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Air Purifiers

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Buy Air Purifiers online on Moglix

When deciding upon which air purifier to purchase, you will need to take in account the amount of air that the device can purify, measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute); the energy rating of the device; and whether the purifier comes equipped with a carbon filter. Buy air purifiers online from Moglix, at best affordable prices. Choose from the most eminent and, sought after brands, such as, Kent, Aeroguard, Kores and much more.

Importance of Air Purifiers

The air we breathe holds an equal significance as the food we drink and, the water that we drink. In all the three cases, the substance in question is necessary for survival and, good health. However, we seem to discern the importance of proper food and, beverages that we consume; however, we tend to disregard the significance of a good quality air that we breathe. Interestingly, even after the availability of air purifiers online, people tend to overlook the benefits, which they can accrue by getting them installed in their respective homes. These devices are designed and, developed to filter out airborne contaminants from a room, and thereby deliver a number of different benefits.

How Do Air Purifiers Work

The mechanism of an air purifier is pretty plain-sailing; the air is passed through a number of membranes, known as air filters. The air is thus, passed through these membranes, which filters out small and, sticky contaminants. After this filtering process, a much cleaner and, fresher air is released back into the environment, which is relatively safer for breathing. There are overall three filters, Pre-filters, HEPA filter and, carbon filters.


Pre-filters are the first in line, which usually remove “coarse” particles from the air, before they reach the inner-line of filters. They comprise of holes, bigger than a micron, which restrict their filtering abilities to larger particles.

HEPA filter

HEPA, known as the high-efficiency particulate air filter, contains holes that are just a fraction of a micron wide; they’ll stop even the finest, most invisible airborne particles.

Carbon filters

Finally, finely-strained air will pass through the carbon filter. These filters operate in a distinct way; instead of blocking the movement of unwanted substances by casting a net over them, this filter uses activated carbon to draw unwanted substances in and, encapsulate them within the carbon. Moreover, it helps in removing odor from the air.

Air Purifiers - Price Range

Air PurifiersMin PriceMax Price
Kent Air Purifiers₹3638₹23541
Philips Air Purifiers₹7800₹28999
Havells Air Purifiers₹9499₹37995
Sharp Air Purifiers₹11945₹12513
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