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Luminous Power Technologies is a famous manufacturer of electrical appliances based in India. The company is involved in the production of inverter batteries, Home UPS, solar applications, wires, fans, switches etc. Luminous has more than 7 manufacturing units and 28 sales offices across India. The company has a presence in more than 36 countries. The company mainly deals in power back up devices in all segments ranging from 250 VA to 100 KVA. It is the largest producer of home UPS and line interactive/online UPS in India. Luminous is one of the leading manufacturers of deep cycle flooded batteries in the world.

Luminous Inverters and UPS Online - Respite from Power Cuts Guaranteed

The newest Luminous sine wave inverters models which have been launched in the market come with an exciting range of features. They come with a power backup display which shows time in hours and minutes. These inverters come with the running load of 3 CFL, 3 tube lights, 3 ceiling fans, a TV and an air cooler. They are equipped with a fault indication and ensure smooth maintenance of water level. The low battery indication of these inverters makes them convenient for usage in homes, offices and commercial establishments.

The new range of Luminous inverters online models come with a Microcontroller based design. They have a selectable battery option and are equipped with pre-loaded battery management software. These inverters can charge their batteries double fast compared to the batteries of normal inverters. The phase reversal, battery reverse polarity and ultrafast short circuit protection makes these inverters suitable for usage over a long span of time.

The Luminous solar inverter models are ideal for usage by people who intend to keep a check on their energy bills. These inverters charge the battery from grid as well as solar panel. It uses solar energy for charging the battery when it is available from the solar panel and the mains when solar energy is unavailable. These inverters can charge the battery and offer solar power to connected load if solar generation is sufficient. If it is not, then it gives importance to charging of solar battery. The additional power is used for connecting loads. They can ensure 3 to 5 units on a daily basis.

Get Deep Discharges Using Luminous Inverter Batteries

The Luminous inverter battery range which has been recently launched in the market has a balanced plated design. Therefore, they have a better charge acceptance and offer superb quality of deep discharge and recovery. The inter partition connection guarantees that lowest internal resistance. They have been designed with precision and have a durability of more than 1250 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge. Therefore, they are ideal for usage in areas which are prone to frequent power cuts. They protect the lead part of battery from corrosion, even during high voltage. The Luminous inverter battery price has been placed within a wide range. Therefore, buyers can compare the battery prices of different models and opt for the one which suits their budget perfectly.

Gain Smooth Access to Power with Luminous Ups

The Luminous UPS available online come with the feature of Intelligent Water Level Indication. This helps the consumers to keep a track of the water level in battery. They offer hassle free, low harmonic distortion thereby ensuring that inverters function noiselessly.

The Luminous Zelio 1100 UPS which are available as a part of this collection can be mounted on walls and floors. The overload protection feature of these UPS models ensures long term durability. They have the capacity to support a fridge/water, 3 CFL bulbs, 3 tube lights, 3 ceiling fans and a TV.

The Luminous 600 VA UPS are suitable for usage with computers. They protect computers from damage caused by fluctuations in voltage. These UPS models come with the feature of deep discharge protection. Their batteries can charge up to 90% of their full capacity within eight hours.

Different types of Luminous products offered by Moglix Online

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of products from Luminous products. Some of them are mentioned below:-

The Luminous inverters price online which have been kept within a wide range. We have fixed the price keeping in touch with the spending power of buyers. In order to fix your budget and acquire products that are within your means, you can have a look of the price list of Luminous inverters. To make product selection easy for users, you can browse through the specifications which have been mentioned for all models. Once you compare the shopping price of Luminous inverters online along with the features, it will be easy for you to select a model which suits you.

The Luminous stabilizer price online has also been kept in the same range as inverters. Therefore, you can buy a stabilizer within the same range as you would spend to buy an inverter. To have a clear perception of the prices of Luminous stabilizers for online shopping, you can have a look at the price range which we have mentioned in the stabilizers category.

We also deal in Luminous UPS models. To ensure that our UPS range meets the needs of buyers from all walks of life, we have kept the Luminous UPS price within a reasonable range. To ensure that you can acquire a UPS which fits your budget, you can glance at the discounts which we are offering and the Luminous UPS price list. This will make the product selection process an easy one for you.

To meet up with high demand for Luminous fans during the summer season, we have maintained a large stock of the latest models. The price of Luminous fans has been fixed to meet up with the changing needs of buyers. For shopping Luminous fans at best prices online you can have a look at the assortment of options which we have on offer.

Ensure Consistent Power Supply to with Luminous Stabilizers

The Luminous stabilizer models which are available in the market can be mounted both on walls and floors. They are ideal for use in general purpose applications. They have a sleek design and come with a time delay feature. Stabilizers made from the best quality of plastic, these stabilizers have a long lifespan.

Experience Optimum Cooling with Luminous Fans

The Luminous ceiling fan models which have been launched in the market recently are highly energy efficient.  They require a lesser amount of maintenance as compared to normal ceiling fans and are equipped with a strong motor. Therefore, they can ensure the optimum cooling of all parts of a room. They are equipped with aerodynamically designed blades and operate noiselessly.

The Luminous fans with LED lights are ideal for use by people who prefer using fans with futuristic features. They are suitable for usage in low voltage conditions and can ensure a satisfactory level of air circulation. Price of ceiling fans with LED lights has been kept within a wide range. Therefore, buyers can check the available options and then opt for a model that fits into their budget perfectly. These fans also come with remote control. The Luminous fans with remote control are ideal for people who want to have a hassle-free experience of using fans.

Luminous designer fans are equipped with a large motor body that ensures stability and quick heat dissipation. Their strong motor ensures that a greater amount of air is driven by the aerodynamically designed blades across the room. They are equipped with a pre-greased and pre-sealed double ball bearing and a metallic paint finish. Therefore, they are equipped with highly durable paint glass. The sleek design of these fans matches well with the contemporary décor trends within homes, offices and commercial establishments.

Acquire Flame Retardant Luminous Wires & Cables from Moglix

The Luminous wires and cables which are being offered as part of this range are flame retardant. These cables are PVC insulated can curb power leakage effectively. Made from pure electrolyte grade annealed copper and offer a high level of safety against power. These wires offer a high level of safety and are highly durable. They can offer up to 25% more energy as compared to normal wires. These cables have a high oxygen index and can be used over a longer time period.

Why buy Luminous Inverters Online?

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of products manufactured by Luminous. From inverters and fans to stabilizers, you will come across a wide range of electrical appliances of the newest models. The price of inverters for home use price has been kept within a wide range. Therefore, you will come across an assortment of options to choose from and select a model which serves your needs perfectly.

Once you check the Luminous inverter price list 2022, it will also be easier for you to take a wise buying decision. To make the product selection process a simple and hassle-free one for buyers, we have segmented all the categories on the basis of brands, product and discounts. Therefore, you can buy the products of your choice by checking the specifications of each model. All the products undergo quality tests before being dispatched for delivery. To acquire Luminous products at the best price, select from the assortment of options we have on offer.