: Warranty is a common factor we should consider whenever we purchase some heavy electronic appliance. If an inverter battery is offered with a warranty for a limited period, then you won’t have to worry much about the battery. Just use it with the given instructions and a bit of care. Warranty can be claimed in case of any defect in the battery under the given period. However, the chances of these defects are negligible with good brands offered at Moglix.


Battery Backup: Battery backup is also an important factor that should be considered before buying an inverter battery. In many areas, the power cuts are so frequent that put much load on the battery of the inverter. Therefore, one should always look for a good battery backup according to their need.


Battery Weight: Usually, the bigger and heavier the battery is, offers more capacity for the storage of energy inside the battery. In addition, the small batteries are not that capable of storing a good amount of energy, and also provide less backup as compared to the large batteries.


Good Brands that Offer Great Inverter Batteries with High-Quality and Long Life

Luminous Batteries: The Luminous group is a famous and well-known manufacturer of inverters and inverter batteries at the same time. They manufacture various types of inverter batteries for different types of applications according to the need of the people. From big batteries to small batteries, they have a huge range of inverter batteries. At Moglix, we offer a lot of varieties from Luminous at the best prices.


Microtek Inverter Batteries: Microtek is a great success when it comes to inverters and inverter batteries. Microtek doesn’t need any introduction in the market today as it has proved its name through its quality products and satisfactory customer services at the same time. Moreover, at Moglix you get access to a huge product range from Microtek, so why go anywhere else?


Amaron Inverter Batteries: Amaron is a well-known and well-performing brand in the batteries industry. It provides all types of batteries, from big batteries to small batteries. Moreover, the inverter batteries offered by Amaron also have great feedback from customers all around the nation. Amaron makes batteries with good quality materials, as well as durability at the same time.


Livguard Batteries: Livguard inverter batteries are procured through trustworthy and reliable dealers and distributors in the country. We, at Moglix, have 45+ products offered by Livguard all designed with different capabilities and capacities for different types of needs of the customers. They have batteries that can be used for both, personal as well as commercial purposes.


Exide Inverter BatteriesExide is a global battery leader, well-known for top-notch battery quality and after sales services at the same time. Moreover, Exide manufactures batteries that can be used for various purposes such as for motor vehicles, commercial applications, personal or domestic uses, etc. They offer a huge range and varieties of batteries around the globe. We, at Moglix, offer a decent range of inverter batteries from the house of Exide.


We offer a huge number of other renowned brands as well in the category of inverter batteries, such as Crompton, Okaya, and Livguard


Buy the Best Inverter Batteries at Moglix with Great Offers and Prices

You don’t need to search more now if you were looking for a perfect inverter battery for your inverter. At Moglix, we offer plenty of brands with great prices and a complete product range at the same time. You can also get great discounts on bulk orders with Moglix. This website offers an all-around pleasing experience with premium products, the best deals, and a seamless online shopping experience. Browse your needs on Moglix and get all of them at the best offers online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Batteries

What is tubular battery?

In a tubular battery active material acts as a seal in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of pasting it on the surface of the plate. As a result, there's no shedding or corrosion, ensuring long battery life.

Which water is used for inverter battery?

It is important to top-up inverter battery only with distilled water. Normal tap water and RO water may contain dirt and other impurities that can shorten the battery life.

Is a 200Ah battery suitable for an 850 VA inverter?

Yes, it is adequate for an 850 VA inverter, considering that load on your inverter is at least 90 percent of its total VA rating. A 200 Ah batterry would power your home for at least 4–5 hours.

Batteries - Price Range

BatteriesMin PriceMax Price
Pulstron Batteries₹2799₹29911
Amptek Batteries₹599₹2499
Microtek Batteries₹12099₹18979
Livguard Batteries₹11445₹20768
Battery Capacity - 100 Ah Batteries₹6699₹83899
Battery Capacity - 120 Ah Batteries₹9330₹15753
Battery Capacity - 130 Ah Batteries₹9584₹16992
Battery Voltage - 6 V Batteries₹599₹1149
Battery Voltage - 24 V Batteries₹5549₹83899
This data was last updated on 1/31/23.