Types of Chargers available in the market

Types of Chargers available in the market


As we know batteries are one of the important power sources in the present time. Right from your car or bike to the smartphone present in your pockets use them as a source of power for operating. In the same way, recharging the batteries with a suitable battery charger from time to time is also important. Using a right charger for your battery is very important, else your battery may/will get dead before its expected service life.

So, it is quite important to know about the right battery charger which suits the best for your device. But, in the present time as we have different types of batteries available in the market, in the same way we have different types of battery chargers too. This makes it a bit difficult to choose the right charger for your battery. Hence, we have brought this article in which we have considered top charger brands and their uses. So, let's get started with it,

  • Mobile charger:

Mobile chargers or also known as Phone battery chargers are used only for charging the smartphones. A mobile charger is a set of an adapter and a data-cable. Each smartphone comes with its own charger. Mobile battery charger ensures that the mobile battery gets the required amount of current input which ensures its longevity. Mobile chargers come with various types of output powers which mainly depends on the mobile battery.

Also, phone battery chargers will protect the phone from excess current input or when the power supply fluctuates. Some of the most widely used chargers for mobiles come with 6 volt battery charger and 9v battery charger. A 12v battery charger is also available.

  • Car Battery Charger:

When it is about maintaining your car, there is not at all any secret formula for that. The only thing you need to remember is that, from time to time you should always keep up with the requirements needed for your car. One such requirement is the car battery charger.

These chargers will ensure that the battery is recharged from time to time. This ensures to give a longlife to the battery. Also, having a car battery charger ensures that you can afford to go for long trips. These chargers are available in different voltages such as 12v or 24 volt battery charger, etc.

  • Bike Battery Charger:

Seasonal vehicles like bikes/motorcycles/ATVs etc are often not used for a long time when compared to the daily using vehicles. When such vehicles are tried to start after such a long period of time, there are very high chances that the batteries of these vehicles may be dead. During such time, the bike battery charger plays an important role. They also help in keeping the battery well charged from time to time.

Also, these devices will ensure to charge your battery when required to make your ride completely ready whenever you want. Moreover, these chargers can also be useful for the bike which are used on a daily basis. Daily using bikes batteries drain off completely after some period of time and their replacement will definitely put a hole in your pocket. During such time, a bike battery charger is the only cost effective solution.

  • Lithium Battery Charger:

Lithium batteries are one of the most common rechargeable batteries used in our day today life. Many electronic devices such as remote controlled toys, cameras, laser pointers and in many types of vehicles these batteries are being used. Also, in the present time, lithium batteries are the best used for storing the energy collected using the solar panels.

With such wide applications, it is very important to keep the batteries in good working condition to ensure they can be used for a longer time. To keep the batteries in good condition, a lithium charger is the best option. Lithium battery chargers help to keep your battery charged from time to time ensuring you do not face any difficulties during any emergencies.

Lithium chargers come with different sizes and shapes so that they can fit with different types of gadgets and charge them efficiently.

  • Lead Acid Battery Charger:

Lead acid batteries are one of the oldest types of rechargeable batteries which we are using till today. These devices supply a high surge current as it has a very high power-to-weight ratio. These batteries are mainly used in electric motors, hybrid vehicles, cars, etc. Hence, keeping them charged regularly is very important and the best way to do this is by using a lead acid battery charger.

These devices play a major role in ensuring the battery has a long life. These chargers come in different voltages and capacities. Hence, choosing the right charger with the right voltage output and capacity is very important.

These lead acid battery chargers come with different voltage outputs. Of all, the 12v battery charger is the most common type of charger. These batteries have a design life of 3-5 years, but with regular charging the battery life can be further extended upto 12+ years.

  • Solar Battery Charger:

These devices make use of solar energy for charging electrical devices. These devices convert solar energy into electric energy. These chargers cannot transfer the electricity directly into the devices. Hence, a battery is used in these chargers in which the electricity is stored. This stored electricity is later utilized for charging the electronic devices.

These are mainly used for charging many small electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones , reading batteries, etc. Not only these, solar battery chargers can be also used for charging car batteries too. Most of the designs come with a 12v power but special designs can be used for having a 24 volt battery charger.

  • Automatic Battery Charger:

These are one of the best devices that can be used for charging your electronic gadgets. Automatic battery chargers have the ability to shut off the process of charging once the battery of the device is completely charged. Shutting off this process avoids the overcharging of the battery which ensures to extend the battery life. This device can be used as a 6 volt, 12v or a 24 volt battery charger.

  • AA Battery Charger:

AA batteries is a type of alkaline battery which can be recharged when it is completely drained. These batteries are used for electronic devices which are small and portable like TV/AV remote, wireless doorbells, flash lights, etc. To keep these batteries charged, a AA charger is used.

AA battery chargers help in keeping your batteries charged from time to time ensuring their power never runs out. Thus helping you use your electronic devices without any exceptions/interruptions.

  • Bike Mobile Charger:

Mobile phones are one of the important devices we use day in and day out. Though these devices come with good batteries they do run out of power. During emergencies or whenever you are away from home, the best way to charge your phone might be a Bike mobile charger.

A bike mobile charger is a device which draws the power from the battery of your vehicle for charging your cell. The bike mobile charger helps you to keep your cell always charged even when there are power-cuts or when you are on any road trips with your friends.

  • Camera Charger:

Cameras help us in capturing our special moments of life. They help us to preserve our memories so that we can cherish them forever. A camera is a very valuable device to have with us. As much as the cameras are important, so are the camera chargers. Camera chargers help to keep your cameras completely charged everyday so that you can never miss capturing the important memories.