Types of water filter based on their applications

Types of water filter based on their applications

Water has been one of the most important resources present in carrying as well as continuing lifestyle. Water helps in digesting food, survival in the long run, providing for the upliftment of construction sites, growing of trees, agricultural uses, generation of electricity, along with the various other functions that it has been used in the past. One cannot survive without water for more than 3 days which goes on to show the importance of water in the life of human beings.

Water has been important in terms of commercial purpose too wherein the various industries are highly dependent on water as a result of which there is a dire need of the water everywhere and every place in the country as well as around the world.

As said, water is in abundance in nature but has been hindering enough for mankind as not all the water can be considered to be potable in nature as well as consisting of such elements which are almost inseparable from the component to be able to provide them for further use. Water can mainly be used in two ways: domestic and industrial purposes based on the requirement.

Water in domestic purposes, if hard or soft in nature is difficult to be utilised as the consumption or drinking can act as a hindrance and cause severe infection to the body. To solve the purpose of taking a convert the impure form of water into a better condition which would be catering to the basic needs or for that formation which will give the basic opportunity for the further functioning or usage. The industry has been able to create the water filters catering to various purposes of the water and its purposes for the same.

Water filter for tank:

  • The tanks which are kept on the roofs of the households are used for the domestic purposes by each house where it is placed at.
  • The water is generally coming from the local municipal office or from the water board which caters to the needs of the people living in the area. Often, the water which is delivered or supplied is not completely purified and cannot be used for the purpose of brushing or drinking.
  • The water generally is soft water which makes it difficult for the consumers to be able to use it. Boiling the water and further utilising it is a time-consuming process.
  • Water filters for tanks have been established for the same purpose catering to the needs of the users. The filters can either be attached to the tank and near to the pipe supplying to the household or can be put next to the entry funnel of the pipes to home.
  • The water filter takes out the unnecessary particles which travel during the water supply from the water board and clears out the harmful germs present in it.
  • They are efficient, easy to maintain and come in use often.

Hard water filter for shower:

  • Often the water supplied to households can consist of the hard water when it is taken out from the borewell or from a nearby river which has been affected due to the chemicalisation by the industries.
  • The water which is treated at the water treatment plant often tends to miss out on cleaning the chemicals which cannot be treated with chlorine.
  • To counter the purpose of hard water, a hard water filter for showers has been launched by various companies in the market. The water which is drinkable can be treated with the help of the water purifier but the ones used for the purpose of bathing cannot be treated with the same. These filters use products like Alum and chemically refine the water to be used for the same purpose.

Water Purifier for Bathroom:

  • Water often remains in its impure form when it comes for the water board. Often the cleaning process remains inefficient when it comes from the water board as the standard of maintenance and clean water is quite basic in nature but not efficient.
  • In bathrooms, the water is often needed to clean, bathe and wash the clothes. Hard water makes it difficult for the consumers to be able to wash the clothes as it gets heavily affected and at the same time damages the quality of the cloth.
  • Water purifier for bathroom has been launched in the market for the same purpose of making the water potable enough to enable and provide the necessary item.
  • These items have been able to provide a better quality of water, as it has been found in a research at various universities, that the maximum damage in a household through water infectious diseases is from brushing which constitutes up to 31% of the total damage.

Hard water filter for tap:

  • Often the water which comes out from the various taps of the household needs to be treated with the various chemicals including chlorine and bi-carbonates, which is the duty of the water supplier of the board.
  • However, the water often comes in hard water shape which intends to harm the working because the water intends to cap in with the structured damaging molecule.
  • To counter the water from damaging the health of the members present in the house, the hard water filter for tap has been introduced in the market.
  • They are easily available and serve the inner purpose of establishing a better quality of water which is potable according to standards of clean and healthy water for domestic purposes.

Water purifier for borewell water:

  • The water purifier for borewell water has been an important aspect when it comes to the necessity of providing for clean water which comes from the borewells.
  • Often the water which comes from these borewells consist of mud and other based items which consistently create difficulty for the users to be able to consume and provide for other purposes.
  • These water purifiers often remove the mud, clear out using the alum and give a cleaner water which will be catering to the needs for domestic purposes.

Looking at the present day scenario and various issues related to water, it has become a necessity for all the elements which will be helping out in creating a better quality of water for the fundamental living lifestyle of the human beings.

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