Air Purifiers: The best solution for improving the indoor air quality

Air Purifiers: The best solution for improving the indoor air quality

Many aspects of our everyday lives have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. People have become more hygiene-conscious and understood the importance of having a fresh and germ-free home atmosphere. In addition, medical experts have clearly stated that airborne transmission plays a crucial role in spreading the COVID-19 virus.

If you are thinking about air purifiers as the best solution to combat airborne transmission, then let me tell you this - you are right. Air purifiers are designed using advanced technology to kill all the germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the air, making it pure to breathe.

Home air purifier:

In addition to a smoking habit or a smoking relative, many of us can share our homes with pets, who carry faeces, pet odours, and dander with them. These can be very disturbing for allergy sufferers in the household, and vacuuming does not permanently eliminate all contaminants from the air. So it is indeed a brilliant idea to use a home air purifier.

If you have asthma, allergies, or some other respiratory disorder that is aggravated by airborne pollutants, an air purifier might be of great help. Air purifiers are particularly useful in homes because they remove allergens and other particles rapidly and quietly. They also effectively eliminate odour, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and almost all other pollutants. Therefore, keeping the ambient air clean with a home air purifier aids in maintaining a safe lifestyle.

Air purifier in bedrooms:

Yes, air purifiers can significantly help you to sleep better in your bedroom. This is because these products have whisper-quiet motors. Unlike noisy fans, an air purifier tends to have a silent motor, which can help you sleep properly. Most of the air purifiers even have sleep modes functionality in which the motor speed runs slowly.

Most of these units also have a low-light design so that they do not distract you when you sleep. Look for brands and models with this feature, especially if you cannot sleep at night, even with a little dim light.

Most of these air purifiers feature automatic mode to detect the air, thus eliminating the need to turn it on manually. You can even set the timer to shut the device off after a certain time. Hence using a bedroom air purifier seems to have lots of advantages. Moreover, having an air purifier in the bedroom helps to have a healthy sleep cycle as well.

Top Sellers

Industrial air purifier:

The primary purpose of industrial air filtration equipment is to remove impurities from the air that could cause health concerns for workers or hamper the quality of the goods being produced. The main contributors to common airborne issues in a manufacturing facility are smoke, dust, and mist.

Bad air quality can make it more likely for workers with allergies or chemical sensitivities to miss work or be highly unproductive. The addition of air filtration significantly improves their level of comfort. Humidity, which is a significant factor in mould formation, is reduced by air filtration. Mold can be toxic to your employees even if they are not allergic to chemicals or allergens. Industrial air purifiers are the best to control humidity and create a healthy work environment.

Car purifier:

Although vacuuming your car every morning will make it look better, there are still many dust particles inside a car that can make you sick and cause different health problems. This is the reason why you should consider installing a car purifier. These purifiers suck the car's indoor air into a drying chamber, where it is heated to kill all the microbes and other harmful particles.

People with breathing problems often struggle to sit in cars while travelling long distances. For example, asthma patients sometimes have trouble breathing when they sit in a car, but an air purifier may help alleviate this issue.

UV air purifier:

These purifiers use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to sterilise airborne microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. They serve the same purpose like all other air purifiers: to purify indoor air quality. Many viruses and bacteria that cause the flu, colds, and other illnesses are killed by UV air purifiers. They will help you avoid sick days at work or school by preventing illnesses from spreading across to other family members through air. UV air cleaners will also aid in the prevention of serious infections in people who already have illnesses.

Some of the top selling air purifiers are listed below:

This high efficiency air purifier with HEPA filters is highly effective in purifying the indoor air quality by eliminating harmful microbes from the air. The purifier comes loaded with advanced features like aerodynamic structure to ensure proper air circulation.

The purifier features an indicator with real time display of the air quality and produces less noise during night, thanks to its sleep mode functionality.

Cuckoo ionizer car purifier produces more than 1,000,000 negatively charged ions per CC that purify the surrounding air. These ions function like the ones prevalent in natural places, particularly around running water and after thunderstorms.

The negative ions effectively eliminate the contaminants such as mold spores, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust, and other harmful airborne particles. These purifiers can also be placed inside your car.

It can eliminate harmful gases such as ammonia, benzene, and many others. It is conveniently sized to fit perfectly in your vehicle. The car purifier produces less noise, therefore, causes no disturbance while sleeping, studying, or driving.

PurAir 350C comes with a compact design ceiling-mounted unit equipped with three-stage filters which remove ultra-fine particles present in the air, including harmful gases. The optimized sealing structure can significantly reduce noise. A quick ceiling-mounted structure design is suitable for ducts and surface-mounted environments, especially for industries and commercial use.

The easy-to-access design makes the maintenance activity hassle-free. It also comes with an automatic stop function designed to open the cover safely. The AAF PuriAir is typically used as an industrial air purifier and is considerably costly.


Air purifiers are an essential electric appliance that makes the air fresh and germ-free. Additionally, they are available in different sizes to use in your home, cars, and even offices. With increasing pollution and rising air-borne diseases, medical experts have recommended keeping your home atmosphere clear and fresh. Bring home a high-quality purifier and ensure healthy living for your loved ones. All the products mentioned above can be bought from Moglix, one of India's most trusted and reliable online shopping portals.